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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

If you go to the website, you will see my girlfriend dancing in a Costa Rican rock and roll video. She's the one with the blond hair. The other two girls are very erotic and Sirian tells me they are extremely horny. I told Sirian that unfortunately I don't feel like any of my readers would like to meet these two other dancers.

If you happen to come across some lonely American (they LOVE Americans) who would like to meet these two other dancers, send me an e-mail to and let me know. Do NOT hit your "Reply" button. You MUST type in my e-mail address ( for me to get your message.

By the way, if the above link doesn't work, just type the link information into your browser (


Gary C. Halbert


P.S.   If there are any of you who would like to meet the blond dancing in the video (my girlfriend) you can forget it. We've been together four years and I intend to keep it that way.



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