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Gary Halbert is widely considered the world's greatest copywriter and his greatest success is his famous "Coat-of-Arms" letter. That one letter was mailed for more than 30 years... to more than 600,000,000 people. This unique letter is only 1-page long... but... it contains 11 "hidden persuaders" Gary has never before revealed. Now you can read this famous letter and listen to Gary explain all the secrets of the 11 "hidden persuaders"... and... you can do it RIGHTNOW.
All you have to do is forward this e-mail to two of your business associates or friends and as soon as you do that, we'll let you look at Gary's "Coat-of-Arms" letter this very instant... PLUS... we'll give you a button to click so you can immediately hear Gary revealing the details of those 11 inside secrets to his friend, Mark Joyner.  (Quite frankly, the reason we require you to tell two friends about this is that we are making a blatant and transparent attempt to expose more people to Gary Halbert's almost scary marketing genius.)

IMPORTANT: The "Coat-of-Arms" letter and audio recording of Mark Joyner interviewing Gary Halbert will only be made available free of charge for a few weeks.  After that, Gary is considering selling it as a package for $197.  If you do not download it today, there is no guarantee it will be available tomorrow.  Gary is likely to pull this offer down at any time.

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