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From: Los Angeles, California
Monday, 6:41 P.M.
April 11, 2018

Dearfriend and subscriber,
If You Want To Multiply The Power of Your Marketing In 2018 Vegas Will Be The Place To Be In June.

In the world of writing effective ads which can instantly generate millions and grow small companies into monster corporations all roads lead to Gary Halbert and even though history’s greatest copywriter is gone his best students are exposing how they dominate the direct marketing world by writing and thinking like their copywriting mentor of mentors.

This June Gary Halbert would have turned 80 and to honor their hero 11 of his closest and most successful protégés are gathering in Vegas to share their most closely guarded cash generating innovations with a small crowd of business owners and aspiring ad writers who want to make 2018 and 2019 the best years their businesses have ever seen.

The hosts are top copywriters and marketers who generate millions online and offline through social media, email and print campaigns.

These are the marketers who built massive companies selling everything from consulting to supplements.

Between them and their clients these real world marketing geniuses have discovered the keys to selling in any market and the only reasons they are willing to share their insider knowledge for the first time is to honor the memory of their favorite marketer of all time Gary Halbert.

If you don’t know who Gary Halbert is, a simple Google search will show you why Mr. Halbert is the most respected copywriter who ever lived and if you have heard of Gary Halbert then all you need to know is his closest proteges and top students are sharing what they learned from the master himself and how they used what Gary showed them to continue making breakthroughs in any and every type of media and unlike most events the plan is to give you and every attendee a concrete step-by-step blueprint so you can…

Research your market so well you can describe your customers problems better than they can because all the true power in your marketing comes from knowing your buyers better than they know themselves which is easy once you know how to tap into their minds and find the triggers which make it impossible to resist buying what you sell.

Find out exactly what your customer's most guarded hot buttons are and once we walk you through just a few examples you'll have the key to unlocking untold wealth in ANY market.

See Gary Halbert's 20 Clicks. These are the most common 20 sales funnels Gary recommended to 99% of all his clients but even better we will share killer offers which are irresistible to the markets you serve.  Identify the very best sources for new clients so you can quickly and easily magnify your profits with the least amount of effort.

Create Gary Halbert style killer offers nobody can refuse.

How to use the 7 Key Elements to write great headlines. Once you know this method you will be able to quickly and easily craft powerful headlines and titles for books, podcasts, Facebook groups, Youtube channels which grip EVERY buyers' attention. It sounds too good to be true but in under an hour you will be able to write more effective headlines than an Madison Avenue ad expert with 20 years of experience.

In fact, you can say goodbye to writers' block because after you know how to write attention gripping headlines for Facebook ad or any type of promotion we’ll show you a simple headline hack you can use to instantly write dozens of impossible to ignore headlines and hooks in under four minutes.

How to keep buyers interested in your ads. After your headline gets a buyers attention you have just seconds to turn that attention into the kind of interest which guarantees the buyer will keep paying attention to your offer and we will show you exactly what to say at the beginning of your ads to makes sure real buyers read or listen to every word you say.

How to find the very best story to sell your products & services. For marketing, the best stories are not created, they are found but you still need to be able to tell them in a way which nobody can turn their attention away so after we give you what we call the magical source for stories we will show you exactly how to tell a story in a way a buyer can’t ignore.

Everyone knows the features of their products. And even a half decent marketer understands how to explain the benefits of those features. But, once you see our new 4 Step Bullet Formula before your very eyes, you will write better product descriptions than even the most successful copywriters. This is yet another trick that will allow you to beat your competitor's ads with a few minor tweaks.  The simple formula for getting the exact testimonials you need to make more sales. This is like getting each and every customer to say exactly what you want them to say about your product in their own words and it’s guaranteed to work!

The killer closing arguments which ensure you will get sales by anyone who is even remotely interested in your products and services.  Gary's infamous and hyper powerful “what if” close for high priced sales. This one closing argument alone will take every serious buyer stuck on the fence and kick them over on to the buying side. Even the top copywriters in the world don't know this closing argument unless they heard it from a Halbert. This is the single best way to close the biggest deals you will ever make and you will never be nervous about charging more for your products and services.  How to make sure you don't lose sales during the ordering process. Believe it or not a lot of serious buyers drop out after deciding to buy and we will show you how to prevent what online marketers call shopping cart abandonment.  Bond's PS trick for getting all 4 types of readers to consider your offer.  Bond Halbert's Editing Checklist- All great ad writers say research and editing is the key to great marketing but Gary’s son Bond was the very first person to create and share a comprehensive editing formula you can use to force buyers to read or listen to every word of your ads. Every member in attendance will receive a notepad with Bond's magic editing formula checklist printed on every page.

How to create an upsell fast and cheap. If you are not offering an upsell you could be making two to three times as much money every time you run your ad. We will show you how to create and make an upsell offer your buyers will love.

Three ways to get more sales without spending an extra penny on advertising.

The magic stick letter which reduces refunds and sets every buyer up to buy more of what you sell and recommend. This is the first communication all your buyers receive to inspire loyalty and help build your brand.  How to quickly and easily scale even modestly profitable campaigns into monster promotions worth millions. Many business owners get trapped taking care of their business and they can’t take the time to enjoy any of the wealth they have created. The key to a great life is being able to grow a business without growing your todo list and you will see how to lead the life you want while most of your business activity is on autopilot.

Where to get the best traffic for your websites and offers. To make sure you are marketing to people who really crave what you offer we will rundown each source of traffic and identify which medias are right for reaching every type of prospect.

Even if you don’t have something to sell we will show you how to create a product so good all you have to do is describe it and people will line up to buy.  Finally and best of all this marketing dream team will show you how to have
The Million Dollar Marketer Mindset- The big difference between multi millionaires and small business owners is not IQ, head starts, connections, talent or luck. Big business owners don't think like regular working folks. Once you have the right mindset you won't waste time on anything which isn't the highest and best use of your time.  Once you are seeing the world through what we call a marketers' glasses you can design the life of your dreams and that is no joke.  You will be able to apply what we show you to any traffic source and you will never be at the mercy of any one platform.  Speaking of platforms, the experts have created successful marketing campaigns in everything from old school print ads & mail order to email, Facebook ads, Google ads and every place you would ever run a promotion.

I know this sounds too good to be true but if you look into the names of the people throwing this event you will quickly realize the experts at the the Gary Halbert Vegas event have built the businesses they set out to create and they have each made three simple promises to make sure you get the most out of these two days.  Promise Number One: You will get step-by-step instructions. Many marketing events focus on telling attendees what to do without explaining how to do anything but not here. Each member of the team can show you exactly how to accomplish everything they suggest and you won’t be left wondering how to do anything.

Promise Number Two- There will be NO PITCHING. Other events are designed to get people into a room and then sell them more products and services. Here we will show you how to make money without asking for anything beyond the price of admission.

Promise Number Three- There will be no holding back. When the event is done you will have absolutely everything you need to build and grow the business of your dreams so if you are ready the Gary Halbert Vegas Seminar will be the best investment you can make in your business.

If that isn’t enough to wet your appetite here are a few more tested and proven marketing tricks the experts will share…

  • How To Get Amazon to do all your marketing for you.
  • How to be recognized as the top expert in your market so buyers are willing to pay more to buy or work with you rather than anyone else.
  • The single most important thing you must do before you sit down to write even one word of your sales message! 
  • How to find out what people (your customers) really, really want! (Not one business owner in a thousand knows this… yet… it’s crucial if you want to succeed massively with the least amount of time, effort and struggle on your part.) 
  • Why focus groups and surveys are virtually worthless in the real world, competitive, mean streets of everyday business! (And… what you should do instead to give you an “unfair advantage” when it comes to collecting useful information about your business and market!)
  • What you should really focus on if you want to make maximum money from your advertising! (It’s the most important element… and… it is NOT the copy you write. Most advertising experts/copywriters won’t tell you this… but it’s the truth nonetheless.)
  • The three most expensive words in advertising!
  • Why you should study golfers and the golf market! (The key to making maximum money is hidden in the underlying psychology of this market. Understand this“key” and you can have all the money and success you could ever want!)
  • Why what you “think” your customers want or care about doesn’t matter one iota! (Even if your I.Q. is 220… you can’t guess at what the hell people really want. Here’s how to find out quickly and easily!) 
  • Why blonds get “hit on” more often than brunettes… and… how to make more money in your business from this piece of real world knowledge!
  • The 1-2 Social Media punch that’ll knock you out of business immediately… even if… you are doing everything right and 100% legally! 
  • A simple way to “improve your awareness” of what people will pay good money for. This simple secret is only known (and used) by a handful of street-savvy, successful entrepreneurs… Now, You Can Use It Too! 
  • The real secrets for making insane amounts of money in direct marketing! (Only a handful of “gurus” even know this secret… let alone, teach it!)
  • How to turn simple, inexpensive Facebook ads into a real, thriving business! (For example: Ben tells the true story of a friend in Brisbane, Australia who took in an astonishing $250,000 per week… all from these tiny powerhouses!)
  • The most important direct marketing web site in the world! (If you got nothing else from this seminar… you’d still make back your investment 10 to 100 times or more by knowing where to find this web site!)
  • A simple “at home” exercise you can do to cheat your way to writing better copy, faster! (This one secret alone could increase your copywriting ability by 500% to 1000% or more in the next 6 to 12 months!)
  • The “missing link” in most advertising… or… why most copy fails! (If you aren’t straight about this little-known ingredient, you might as well retire your pen right now and go get a job!)
  • Why selling is not telling… and… what it really is!
  • The 8 crucial factors for success in any business… in any climate! (Missing just one of these factors may mean the “death nail” to your business!)
  • 7 Strategies for the new millennium to deal with the constant and increasing rapid change! (Did you know, that currently, knowledge “doubles” every 2 to 3 years… and… in 10 years it will “double” in 11 HOURS! Literally twice a day, every day. You can’t afford not to know how to deal with this coming crisis… the 7 strategies will show you how!)
  • The gross mistake made by 50% of all small business owners in America that spells DISASTER! (So easy to avoid, yet so easy to overlook.)
  • How IBM was saved… and… the lesson you must learn from “Big Blue’s” turnaround!
  • Why you must constantly be learning!
  • Why you should consider running a global business!
  • 6 Challenges we face right now that stand in the way of achieving massive, lasting success… and how to overcome them! (First, you must know what these challenges are… and then… and only then, can you deal with them effectively!)
  • 4 easy strategies for success!
  • Why your people are not your most important asset!
  • 3 must have conditions before you can be “success oriented” and “motivated”! (Know and understand these conditions to avoid the pitfalls and traps most entrepreneurs fall victim to!)
  • The greatest success axiom or truism in the world! (This is all you really need to know to become successful. Seriously, if you’ll engrave these 15 words onto the surface of your brain… you can’t fail!)
  • What a circus elephant can teach you about limitations! (What’s holding you down right now? Think about it, and use this revelation to set yourself free!)
  • Why it’s often difficult to change for the better… and… how to quickly change anything at will! (It’s not as hard as you think.)
  • The amazing “Marshmallow” experiment done with kids… and… what it reveals about reaching success!
  • How much of your success depends on your environment… and how much depends on your genetics! (Here’s how to manipulate that percentage to quickly and effortlessly climb to the top of the success ladder!)
  • The 3 and only 3 ways to increase your business or productivity in your business! Work on these 3 at the same time and you’ll literally… Supercharge Your Business Growth And Success!
  • 5 new realities in business today! (If ignored, any one of these can bury you. However, if recognized and dealt with, they can quickly move you to levels of success you previously only dreamed of!)
  • A great quote from Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, that can dramatically and instantly increase your business success and income!
  • Why you must be creative in your marketing! (And no, not creative in the traditional sense… but… “constructively creative” in a “let’s make more damn sales” sense!)
  • How to turn your simple, boring, “here’s how to contact me” business card into a sales and marketing machine that attracts ready-to-buy customers or clients to you like steel to a magnet!
  • Why Joachim’s business card is being “sold” in Panama for $20… and… the lesson to learn from this story!
  • A single piece of advice Gary gave Joachim a few years ago that’s made him tens, if not hundreds of thousands of extra dollars… you can use it too!
  • The single most important business question you must constantly ask (and answer) if you are to become (and remain) truly successful! (Don’t let the utter simplicity of this question fool you — it’s crucial!)
  • Aristotle’s most potent success advice! (Just a single sentence… but maybe… the greatest piece of success wisdom ever to pass the lips of any human being that ever lived!)
  • The real and best way to do marketing research with lightening speed. Once you see this simple process in action you will know how to get into every potential customer’s head and push that mental button which forces them to buy.

After the two-day event the marketing dream team is sticking around for a VIP Bonus Day!  During the VIP Bonus Day each and every expert will review and fix or improve your existing marketing campaigns.  Even better, they will identify the best new sources of buyers and help you create an upsell offer tailored just for your business so you can make more money from all your existing and future marketing campaigns.  

An hour with just one of these famous marketing experts costs between $1,000 and $2,500 so having close to a dozen top experts review and improve your marketing represents a savings of over $17,000.  

Plus everything you will learn watching them revamp the campaigns of other attendees is worth the price of the entire event.  Unless the event is sold out tickets are $1,997 at the door and the VIP Bonus day is an additional $1,297 but…   If you act now you can grab your seat today for just $1497 and the VIP Bonus day will only cost $997.

Reserve your spot today... the earlier you sign up the more bonuses you get.

The event is over... watch the videos now for only $997.


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