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Want to make $250k for five minutes work? Maybe double your business in one afternoon? This is no joke. I have done it and seen it done several times myself.

My dad, Gary Halbert taught me this trick and it is the single best way to make fast easy money.

Not only is it FREE but it is also 100% ethical.

It is just one simple trick and every heavy hitter in business uses it.

I am not even going to tease you. The trick is endorsed mailings.

You understand the concept already because you have seen it in action when Oprah tells the world she likes someone’s product or service, they get flooded with business that very day.

Online the same thing happens all the time.

What most people don’t know is…

Kevin and I Have Been Putting Together Such Deals For Years!

You see..

Back in the late 90s, my father and I were making good money selling financial information products and then we were approached by a man who offered to do an endorsed mailing. Long story short, we took the deal, and increased our profits over 100 fold!

After I was working on my own it happened yet again. I cut a different deal with another man and once again the money flowed in.

Then it happened yet AGAIN except this time all I did was put the right people in touch with each other and they…

Quickly Took In 23 Million Dollars!

Obviously, not all of the parties we put together became millionaires FAST!

Here is how these simple deals work and why they are so much better than regular affiliate marketing.

Someone with a financial information product and a winning promotion is looking for new customers and shows us what they have.

If the product and the promotion numbers look good, Kevin and I look for a perfect match. Preferably someone with a huge and loyal fan base or a large list of happy customers.

This is where the last name Halbert really helps a LOT to get a foot in the door.

The person with the list looks over the product to make sure it is on the up and up and something they feel good about endorsing and if they like it, we are off to the races.

You see, an endorsed mailing is much more powerful than just mailing a promotion to a list without any central organization or personality.

Lots of small marketers can recommend a course on writing headlines but it is so much more powerful when someone like Gary Halbert makes the recommendation. The same is true of the list owner whose recommendation pulls in a lot more sales than simply sending a mailing to a list from a name or organization they don’t recognize.

This Is Why Endorsed Mailings
Are So Much Better Than
Regular Affiliate Deals!

With one press of a button, the person with the list of people sends out an email recommending the information product or service and directs them to the winning promotion.

That’s When The Orders Start Rolling In and Everybody Wins!

The list owner makes a lot of money just for sending out the email.

Plus, if the promotion is targeted to the right audience, the promotion itself makes good content for the blogger or list owner.

It isn’t always easy to write a killer blog once or twice a week. Sometimes it is nice for the writers to have some good content handed to them. Especially if the content puts cash in their pockets.

Good promotions have good lessons just by themselves which can make them great content too.

It sucks to just work at keeping your list happy while not selling them anything. Instead, work the list and have it make you money. That is the best part of having a list.

The person with the product wakes up to find….

A Ton of Orders In The In Box
"Without Spending A Dime For Advertising!

The broker, of course, gets a tip for setting the whole thing up.

Speaking of a tip, here is a tip for when you are creating such deals. Make the guarantee period 60 days or more.

As long as the customers can return the product at any time for a full refund no questions asked there is no major down side to mailing the promotion for the list owner.

This protects the list owner from tarnishing their reputation or burning out their list.

For product owners this can…

Pump New Life Into Old Campaigns!

Don’t you hate the feeling after a launch goes really well and the money spigot starts to drip again.

You know your product launch made money and you hate to walk away, leaving all that work behind. But, launching to the same old lists over and over again is making you less and less.

This may be your opportunity to breathe new life into your campaigns, bring in new customers and turn the money spigot back on.

We choose to deal mainly in information products because it makes life easier. It costs next to nothing to produce once the product has been created so there is a lot of profit for everyone and no reason to destroy a good relationship over arguments about overhead and variable costs, etc.

Experience has shown me that if someone starts to haggle over cost regarding an information product, they are preparing to screw you out of your share.

Later, they will try everything from adding their kid’s cell phone bill to the expenses, to massive spreadsheets designed to confuse the situation and let numbers tell you that you are being screwed.

This is why working with good people is so important.

In fact the first big key to making a fortune in endorsed mailings is ACCESS to REPUTABLE people.

It wasn’t easy to acquire until now…

Kevin and I are now expanding and opening up to work with all types of information products.

So if you or someone you know has anything to do with selling information products of any kind this should really get your greed glands going.

Here is our super sweet offer.

There is nothing to buy or sacrifice.

All you need to do is send us the basic information about what you do. You don’t need to send us any trade secrets or anything. We made it easy for you by creating this info page so you know exactly what to include.

  • We are now working in the fields of
  • Self Improvement
  • Income Op
  • Financial
  • Dating/Relationship
  • Marketing
  • How To Courses

We won’t bother you unless we think we have a good deal for you and there are no up-front charges or fees. We don’t make money until everybody makes money.

Even if we don’t work together, I encourage you to seek out people to make such deals with because I honestly think there is no faster way to get rich overnight.

However before you cut any deal, let me explain the best reasons for working with us.

Reach- As you are well aware, The Gary Halbert Letter is a huge resource for all kinds of marketers all over the world.

This means if we don’t already know of a good match we can easily find one.

Connections- As I mentioned before, having the Halbert last name doesn’t hurt. We swim with some pretty big fish and we know how lucky we are to be able to do so. This also means once a promotion is really proven to smaller lists we can cut deals with the people with the biggest lists and the most clout.

We know top copywriters, list owners, SEO experts and the most well connected people in marketing. This comes in handy too.

Honesty- Kevin and I have nothing but stellar reputations. We have never screwed over anyone and we aren’t about to tarnish the name now. We are in this for the long haul and no one deal is worth screwing over any one party so we look out for everyone.

Since we only get paid out of what each party takes in, we have a vested interest in making sure everyone on both sides of the fence are treated fairly.

Security- We have a pretty good nose for BS and we do a check on who we approach. We don’t just check on people, others come to us to check on people. When people are dishonest, word spreads quickly but even faster at the higher levels. We can’t guarantee someone won’t work in this business anymore but they won’t be working with us, and they wouldn't get our thumbs up when our friends ask about them.

Experience- Gary Halbert himself said I was one of the best people in the world at judging how effective a campaign is and 30 years at his side gives me some idea of what works well and what doesn’t. I can often tell where a promotion needs to be tweaked and what is a good match. I won’t write copy but I will review the promotion and make suggestions if needed. A little guidance goes a long way.

My favorite reason of all is we are open and easy to deal with. You won’t get shut out by some self-absorbed prick who won’t pick up the phone after he has made his money. We just aren’t into cliquish behavior.


Who this offer is not for….

This offer is of no use to you if any of the following are true..

  • People with all the business they want
  • Marketers not looking for products to upsell
  • Copywriters too busy to take more work.
  • Spammers

We cut very straight forward deals. The list owner and the person with the promotion and product get an equal amount of money and we get 10%. Less than a waitress gets tipped.

We care about preserving all lists we work with and all partners in any deal.

Which leads me to another secret to lucrative endorsed mailings. Always strike the deal you think would be fair if you were on the other side.

Relationships don’t end with one mailing and it is important everyone looks out for everyone so we can do more deals in the future.


This offer is perfect for:

  • List Owners
  • Website Owners With A Large Audience
  • Social Media Personalities with a huge following
  • Information product owners
  • Anyone with a proven promotion
  • Online services
  • Copywriters looking for work

To get onto what Kevin and I are calling The Multimillion Dollar Rolodex sign up and give us a little info. It’s free anyway and there's no downside. 

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