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The Halbert Brothers' Super Bonus

Kevin and I both charge $1,000 an hour each for marketing consulting or $500 for simple copy critiques and that's not some MSRP type hype. We get it and we are so good people are super happy with the what we provide.

The Halbert Brothers Marketer's and Copywriter's Super Bonus is a certificate for 90 minutes of our time which you can use any way that will help you make the most money.

This means you can break up that hour and half to get help from us with some or all of the following:

Brainstorming- We are truly great at developing killer hooks, solving problems and framing irresistible offers. Ask ANYONE who has been in a mastermind with us (those that paid us to attend and those that have given us awards)and they will tell you that we are top notch and how could we not be so good after spending over 40 years with an all access pass to the very top of the direct marketing world.

I myself designed the strategy which sold $20,000,000 of financial information products and that doesn't include the millions of dollars in sales we generated selling our own products and services.

Copy Critiques- If you ask most world class copywriters how to improve a headline or improve a control you will get a lot of similar answers but you won't find anyone better or faster than we are which means you can get more out of our critiques than anyone else's.

We also put more effort into our consulting sessions than anyone who charges as much as we do so instead of a quick hot-seat style session, we ask clients to send their work to us ahead of appointments so we can not only spot what's wrong but make massive improvements and it never fails.

Only once did I find a piece of copy so good I could only make one small suggestion and even after that simple change the print ad in question did 6 times ad cost. That means for every $1 the owner put into running the add $6 came back in the form of orders.

Copywriting Lessons- After Aspiring wordsmiths go through all the courses and get a few professional jobs under their belt, I am the guy who can show even veterans with decades with experience how to be more effective.

I know every single trick in Gary Halbert's playbook because I heard them all first, most often and I've added new twists of my own.

"...I never doubt their instincts in business, and I know first-hand that they sucked up every detail of marketing wisdom from their dad possible. They have the Halbert mojo..."

John Carlton- NV
A List Copywriter


"Both Gary Halbert and I made the most money working with Bond on a project he started and ran. It's easy to think he is just a legendary copywriter's kid until you spend 10 minutes with Bond and realize he is a certified marketing genius in his own right who even Gary said was his top advisor." - Scott Haines


"Twice, for me, without my even asking, Bond has seen the strengths and weaknesses of my products, and come up with the perfect description that has generated maximum sales. I didn't see the flaws myself until Bond pointed them out."

David Garfinkel
Author of Breakthrough Copywriting

"Any interaction with Bond and his groups is the 'real deal' and I highly recommend him as a teacher and a mentor."

John Carter- Los Angeles, CA


"If you are looking for ideas you haven't heard before, which can lead to new breakthroughs for your business, then Bond Halbert is enormously valuable, and in fact, irreplaceable."

Sammy Markowitz
Professional Copywriter

"Bond's ability to come up with revolutionary marketing plans and hooks blows me away. He can read a piece of copy once and instantly see how to improve it as he did with one one of my newspaper ads which did 6 times ad cost!" - Caleb Odowd

"While I was doing work for top marketing professionals like Frank Kern and Digital Marketer Bond was my go to guy for fresh ideas and I can't even count how many times he got me unstuck." - Lawton Chiles



With our Halbert Brothers Marketing Strategy and Copywriting Super Bonus you can divide up your time in any way you wish.

You can use us to, as so many copywriters have, improve your client work.

You can have us show you how to get more copywriting jobs.

You can have us help you plan your breakout promotion.

You can have us improve your existing control piece and make even more money.

You can have us show you how to create a product so good it sells itself and all you have to do is describe it to the right people at the right time.

Basically you can can slice and dice your 90 minutes any way which benefits you most.

We only offer The Halbert Brothers Marketing Strategy and Copywriting Super Bonus for a very limited time and we only make the offer in association with a copywriting related product we stand by 100%.

Currently The Halbert Brothers Marketer's and Copywriter's Super Bonus is being offered with the following promotion.


Bond Halbert


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