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If you have any interest in Internet marketing whatsoever, what I am going to include in this newsletter will be a very special... and very valuable... holiday gift.

I'm going to teach you...

A New, Inexpensive Way

To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Than You Would Ever Believe Possible!

To begin with, I am going to reproduce a 1/4-page newspaper ad right here in this newsletter which will appear in newspapers all over the United States during this month (December) and next month (January).


Free Website Reveals The Most Hard-Nosed, Realistic Money-Making Secrets On The Entire Internet!

New research has uncovered an almost unknown website that reveals more real money-making secrets than anyplace else on the entire Internet. This website is 100% free. There are no sponsored links, no registration required, no pop-up ads, no banner ads and nothing you have to buy.

Here's just a small sample (very small) of the hard-hitting, money-making secrets you'll discover when you go to this website:

t  How to get as much money as you need to really get your business rolling... and... get it without borrowing!

t  How to get a product to sell if you don't have one already... and... how to get it for nothing!

t  How to use an ordinary phone line ($15.00 per month), a Radio Shack answering machine, and classified ads to make 15 times as much income as the average American heart surgeon!

t  How to get the exact name and address of thousands of people who would love to send you money!

t  How to mail up to 100,000 letters per week at no cost whatsoever... not even postage!

t  What to write on a cheap little postcard that will make people flood you with cash!

t  How to use 976 and 900 numbers to get people to pay to hear all about what you want to sell them!

t  How to use the yellow pages of your phone book in a secret way that will flush out huge wads of money!

t  How to use cheap little classified ads to make as much as $10,000 per day!

t  How to get yourself or your product featured on cable TV at no cost whatsoever!

t  How to get movie and TV stars to help you sell your products and services!

t  An amazing secret that can turn your local newspaper into your own personal goldmine!

t  Seven sure fire ways to become a millionaire even if you only have $500.00 to get started!

t  How to write one letter... and... fill out one form... and... get an instant paycheck for up to $35,000!

t  How to totally eliminate lawsuits! (Lawyers will hate this more than anything ever written.)

t  The secret of perfect putting! (This has nothing to do with business or advertising... but... so many people love golf, this info is included on the website.)

t  10 amazing ways to lose weight that work like crazy! (Again, nothing to do with marketing or business but, it's vital info for millions of people.)

t  How to use CIA files to beat your competition! (Yes, they ARE available... and... you can get them.)

t  A video camera, a legal pad, a ballpoint pen: All you need to make more money than you can count!

t  What question you must ask when you rent a car to get the lowest price humanly possible!

t  How to get the maximum (ethical) price for whatever it is you are selling!

t  How to fly anywhere in the world at the lowest possible price!

t  How to protect yourself against your own attorney! (Note: This is 100 times more important than protecting yourself against your opponent's attorney.)

t  How to make $14,750 by sending just two faxes!

t  3 lies all intelligent men always tell women!

t  17 lies all intelligent women always tell men!

t  The top 100 most searched for words on the Internet!

t  How to overcome the body chemical that keeps you fat!

t  The secret "red convertible" technique that can get almost any man to work for you!

t  How to instantly increase your problem solving ability by 250%!

t  Why sometimes missing an appointment (deliberately) can increase your income!

t  How to gain an immediate "psychological edge" on anyone who is doing a business deal with you!

t  Secret internet software only very, very rich people know about!

t  How to use the "evaporating deal" technique to win almost every business negotiation!

t  How to get all of your advertising read by 500% more people without changing a single word or increasing the size of your ad! (You'll be shocked and amazed at how simple this is... and... by how well it works.)

t  Exactly how long it should take your web page to load! (Any longer and you'll lose people in droves.)

t  How to use sex appeal in your advertising without offending your customers!

t  How to create an "engineered paradigm change"! (This absolutely guarantees you will achieve almost ANY goal.)

t  How to chart your "energy curve" and use this info to dramatically enhance your quality of life!

t The two worst mistakes you can make when you are meeting someone new you want to impress!

t 17 stocks you must dump immediately! (Note: It doesn't matter when you are reading this. These stocks have to be removed from your portfolio under any circumstances.)

t What you should do if you are going to have an operation that will speed up your recovery by as much as 75%! (Your doctor will never tell you this.)

t  A secret direct mail technique that has produced response rates as high as 90%! (Use this on your next mailing and watch your results and profits soar.)

t An open letter to anyone who owns a corporation... and foolishly... believes it will protect his personal assets!

t  How to do 90% of your business... outside... the legal system... and... how to do it legally!

t  What you should do to the light bulbs in your house that can dramatically help you sell it!

t  The single-most important thing you must do... if... you seriously want to be rich!

t  And much, much more!

Anyway, that's just a small (very tiny) sample of what you will find on this website. Go there immediately if you want to take a wealth and success journey that you've only dreamed about until now.

Remember, there's nothing to buy... no sponsored links... no pop-up ads... and... no registration needed. This website is "for real" 100% free.

WARNING: Don't go to the website if you are offended by being told the truth, don't have an open mind, or will be put off by the occasional well-placed profanity. The truth isn't always easy to take. And often, it's not pretty. If you are looking for "political correctness" instead of reality, this is NOT a website you should be reading.



Now that you have read that 1/4-page newspaper ad, I would like you to take a guess as to how much it will cost me to run that ad in an average daily newspaper.

Believe it or not, because I know how to buy newspaper space and get a 90% discount... and... because I use the best media buyer in the world (Nancy Jones) my cost of running that ad in a daily newspaper is only $2.50 per thousand circulation.

Something else you should know is, the SAME average newspaper is read by something like 2.3 to 2.7 people. Let's level it off and say the same  newspaper is read by 2 people (such as a husband and wife or two business partners).

That means I am exposing a very long piece of copy to 2,000 people for only $2.50. (Remember, I buy space at $2.50 per 1,000... but... a husband/wife or two business partners will be reading the same newspaper.) That means I am getting 2,000 people to look at this almost-irresistible piece of copy for a total cost of approximately 1/10th of one cent.

Let's say only 50% of those 2,000 newspaper readers see and read my ad. That means 1,000 people are reading my ad... which boils down to a cost of 1/4th of one cent per reader.

And what if only 10% of those 2,000 pairs of eyeballs read my ad? That means I'm getting 200 readers for $2.50... which is equal to 1 per newspaper reader.

Now, let's pretend everybody who reads the newspaper ad does go to my website. That would be the same as a "click" if you were using Google ad words.

Know this: If you are doing a Google ad word campaign, you are limited to a very small number of characters to attract people to read your message. As you've noticed, my newspaper ad uses more than 1,000 words to attract people to read my message. I think my conversion rate is going to be unusually high. Why do I feel that way? Ask yourself this...

Who Do You Know Who Would Read That Newspaper Ad

With All Those Fascinating Bullets And Then Go To

A Free Website To Find Out The Answers?!

And know this: Print readers attracted to your website (people who read newspapers, magazines, and direct mail letters), are a far higher quality of reader... than... readers attracted to your website from the Internet and its culture of cheapness.

This is the greatest, little-known website traffic building secret and it is almost unknown to every website marketer on earth.

You know what I'm really kind of proud of? You know Bill O'Reilly who's on Fox News every day promoting what he calls the "Bill O'Reilly Factor"? Well, several times a day while he's on the air, he promotes his website, And you know the sanctimonious drug addict, Rush Limbaugh who has the most listened to radio show in the world? He promotes his website every day on his radio show. But guess what? I get about 5-times the readership of both those guys put together... and... I've done almost nothing to promote my website except to suggest to my readers they tell others about it!

I'm not sure it's true but I believe I am now read by more people on the Internet than any other single individual. Certainly there are websites which get more traffic than mine. These are usually search engines, porno sites, booking travel sites, and so forth. But people don't go to those sites to read them.

And yes, The Drudge Report gets far more readership than my website. But he has at least 250 people writing for him. and the get more readership than my website. But then again, they both have an enormous number of people producing content for them.

But as far as a "lone wolf" individual standing out from the crowd, I'm rather proud of the fact, I believe I am the most highly read INDIVIDUAL on the Internet.

Even so, I would like to be even more highly read. And here's how I think I can accomplish that...

Now That I've Given You This Valuable Holiday Gift,

I Think It Only Fair You Give Me One In Return!

And it won't cost you a single penny.

I want you to forward THIS newsletter to anyone you know who is interested in Internet marketing and is not already reading my website. You could say something like:

"Hey, you should be reading Gary Halbert's FREE Internet website newsletters. You should read each and every issue he publishes. They're ALL FREE! And his stuff is so good, I think you should forward this valuable website information to others, just as I forwarded it to you. The website address is"

If you do this for me, I'll do something nice for you. I don't know what that will be yet... but... it will be something nice and it will be valuable.

So, if you want to make my Christmas merry, my Hanukkah happy, forward the information in this newsletter to someone else... ask them to read the valuable information... and ask them to forward it to other people. Think of it this way: It is your duty and your honor as a peace-loving citizen to spread the word of my wonderfulness throughout the Internet world.

Thank you.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or at least a nice holiday season. By the way, you should try to avoid going on your roof when Santa's sleigh is there. The runners on which his sleigh sits have been sharpened by his little elves and they now have a razor-edge equivalent to a doctor's scalpel. By messing around on the roof while Santa's up there, you could easily lose one of your arms or legs. And that would almost certainly put a damper on your enjoyment of the holidays.



Gary C. Halbert



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