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     What you just heard was side A of tape one of a twelve tape collection we recently rediscovered and in a moment, I am going to tell you…

How you Can Get Your Hands
On The Entire 12 Tape Set!

     Nobody on earth has spent as much time with Gary C. Halbert as I have. Not his parents, friends, coworkers, girlfriends, wives or even his other children.

     It wasn’t that he preferred me more than the other kids but they had busier lives and were off doing their own thing.

     This was great for me but it is also great for you. See, long before he passed away, I had Theressa send me a copy of all his material.

     To make a VERY LONG story short I ended up with more copies of the same material I already had.

     Between my previous collection, what I inherited and things sent to me by fans, I can confidently say I have…

The Most Complete Collection of
Gary Halbert Material on Earth!

     The really good news is it looks like I have more than one whole set, including ads, seminars, promotions for seminars and so forth.

     Don’t get too excited about that yet. Most of you will not be able to afford a set IF and when I do make it available, people will have to APPLY to buy a copy.

     Let’s face it, Gary Halbert was the best copywriter in his day. You could argue that others were better in specific areas but he was a true master. I am not giving all his material over to scoundrels or anyone Kevin and I don’t trust.

     It seems when it comes to masters of anything, their work is timeless. The guidance in “Max Money” by Gary C. Halbert and “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins are as good today as the day they were written.

     He also helped a LOT of people who are now very wealthy people. And, who will not only have the dough to shell out for it but also a well-established reputation for integrity.

     Enough of what you can’t have and on to what you CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON RIGHT AWAY!

     There was quite a bit of stuff trucked to my house from Florida and I had it all quickly stashed away.

     I took my father’s death VERY hard and it wasn’t until about a week ago I could go through any of his things. This is one reason it is taking so long for us to let anything go or for me to even review what we should post next.

     It took me quite a long time to talk about him and I get choked up just writing this, but I am slowly working through my stages of grief.

     Anyway, I was going through some things and a small cardboard box caught my eye because of a picture on top of the stuff inside. It was a picture taken at the Brainstorming Seminar. The picture was the cover to the 12 audio tape set.

     I pulled it out and dusted it off and saw another couple of sets.

     So I set one aside for Kevin and set one aside for myself.

     Unlike me, Kevin has been able to listen to my dad’s voice and watch his videos. I am glad they are there for when I can, but I am not ready just yet.

     So Kevin took his copy home and started listening. Lately he has been devouring anything and everything our dad did or suggested.

     I guess he is refreshing his memory because he was around for a lot of my father’s seminars and ventures. Our father did the same thing. He went over things that he felt were important over and over again, including this seminar.

     When he finished listening to the tapes, Kevin called me and said this is classic stuff and it is great. He suggested that if we had an extra set, we should put one up for blind auction so his fans can get a shot at some rare and classic Gary Halbert material.
     So, here is your chance to…

Get Your Hands On
12 hours of rare and vintage Gary Halbert!

     The number of businesses discussed on the tape is simply astonishing.

     Here is a complete list of the types of businesses covered in the whole set of 12 Tapes.

Tape 1

Tape 7
  Gardening equipment
Gambling system
Wall paper ad
Geriatric care newsletter
Merchant account offer
Selling cemetery plots             
Audubon Bird Society
Newsletter for boutique owners
Educational Guidance Center
dm place for gamblers

Tape 2

Tape 8

  Video rating service
Hemorrhoid cushion
Housecleaning seminar
Wealth maker package
Diet product commercial
Promotional calendars
Country music magazine
AAA Auto Club
Religious book publisher

National Pen Corp.
Classes for singles
Coin ad
Phone/Computer hookup
Check writing system
Real estate development
Car dealership
Plastic surgery leads


Tape 3

Tape 9
  New clients – physical therapist
Life Magazine dm piece
Financial newsletter
Money-making opportunities
Genealogy idea
Teachers aid program
Return postage key ring idea
Computer related product
Fluid absorbing product
AAA Auto Club

Plastic surgery leads
Fund raising – Catholics
Real estate leads
Idea for business cards
Photo processing equipment


Tape 4

Tape 10
  Computer product
Real estate marketing idea
Kwik facts little booklets
Lighting products catalog
Dental impression product
Plastic surgery – clients
Tree planting service
Land auction promotion
Gambling tables and supplies

Fund raising pro-life
Review video for gardening product
Financial book
New product concept – review video
Brandy snifters
Golf product catalog
Envelope manufacturer
Religious magazine
Self-evaluation business mailer
Aids video review
Blood storage concept


Tape 5

Tape 11


Commodity system ad
Computer software
Travel service
“How To” book idea
Executive search firm
National Arbor DayReal Estate Investment Seminar
Irish Coat Of Arms idea
Gemstone newsletter
Apartment marketing campaign

Blood storage concept
More comments re:  aids video
Cash flow solutions ad
Ad for Empire Communications
Business opportunity
Roommate finders
Vitamin specialties catalog
Coin ad
Magic tricks – idea
Self starter book
Desk top publishing
Real estate marketing


Tape 6

Tape 12


Clip art catalog
Potency report ad
Marketing idea re: sketches
Get new customers – banks
dm package for human events
idea re:  inserts in utility bills
Health books – prescriptions
Data entry service

Real estate marketing
“No smiling” ad
Stocks ad
Sweepstakes systems books
Family book club
Joke sheet newsletter
Real estate source book
Housing development
Manufacturer, plastic cards
Weekend miners hobby catalog               


     Just one of the ideas in this series could be the key to a new and improved marketing strategies or even a whole new stream of revenue.

     So, when it comes to bidding don’t forget…

At The Very Worst
You Will Get
A Killer Education in Marketing!

     At best, you could massively improve your whole future.
     Just food for thought.

     This was one of Gary’s copies and by the date, I can say this collection has been shipped from Los Angeles to South Florida where it suffered from humidity and heat and then was later moved to Northern Florida with Theressa and then back to a storage unit in Miami before finally coming back home to Los Angeles.

     This path took 20 YEARS so don’t expect better quality than what you heard on the recording.

     Since it is a collection of cassette tapes, we will throw in a tape player.

     The bidding for it starts NOW!!!!

     The bidding will end in one week.

     If you want these tapes, just send an email to
     We must have your full name and the amount you are willing to pay.

     This auction is obviously being sold as is and does NOT include any rights to reproduce, redistribute, broadcast, air or share the material on the tapes or the tapes themselves in any way with other people, firms and/or organizations.

    Obviously being an “as is” auction also means there will be no returns.

All the best,
Bond Halbert

PS  It took us over two years to get just this one portion of these tapes up on the website. We have so many plans for the web site; we won’t be putting more from this seminar up any time soon.

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