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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

Continued from yesterday...

OK truth seekers. Let's see if I can bring this sucker home.

I've got two more seemingly unrelated stories to tell you (but they really are related) and then I'll lash this all together so the whole thing makes sense to you.

Here's the first story: Some time ago, I received a communication from a young man in Ireland who wanted me to mentor him. I told him my outrageous fee for doing such a thing and promptly forgot his existence. Then one day he e-mailed me and said he was wiring the money and we worked out when he should come to Miami. At this point, I still didn't believe him, but what the hell. It was at least possible he was telling me the truth. To my complete amazement, the money showed up and so did he.

As I began mentoring him and getting to know him, I couldn't help but wonder how such a young man (he's 21-years-old) could have put together all the money he needed to hire me for three weeks of mentoring plus the very considerable expenses of traveling from Ireland to Florida. Plus he had to pay to stay at a hotel near the building where I live.

What I learned was his older brother, John, was financing his younger brother (Caleb's) efforts. Turns out, John  worked personally with Michael Dell for several years.

John and Caleb have another brother who is completely blind. John (the older brother) has children. One of those children is a boy who is already completely blind. The other one is a girl who most certainly will become blind in the near future. You see, they have some sort of genetic predisposition to blindness that affects some, but not all, of their family members.

John came to Florida for a few weeks also and he has plans to come again approximately one week from now. I asked him why in the world he put up so much money to send Caleb to study under me. Well, as it turns out, the O'Dowd brothers have a dream. Their dream is to have a multi-million dollar direct response business... and hire all the members of their family as employees of that business... and bring them here so they can live in the United States.

I also asked John why they chose to study under me. He told me while he was working for Michael Dell, that Michael's main principal for forging ahead in business and life was to find the person who was the very best in their field and then hire that person... no matter the cost. John said after a great deal of research...

He Concluded

I, Gary Halbert,

Was Almost Certainly The

Very Top Expert In The Field

Of Direct Response!

I must admit, I got a great deal of ego-nourishment from that.

I have never met anyone more committed to becoming successful than these two brothers. I told them, without any additional financial consideration, if they wanted to stay here in Miami, I would mentor them until they had achieved the financial success they needed to bring their family to America.

These two guys are extremely intelligent, work like dogs 14-hours a day, follow every one of my directions to the "T", and are as honest as the day is long. So how could any decent person say 'no' to helping a family such as this with such Mount Everest challenges to overcome?

That's the first story. Now I'm going to tell you another: Not too long ago, I was contacted by a man named Vincent James. I got to know this guy. He's from New Jersey, as street smart as they come, and he has the energy of a shitweasel on amphetamines. What he wanted to tell me is he had refused to listen to one piece of my advice on an important business matter and how dearly his failure to pay attention to that had cost him.

What happened is, he was listening to an audio tape I made at some seminar. My advice on that audio tape was, if you ever make a great deal of money in the United States of America, don't buy a home and put that home in your name... don't buy a commercial building in which you have a lot of equity... don't keep the bulk of your money in a checking or savings account or CD's or anything like that. I said if you do, you are exposing yourself to having some slimebag lawyer or some alphabet agency take it all away from you in the blink of an eye.

Vincent said he didn't pay attention to what I said on that audio tape because he felt it would never happen to him. After all, he felt he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Then, one day, without any warning whatsoever, an alphabet agency swooped down on him and took away $48,000,000 of his money. They even confiscated his fiancé's engagement ring.

Before that alphabet agency "stole" his $48,000,000, he had created a business that generated $100,000,000 in 23-short months. Vincent did this with just a pen, a pad, and a simple idea. Oh yeah, Vince said he had one other very crucial asset, which was...

All The Information

I Had Made Available

Through My Newsletters,

Seminars And Teleconferences!

Well, not only did Vincent lose his $48,000,000, he also had to go to jail for four months. But before he went to jail, he spent 17 days creating an information product called "The 12-Month Millionaire."

I believe this is (so far in this new century) the most important marketing product ever put together. In it, he reveals a lot of secrets that even I have never before revealed to anyone (except a few clients and my closest friends). His information product tells the story of how, by following my advice (you know I had to get that part in) he grossed $100,000,000 in just 23-months... and how... by NOT following my advice he lost every cent of profit he had  made ($48,000,000) in a single day.

I could write a killer of an ad for his information product. But I am not going to do that. Instead, I'm just going to publish his "Introduction" to "The 12-Month Millionaire":



If you think being educated about a new profession from a guy who plead guilty to Fraud and Money Laundering is a bad idea... "The 12-Month Millionaire" is not for you.

If you think learning how to make millions of dollars from a guy who almost lost $48 Million in a brutal lawsuit - practically making him homeless - is a bad idea... "The 12-Month Millionaire" is not for you.

If you think discovering how to live the "good life" from a guy who was facing 10 years in prison is a bad idea... again... "The 12-Month Millionaire" is not for you.

But if you are looking for the real... the genuine... the no bullshit way to become filthy rich - and at the same time - avoid any of the pitfalls massive success comes with... this will be the most rewarding information you'll ever come across.

You see, I've made over $100 Million in under 10 years using the very same techniques I'll reveal to you in "The 12-Month Millionaire". I've also nearly lost all of my fortune being stupid with my success. I'm going to teach you how to make tons of money - and just as importantly... I'm going to show you how to keep your millions in your bank account by not being stupid like I was.

This is my first major information product. I am not an accomplished author or speaker, so this product will have some flaws. If you read for style, or for literary quality, like I was saying before, this may not be the product for you.

But there are paragraphs in this product - ideas in this product - whole chapters in "The 12-Month Millionaire" that I have never had the balls to reveal before! And they will open doors to you - maybe as soon as tomorrow - that otherwise might have taken a lifetime of waiting for you to walk through.

Right now... I'm sure you're skeptical as hell. You may even be thinking to yourself that you have bought the diary of a madman. But let me make you a small promise:

Give me a few days.

Study this product.

You will never be the same again.

Once you learn what I have to teach you... unless you  somehow lose your memory... it will be impossible for you to ever be "ordinary" again. It would be impossible for you to not know how to make tons of money - starting with virtually nothing as I did 10 short years ago.

I hope you'll give me the benefit of the doubt with my promise. If you do, please read on. But if you can't cast-aside your skepticism, please do not waste any more of your time reading any further. Unless you believe in me - "The 12-Month Millionaire" will be worth nothing to you.

Anyway, before we jump into this thing with both feet... let's get acquainted. Maybe I should tell you a little bit about myself, how I grew up and where I came from.

I was born in northern New Jersey on January 23rd, 1974.

I grew up poor - without a Father. I think I had some sort of learning disability, because as a child, I could not retain anything I learned in school. I'd study like hell for an upcoming test... but as soon as I finished reading a chapter in my school book... I couldn't remember what I just read. It would not penetrate into my brain. It was extremely discouraging, so I gave up. I failed everything... even P.E. class.

I finally dropped out in the 10th grade. Nobody seemed to mind.

No matter how hard I tried, it always seemed like I wasn't going to amount to anything real important in life. And this really sucked because I had a passion for the finer things. I wanted the gold Rolex, the sporty Mercedes, the Million-Dollar Mega Mansion!

But when I looked in the mirror, I didn't like what I saw. I was convinced the good life I wanted was just a dream.

But that was all about to change. Seriously - by the time I was 19, I had a brand-new Corvette. At 20, I had 2 brand-new Mercedes Benz automobiles. And at 21, I was the proud owner of a Rolls Royce Silver Spur!

By the time I turned 28... I made over $100 Million in gross sales. I profited over $50 Million. I owned two homes - one of them was 14,000 square feet and had a seven-car garage, a billiards room and a resort-style pool with an underwater bar! And I paid cash for the home!

In my garage, I had a red Lamborghini Diablo, a yellow Ferrari 360 Spider, a white Bentley Arnage Red Label, about 4 Mercedes, and a 12-passenger Lincoln Town Car Limo!

My checking account had over $10 Million in it. I was earning $400,000 in pay each and every week. That breaks down to $80,000 a day... or $10,000 an hour! And those figures were if I worked 5 days a week for eight hours a day... which I didn't!

In the year 2002, I made more money than the CEOs of Federal Express... eBay... Time Warner... Apple Computer... McDonalds... Microsoft... Nike... Yahoo... Ford Motor Company... General Motors... and Goodyear Tire - COMBINED!


In the May 12th, 2003 issue, Forbes Magazine listed their top paid 500 CEOs in America. Of their prominent and prestigious list of the 500 CEOs, I made more money than 483 of them.

$17,549,000 MORE than the CEO of Starbucks.

$13,030,000 MORE than the CEO of Target.

$17,225,000 MORE than the CEO of Motorola.

Now, this may all seem like I'm some rich asshole bragging about how rich I am... and you're partly correct. I am bragging! But more importantly, the reason why I'm telling you about all this is that this product is about getting rich very quickly. If the talk of obscene money makes you feel uncomfortable, or even angers you, maybe you do not really want to be rich.

The reason why I'm telling you about all the toys I had when I was just 28, is to prove to you that if a guy like me... with a learning disability... a bad childhood... and no formal education can get filthy rich by the time I was 28... you can absolutely follow in my footsteps and build yourself your very own empire of wealth!

I remember back when I was 18, I was sitting on the steps of my Aunt's home. A few door's down from her lived a girl I went to High-School with. Anyway, while I was out there sitting on her steps smoking a Marlboro, I saw a red Mercedes Benz SL500 pull up at this girl's home.

Some pretty geek got out of the car with his sweater wrapped around his neck and went to her front door. He was picking her up for a weekend trip I presumed because she made him carry a small duffel bag to the trunk of his shiny red Mercedes.

Things were sure different from when we were both in High-School together. Where that girl may have had no problem going out with me back then... nowadays her boyfriends had to be financially accomplished. When I saw that freaking red Mercedes pull away and drive past me, I remember saying to myself, "I've got to get my shit together!" And I did. About a year later - I had the very same model and color Mercedes Benz SL500 in my garage.

How did I get the car? I didn't steal it. I didn't win the lottery. I sure didn't receive an inheritance from some long lost relative who just kicked the bucket. I made the money on my own. I started from scratch with nothing but a pen, a pad, and a crazy idea. I'm now going to teach you how to do the same.

Why would I teach these incredible wealth secrets to total strangers for the small fee this product sells for? I don't know. Maybe I like to teach people stuff. Maybe I want to be immortal. Maybe I want to leave something behind on this Earth after I die that will last forever. Whatever the reason - you're in for a treat.

I named this product "The 12-Month Millionaire" because that's what it's designed to do. It's designed to make you a full-blown, certified MILLIONAIRE within 12 months of reading it.

Maybe you do not want to become a filthy rich millionaire mogul... maybe you just want a better life for your family... that's alright... but I do have to tell you this...

It's just as hard to make a "good" income in this business as it is to become filthy rich - earning millions a year... and I do not mean this in a negative way... I mean it in the most positive way possible.

It's just as hard to turn one dollar into three dollars one hundred times as it is to do it one million times, so why not do it to it's fullest? I sure do.

So anyway, let's get this thing started right away. I'm so excited for you. I remember when I was first learning these secrets, piece-by-piece over 10 years ago. It was like a mental orgasm. I couldn't stop devouring this stuff from every source I could squeeze it out of... whether it was spending $10,000 on books dating as far back as the early 1900's... or spending $5,000 to go to a single weekend seminar... or giving up my entire personal life from age 19 until 24... including women... just because I was so excited with what I was discovering.

Seriously - I envy you. I wish I could experience again what you're about to learn... but of course I can't. So I have to settle for the joy of watching the lightbulbs go off in the thousands of people's minds who get this product.

In my head, this product has been begging me to do it for the past five years. I finally gave in and did it. Am I happy with the end result? You bet I am. The very product you hold in your hands is not just a bunch of paper, ink, glue and the like... it's literally a roadmap... a blueprint... a formula for getting rich in America today.

These secrets are used equally by the single Mother trying to put her child in a good private school, to the small businessperson making a great living... all the way to guys who are running ONE BILLION DOLLAR Publicly-Traded Corporations such as The Sharper Image. These techniques are not Mickey Mouse. They are powerful. They are life-altering. They can even be dangerous if they are not used properly.

So, I'd like to welcome you to the "Best" of your life. I hope after you make your millions you still remember this product and tell everyone you know how it helped you.

Enough already - let's get this party started.



The price is $297.00 plus $18.95 for domestic shipping and handling... or... plus $38.95 for international shipping and handling. You can order by check or credit card.

If you want to order by check, just make it out to "Cherrywood Publishing" and send it to:

Cherrywood Publishing

3101 S.W. 34th Ave. #905-467

Ocala, FL  34474


If you want to order by credit card, there's two ways you can do that.

The first way (which is the absolute best way) is to write or type ALL of the following information and FAX it to us at 1-352-861-1665. That's a dedicated fax line and it's on 24/7. Here's what we need:

(1)   Your name as it appears on your credit card;

(2)   The type of credit card you are using (Visa, MasterCard or American Express);

(3)   The credit card number;

(4)   The credit card expiration date;

(5)   The "security code" on your credit card. If it's a Visa or MasterCard, it's 3-digits on the back of your card at the end of your signature box. If you're using American Express, it's the 4-digits on the front of your card above your credit card number.

(6)   We must have your BILLING address of your credit card. Please don't be confused. We do NOT need to know where you send your payments... we DO need to know what address your credit card company sends their bills to you.

(7)   Final thing, please let us know if you have a different address you would like "The 12-Month Millionaire" shipped to.

(8)   It's not required but it would be helpful if you gave us a telephone number or a fax number where we could contact you in case we run into any problems with your order.

The second option for paying by credit card is, you'll have to make a long distance telephone call. The number to call is 1-305-534-7577. When you call this phone number, you'll need to give us the same information as if you were sending us a fax. If you don't reach us "live" at this number, just leave your credit card details and please remember to speak slowly and clearly and spell any unusual names or words. Again, here's the information we'll need:

(1)   Your name as it appears on your credit card;

(2)   The type of credit card you are using (Visa, MasterCard or American Express);

(3)   The credit card number;

(4)   The credit card expiration date;

(5)   The "security code" on your credit card. If it's a Visa or MasterCard, it's 3-digits on the back of your card at the end of your signature box. If you're using American Express, it's the 4-digits on the front of your card above your credit card number.

(6)   Your BILLING address of your credit card. Please don't be confused. We do NOT need to know where you send your payments... we DO need to know what address your credit card company sends their bills to you.

(7)   If you have a different address you would like "The 12-Month Millionaire" shipped to.

(8)    It would be helpful if you gave us a telephone number or a fax number where we could contact you in case we run into any problems with your order.

That's it. Either way you choose to order "The 12-Month Millionaire", it will be shipped to you immediately.

And now, before I end the story about "The 12-Month Millionaire", I'm going to tell you something that might piss you off (if you are an unethical slimebag). This product, because I have so decided, is NOT being sold with a money-back guarantee. If you dare say the information you get from this product was already known to you or it wasn't worth the money, you are much more than a shitweasel. You are a stone-cold, unethical liar. Believe it or not, much of this information is so electrifying, it was unknown even to me. And I am now using these secrets when I create advertising for myself or for my clients.

Alrighty then, let's go to the next bit of news.

I have become good friends with Mark Joyner. I told him once I knew approximately 15 secrets to make websites more profitable... and... I was willing to wager even with his own extensive experience on the Internet, he didn't have a clue about these secrets. When Mark found out how Internet-illiterate I was, he was doubtful this could be true. So he and I agreed I would tell him just one of my  Internet money-making secrets and then he could decide for himself.

I told him the secret (it took me about 60-seconds) and he was blown away. Mark said, "Oh my God! That is probably the most powerful Internet money-making secret I've ever heard. And I never had a clue to its existence. Once you explained it to me, it's so transparent and so simple, I can't believe I didn't think of it. I've never heard anyone else or any Internet guru  reveal such a powerful secret." He went on to say, "And you know approximately 14 or 15 other secrets as powerful as this?"

"Yes I do," I replied. "But I'm not going to reveal them to you. Nobody else in the world will ever know all these secrets until June of this year." (I have now revealed those secrets to Mark and you'll learn why very soon.)

You know John Reese, don't you? He's about as sharp as a man can be when it comes to making money on the Internet. He's a great friend of mine. As a matter of fact, John just wrote a lengthy rave review about me on his website, which I very much appreciate. But, as much as I like, admire and respect John, I can tell you this...

You Will Never Learn These

Internet Money-Making Secrets

Even From Him!

You won't learn them from Corey Rudl. Marlon Sanders. Ken Evoy. Or any other Internet guru. You can only learn these secrets from me. Except that now you can also learn them from Mark Joyner.

Here's why: Mark and I are teaming up to give a seminar in June. It will be here in Miami. It's not going to a super-expensive seminar because I want as many of my readers as possible to be there. Actually, that's not quite true. I don't want any of my readers who are flat-out losers and living under bridges to come. And I don't want any of my readers who are just curiosity-seekers and won't use the information. And I don't want any of my readers who say they really appreciate my information, but in truth, they only read it because it's free.

The only people I want to be there are dedicated, hard-working, O'Dowd like people... who sincerely want a blueprint to achieving total financial freedom and success in EVERY area of their life.

The price of this seminar is $3,750.00... and... you can bring one guest with you at half-price ($1,875.00). At that seminar, I am going to teach you all of the secrets I just referred to about making websites more profitable. Also, at that seminar, I am going to bring to life all of the information Vince James has included in "The 12-Month Millionaire". And I suspect Mark Joyner might have a little something to add when it comes to Internet marketing. (Especially now that Mark knows my secrets.)

Oh and by the way, if it's humanly possible Vince James will also be at my seminar as my special guest.

But the seminar is NOT only going to be about Internet marketing. No, it's also going to be about the real secrets of making money in marketing... using almost any media.

I'll write to you again soon and give you all the particulars you need to attend this spectacular seminar. I can promise you that dollar-for-dollar, pound-for-pound, you will get more valuable information from my seminar than any other seminar you have ever attended. But...

There Is A Catch!

You cannot attend my seminar... unless... you have first purchased Vincent James' information product, "The 12-Month Millionaire"... AND... you must have already read all the newsletters published on my website. There is a practical reason for these requirements.

This seminar is NOT going to be for people who walk in the door and have no idea whatsoever about marketing. This seminar IS for people who are dead-serious about making money and becoming successful. By reading all the newsletters on my website, and by having devoured all the information in "The 12-Month Millionaire", I will not have to slow down my teaching to a kindergarten level.

Another thing which I'm sorry to have to tell you... but... you cannot get all the information you need by reading books, or watching videos, or listening to audio tapes and CD's. You see, there are certain "magic epiphanies" that only occur when you get the information person-to-person from a LIVE human being.

Anyway, as I said, the seminar is going to be in June and it's going to be in Miami. 

By the way, I am offering an incredibly valuable bonus for the first 30 people who sign up and pay for this seminar. Can you guess what the bonus is? It's...


The first 30 people who buy "The 12-Month Millionaire" and then sign up and pay for my seminar will be entitled... after the seminar... for 6-months worth of consulting with me on any project they are working on. I'll help you with the ideas, the concepts, sourcing the products, and even if necessary, do a little free writing for you.

And now, let me finish with both joy and pain in my heart the rest of this newsletter.

Let me begin by telling you a few things:

First, I did NOT send an e-mail asking if anyone's reading "The Boron Letters" because I am someone who is desperate for attention and feedback.

Secondly, Theresa did NOT send an e-mail to you saying 'Gary needed a little cheering up' because we were setting you up in some Machiavellian way for any type of manipulative sales situation. Theresa did it because she thought I needed a little cheering up. Here's what happened.

My daughter and her family visited me from Germany. Her daughter had some sort of Nazi virus that she transmitted both to her mother and me. It was a really nasty sucker which made it nearly impossible for me to function.

After that, I learned my oldest son, Jeff, was quite possibly a few heartbeats away from death.  He called his father desperately seeking my help. Jeff got the help he needed, he's out of the woods now and he's back working at the construction company he owns. But it was REALLY scary for me.

In addition to all that, the IRS has decided they want to take a close look at my tax returns for the last six years. I've grappled with the IRS ever since I've been an entrepreneur. When my Coat-of-Arms business was running at full-tilt boogie, we had our very own IRS guy with his very own desk in our office. He was there almost as often as our employees. Then one day, I wrote a check for $20 and it bounced. I went to my bank irate and said, "How could you bounce a $20 check. I have more than $20,000 in your bank."

"Not any more", she informed me. "The IRS came and emptied your account."

The IRS did this without filing any kind of case against me or judgment or any kind of due process. I have since learned something like this happens to tens of thousands of people every working day of the year.

Another battle I had with the IRS was when my ex-partner (Dennis Haslinger, now deceased) declared a large portion of the money he paid to buy my share of Halbert's Inc. was not for the purchase of my stock... but rather... payment to me for a covenant not to compete which I should pay tax on as ordinary income. This was not true. But it took me approximately $30,000 (in today's money) and five months to prove it. So, I "won" that case.

The next time the IRS came after me they said I owed $600,000. That case was resolved by me getting a refund check from the IRS.

What's going to happen this time? Who the hell knows?

But even for me, it is scary to deal with these people.

So here I am dealing with a Nazi virus, the IRS, a son who is precariously close to death and a lot of client work all weighing down upon me. Plus, the pressure of having to write a really excellent monthly newsletter. I'm good... but... I'm not God... and the pressure was starting to get to me.

So when I wrote you would be reading the final Gary Halbert Letter, it was not because I wanted to sell you a Vince James product, or because I wanted to set you up for a seminar, or any other financial or commercial reason. But the e-mails started pouring in and many of them were thanking me for publishing my newsletters and the contribution I had made to their lives. Many of them wanted me to answer just a few more questions before I "departed the scene."  You know, just like those guys I wrote about yesterday raising my oxygen tent to ask just one more quick question.

But the bulk of those e-mails, by far, begged me to please not go away. To please not stop writing. To please not stop giving teleconferences. And to please not stop holding seminars.

I have something to say to all of you. And I mean it with all my heart...

Damn All Of You!

Double Damn All Of You!

Damn The Eyes Of All Of You!

And Damn Me!

The truth is, I'm trapped. Not just by all of you. I am trapped by myself. My newsletter is a large part of my identity. It's in my blood. I am doubly damned by the fact that I truly love my readers. So, after a long, thoughtful, and yes, even prayerful consideration...

I Have Decided

To Keep Publishing!

But, like that segment on Bill Maher's show, there's going to be some new rules.

Rule #1 is, it is no longer going to be a monthly newsletter. It's not going to be a yearly newsletter, quarterly, weekly or daily or anything else. It IS going to be "The Gary Halbert Letter" whenever I feel like writing it. Maybe there will be a month or two where you won't get any newsletter whatsoever. Maybe you'll get five or six letters in a month. Maybe, instead of a newsletter, I'll publish a short piece of information or something humorous or some "slice of life" that will uplift your spirits. The point is, I will publish it when I choose. When I choose between client obligations, the IRS, medical emergencies and stuff like that.

None of this was a manipulation. I swear to God that is true. And I swear it on the souls of all my children. And you can go straight to hell if you don't believe me.


Gary C. Halbert

The Undisputed King Of Shitweasels

P.S.   You are beyond all hope if you do not order "The 12-Month Millionaire" as soon as you finish reading this message. Your hand should be reaching for your checkbook or the fax or the telephone this very second.

I'll write and tell you all about my June seminar in the next few days.



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