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Dear Friend and Subscriber,

      Can you think creatively? 

      Oh yeah?  Well, this newsletter is going to give you a chance to prove it. 

       I want you to fire up your computer and go to   Youíve probably been there many times before.  Anyway, I want you to do a search.  What I want you to search for is a phone number.  The number I want you to search for is...

 305 372 0313

       Type that number into the space where you put search terms and then click on search.  Presto!  As soon as you do this you will discover that is the telephone number of the Doubletree Grand Hotel in Miami, Florida.

       Thatís pretty neat, ainít it?  You can type in any telephone number thatís listed in a phone book and google will tell you instantly who or what belongs to that number.

       But, hold on.  You ainít seen nothin yet.  As you can see, google not only produced the name of the hotel that has that number, it also gives you the address of the hotel.  Now, for our next little magic trick, I want you to google the address of the hotel.  Hereís what you should be searching for... 

1717 N. Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33132

       Ok, once you type that in and hit search, you will come to a page that has at the top ďMap of 1717 N. Bayshore Dr., Miami, FL 33132.Ē  Click where it says that.  Ok that will bring you to a page that has a map that shows exactly where that location is located.  Now, look at the upper right hand corner of the map page where there are three boxes.  One says ďMapĒ, one says ďSatelliteĒ and one says ďHybridĒ.  Click on the box that says ďSatelliteĒ.  Doing that will produce a satellite photo of the area where the hotel is located.

      Now, see over to the left of the screen where you have a plus and minus sign and 4 navigational arrows that let you go North, East, South and West.  Click on the plus sign.  As you will see, that letís you zoom in.  So, click on it again.  Notice how that lets you zoom in even closer?  Click on the plus sign again until you are looking right down on the roof of the hotel.  See the marina in the back of the hotel?  Remember that.

       Now, click on the plus sign again and again.  Now, weíre right dead on top of the hotel.  But, weíre too close to see that marina.  Unless we navigate to it.  Letís do that.  Click on the arrow that points to the right of the page.  Now you are looking right down on some of the boats in the marina.  See that pinkish, reddish boat that stands out from all the others?  Thatís the ďNo MercyĒ which I used to own until I gave it to a friend.

       All right, lets go back to google and search for something else.  Search for...

 637 Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica, Ca.  90402 

      Do what you need to do to get to the satellite photo of that address.  Zoom in as close as you can.  Youíll see itís a house.  I used to live there.  After I moved out the house was sold at auction and...

 It Fetched The Highest Price Ever For A House Sold At Private Auction!

       See the house to the left of it?  The back of the house nearest  the pool is kind of semi-circular shaped.  That house used to belong to Peter Lawford.  It was used as the Western White House by president Kennedy.  Anyway, I live within walking distance of the Grand Hotel in Miami, and, as I said, I used to live in the house located at 637 Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica.

       Now, suppose I want to get from where I live now to where I used to live in Santa Monica.  Ok, now you should have the Santa Monica address on your screen.  Click where it says Get Directions in blue.  Now, in the start address block type in the address of the Grand Hotel.  You remember that address, donít you?  Itís 1717 N. Bayshore Dr., Miami, FL.  33123.  After youíve got both addresses in their respective boxes, click where it says ďSearchĒ.  Youíll get instant detailed instructions on how to get from one location to the other.  Youíll also see on the satellite photo a blue line running all the way coast-to-coast from one location to the other which reveals the route I would have to drive to get from the Miami location to the Santa Monica location. 

       Just look at how detailed those instructions are.  And think about how they popped-up instantly.  Just to be sure you did it right, here are the instructions you should be reading: 

1. Head southeast from Palisades Beach Rd/Pacific Coast Hwy - go 1.0 mi

2. Continue on CA-1 toward Los Angeles (I-10)/Coast Rte - go      0.4 mi  

3. Bear left at I-10 E - go 16 mi

4. Continue on CA-60 E toward Santa Ana (I-5 S)/Pomona - go 52 mi

5. Continue on I-215 S - go 5.1 mi

6. Continue on CA-60 E toward Indio - go 18 mi

7. Take the ramp to Beaumont - go 0.2 mi

8. Merge into I-10 E - go 1,266 mi

9. Take exit 564 to I-410 - go 1.1 mi

10. Merge into I-410 E - go 9.2 mi

11. Take the I-35 S/I-410 S exit 27 to San Antonio - go 0.3 mi

12. Merge into I-410 S - go 5.8 mi

13. Take the I-10 exit 33 to San Antonio/Houston - go 0.1 mi

14. Take the I-10 E ramp to Houston - go 182 mi

15. Take the I-610 N/I-610 S exit 763 - go 0.7 mi

16. Merge into I-610 N - go 14 mi

17. Take the I-10 E/I-10 W exit 26A to Beaumont/Downtown - go 0.2 mi

18. Take the I-10 E ramp to Beaumont - go 260 mi

19. Take the I-10 ramp to New Orleans (I-12)/Hammond - go 0.4 mi

20. Merge into I-10 E - go 3.7 mi

21. Take the I-12 E exit 159 to Hammond - go 86 mi

22. Take the I-10 E exit 85C to Bay St Louis - go 505 mi

23. Take the I-295 exit 356 to Savannah/St Augustine/Int Airport - go 0.1 mi

24. Bear right onto the I-295 S ramp to Orange Park/St Augustine - go 20 mi

25. Take the I-95 S ramp to St Augustine - go 335 mi

26. Take the I-395 exit 2D to Miami Beach - go 1.0 mi

27. Take the ramp to Biscayne Blvd (US-1) - go 0.1 mi

28. Turn left at Biscayne Blvd - go 0.3 mi

29. Turn right at NE 15th St - go 0.1 mi

30. Turn left at N Bayshore Dr - go 0.2 mi


      Alrighty then, letís have some more fun with google.  Go to   Here youíll find a zillion photos archived.  Search for George Bush and, there he is, big as life.  Now search for Chuck Berry.  Search for Elle Macpherson.  (She calls me the ďBelly Jelly ManĒ.)  Search for Jay Abraham.  He looks like a constipated Sicilian, doesnít he?  Search for Joe Polish.  Isnít he sort of rat-faced?  Now, for some eye candy; search for Gary Halbert.  Donít I look spiffy as I offer the ladies of the world a toast?


       Ok, hereís what I suspect is true:  I think many of you already know about all these neat searches and, I bet you know a lot more.  Some of you will already know some of this stuff.  And, many of my readers will find all of this to be new to them.

       It doesnít matter.  Weíve had our fun.  Now, letís get serious.  I want all of you to ponder what Iíve just revealed to you.  I want you to think of all the marketing applications of the information you just read.  I got turned on to the satellite photos by my long-time, road dog buddy, Scott (Mongo) Haines.  He learned about it by reading Agoras great online newsletter ďEarly To RiseĒ.  (You should be reading that newsletter also.)

       Anyway, to get your brain percolating, Iím going to share with you a few marketing ideas that occurred to me and Mongo.  Say you sell real estate and thereís a special home from which you want to have as an exclusive listing.  Suppose you pull up a satellite photo of that house.  Then you send the photo and a letter to the owner of the house.  The letter goes like this:

             Dear Prospect:

      I am enclosing with this letter a satellite photo of your home.  If you will look at the home three houses North of you, you will see itís a bright yellow home.  I think your home is much better than this one, but you might be interested to know that I have just sold that yellow house for $693,000 Dollars and I think I could do as well or better if I can have an exclusive listing on your house, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla...

      Ok, suppose you are holding a seminar and you want the people who said they were interested in the seminar to actually come to the seminar.  You print out the directions from a prospectís home to your seminar location.  You send them directions with the following letter to your prospects:

             Dear Prospect:

      Iím very glad you have decided to attend our seminar.  You have made a very wise decision and I think it will enrichen your pocketbook.  I want to make sure that you attend so I am sending you directions right from your location to the seminar location.  I am looking forward to seeing you and bla, bla, bla, bla, bla...

       Suppose the prospectsí photos can be found by searching Google Images.  You print out those photos and send them to your prospect with a letter that starts like this:

             Dear Mr. Prospect:

      Did you know that seven pictures of you can be found on the internet?  I have printed a miniature picture of these seven photos and I am sending them to you because...bla, bla, bla, bla, bla...

       Okay shitweasel, surely you can finish up that letter.

       Now letís do something more.  Suppose your prospect buys a Ford 150 pick up truck.  Well, how about you get a satellite photo of the manufacturing facility where that vehicle was produced.  Then, you write a letter to your prospect sending him a satellite photo of the place where his car was made and you reference that in the letter and then you segue into selling him something.

        Look, I want you to do something.  I want you to play around with all of the little secrets Iíve revealed in this newsletter.  I want you to search for telephone numbers and get addresses.  I want you to use those addresses to get satellite photos of the different locations.  When you get the satellite photos, I want you to zoom in, take a close look at things and zoom back out.  And, then, I want you to use the navigational bars and, you can take a tour of wherever you are.  Like, put your own house and get the satellite photo, and then use the navigational bars to take a tour of your town.  I think youíre going to find this stuff pretty fascinating. 

       After youíve played around I want you to put on your thinking cap and think of all the different ways that you could use what Iíve shown you here in a marketing endeavor.  Thereís got to be a zillion ways.  Anyways, this newsletter is just to get your mind engaged.  Anyhow, once youíve come up with what you think is good application for how this information could be used to get an edge in marketing, I want you to e-mail me at and tell me what youíve come up with.  

       Thereís another thing.  Many of you will know all kinds of other tricks that I donít know about google and all kinds of interesting things like this that you could do with a computer.  I would like very much if you would e-mail me and tell me about the other neat things you could do and perhaps I will take all of this information and put it in a much more advanced newsletter.

       Anyway, thatís it for this month.  Have yourself some fun touring the world.  By the way, I have been to Bimini, I have been to Miami Beach, Iíve been to South America, Iíve been to Central America, I took a tour of Costa Rica, Iíve been to Cuba, looking at down at the satellite pictures of a close up of Cuba, Iíve been to Puerto Rico and, you know that if you navigate, you can actually navigate with those photos coast-to-coast.  You can go clear up to Canada, you can go to the bottom of South America.  Have some fun with this, use it and then e-mail me and tell me your ideas.



Gary C. Halbert



P.S.  Hey!  You know something?  I bet that some of you will become addicted to doing this.  I have.


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