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Last Saturday the 23rd of August, my assistant Teresa got her daughter married off to a nice young man named Eric in Ocala.

Whatís even more remarkable is Teresaís father came with her to Ocala from his home in North Carolina to walk down the aisle with Roxanne and give away to her new husband.

The wedding photographer didnít have his camera loaded with film and managed to miss the most important shot of the wedding. They couldnít do it over because Teresaís father didnít have anything left to pose for another picture.

I am hoping against hope one of my readers is adept at Photo Shop and can take a photo of Teresaís father and schmuck it into one or more of Roxanneís wedding photos so it doesnít look contrived.

On the way back to North Carolina, Teresa had to stop the car approximately every 45 minutes so her father could get out and move around a bit to ease the pain. Heís such a nice guy he apologized incessantly for the inconvenience he was causing. Here is what Teresa said to him:

"Dad, I donít care if it takes us three extra days to get to North Carolina. You did what I dreamed of: you came down and gave my baby away!"

Many people who are dying manage to hold on long enough to experience a big family event. Like the birth of a baby, a childís graduation or, in this case, his granddaughterís wedding.

But now, he is spending two full days with two different doctors. I know what they are going to tell him and so does he and Teresa. You know what I think normal treatment for cancer is in America?

They Hook The Patient Up To An IV Tube That Is Connected To All Of That Personís Assets.

Then, when the last penny has been sucked through the tube into the doctorís coffers, they unplug all the patientís umbilicals that keep him alive and let him die.

Donít pay any attention to me. What do I know?

Anyway, Iíve been promising you a ďkillerĒ newsletter on how to make websites profitable. I have finished writing that newsletter and, you should be reading it right now.

But, this isnít it, because, I just located someone to type it for me and post it on my site. (Obviously, Teresa canít do it just now.). It will be posted in just a few days and, I guarantee it will blow you away.

Anyway, letís consider this a mini-newsletter and, I want to make you an offer you canít refuse. I want to send you a report called:

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And, I will send you IMMEDIATELY the report entitled:

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Hell, youíll probably get rich by reading this one report which, as I said, you will receive immediately.



Gary C. Halbert

Or, as I am known in Costa Rica
Guapo Gary


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