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Gary Halbert Secrets NEVER revealed before EVER!

Today is Gary Halbert's birthday and we held out for one full year to bring you something truly incredible.

Let me begin by saying...
There are good students and not so good students. They can all have the same teacher and yet only a select few reach the top of the class. In copywriting, grades aren’t handed out based on good grammar. Top-gun copywriters are measured by the ads they write that generate many millions of dollars and continue to bring in large amounts of cash daily.
Not all students are created equal. The same is true for Gary Halbert’s proteges.

Yes, not all of Gary’s students went off to the big leagues. Some of them fell into obscurity.

Many of the secrets Gary taught his students were NEVER shared with anyone else. These secrets were the aces he kept in his back pocket that allowed him to again and again set the the control and break all previous records and beat out other world-class copywriters…

By A Large Margin!

Gary wouldn’t have been able to crush the competition if he had taught the world all of his secrets to writing incredibly persuasive copy.

Let’s face it, if he had, his job would have been a LOT harder.

It wouldn’t look good for Gary’s reputation and more importantly his legacy and his wallet, if his proteges didn’t become highly successful after studying under him.

Fortunately, Gary could safely continue to charge his students large amounts of money and share with them his best kept secrets because none of them teach others how to write copy… until now.

Now I will admit that Gary taught them things he never taught anyone else, but he did teach them how to be as good as anyone other than himself of course. 

Now that Gary has passed, they have risen up to become the best of the best among the world’s most elite copywriters and marketers… and…

I Have Proof

Let me be blunt and just punch into this…


The greatest copywriting and marketing event in a decade took place on June 12, 2018 and lasted for two solid days.

The event was held to celebrate the greatest copywriter who ever lived…

By now, if you have to ask who the greatest copywriter is then you are either new to this business or or have fallen deep into someone else’s hype machine. But if you’ve been around long enough to know the B.S. from the real deal you will know…

Gary Halbert is…

The Greatest Copywriter Who Has Ever Lived!

Being the kind, generous and benevolent son of Gary that I am, I will forgive you if you aren’t yet quite sure whether he is.


You would have to be completely clueless to think he isn’t, at the very least, ONE of the greatest ever.

The the truth is there are only two ways to recognize a truly greatcopywriter. The first is to be a great copywriter yourself. The second way is much simpler, and thats by verifying the staggeringly large amounts of money their copy brings in.

Dan Kennedy once said he was shown multiple pieces of copy and asked which one he thought “set the control.” He recognized, by the writing style, one was written by Gary Halbert. Dan correctly identified Gary’s copy as the winner. He later said he didn’t know why it was the winner but he knew… if it was written by Gary Halbert… it was the the winner. Last time I checked Dan wasn’t a slouch in the copywriting department and even Dan didn’t know what it was about Gary’s that made it the winner. By the way Dan got his first ever copywriting gig at Halbert's Inc..

Do you know what the difference between good copy and world class copy is?

There is only one difference…


And a lot more of them

Geat copy vs. tepid copy is the same.

The truth is the most expensive copy is bad copy.

Good Copy Pays For Itself!

The same goes for investing in the wisdom of real-world experts

Countless writers have tried to go head to head against Gary’s copy and lost, and there are only a few he would even remotely consider tipping his hat to as his potential equal. One of them was Eugene Schwartz. I was with them when they met each other for the first and only time, but that is a story for another time.

A few of them were his own students. Scott Haines comes to mind as the only one who could successfully impersonate and ghost write with Gary’s style and high persuasive caliber.

Unfortunately both Scott and Gary are gone. But luckily there are an elite few of Gary’s proteges who still remain. Truth be told there are a number of proteges who studied under Gary, but not all of them “got it.” 

Many didn’t experience that “click,” you know, those “Aha” moments when a sudden deeper awareness dawns on them where step by step their marketing skills kept leveling up.


These Elite Proteges one by one, went on to become multi-millionaires. Even if you couldn’t tell a good work-a-day copywriter from the world’s elite few, you would know these guys are the best of the best by their monster success.

These guys aren’t wasting their time just getting by on the lecture circuit, giving canned stage presentations, regurgitating marketing theory they barely understand. No Each of them is a massive success story.


And there are a few world class copywriters who didn’t study directly under Gary, but their undeniable success has earned them a seat at the table of this amazing event.

Take Craig Clemens for instance…

Craig and his brothers run a supplement company that currently employs over… 900 People.

Protege or not… there is something you need to understand… All of these guys make it perfectly clear Gary Halbert is directly responsible for each of their successes. And they are eternally grateful.

Remember when I said on June 12th something epic happened? That was the day the best of the best came together to celebrate the legendary life of Gary Halbert and thank him for changing their lives forever.

When it comes to choosing the best of the best to come out and celebrate what would have been Gary’s 80th birthday, Bond and I are spoiled for choice. So, there is no reason not to invite the best of the best to come out to the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas for two solid days and share their real secrets, those gun to the head marketing strategies and tactics they use to dominate in their market.

Craig Clemens’ promotions were such an off the charts unfair advantages, and such powerful promotions that Google had to update its marketing policy based on his copy alone.

BTW if you think you are going to watch these guys and suspect they are trying to get copywriting gigs you are sorely mistaken. You can put your wallet back in your pocket, they aren’t for hire. The came out to Vegas to speak for two reasons, to show their gratitude for Gary and to hang out with the other A-Listers.

There is something you will notice in this event that makes it VERY different from all others. If you watch the videos carefully you will notice when the speakers weren’t presenting, they spent the rest of their time sitting in the audience…




And not just listening, they were constantly taking notes. You can see it for yourself in the videos.


If you have ever been to another marketing event you will undoubtedly know, most speakers spend their down time in the hallways and green rooms shooting the shit with other presenters.


Not At This Event


Each of the presenters knew exactly who the other presenters were and they weren’t just some guys and girls giving a canned speech they’ve given a thousand times before. No. These were players with money, big money and each of them was sharing their secrets of next level thinking that multiplied their success.


When you are that successful, they know very well how hard it is to find your Equals. At this event each expert took full advantage of the opportunity to learn from everyone else in the room.


John Carlton said it was one of the BEST EVENTS he’s experienced in 30 YEARS!


Yes. It is that good.


In fact: its EPIC


More importantly, it is LIFE CHANGING


But there is a catch… This isn’t copywriting and marketing 101. Like I said, this stuff is next level thinking. That means it isn’t full of the latest tricks to game Google and take advantage of back door tactics. No. This is incredible, hard learned and timeless that won’t dry up with the next Google policy update


This isn’t about a great power point presentation. This is each expert sharing their most incredible and powerful life changing experiences that has made a huge impact on their life.


My point is if you are just starting out and looking to make your copy a little better this isn’t the “course” for you. But… if you are a successful copywriter and marketer and are looking for a way to multiply your success… then this is perfect for you. It is for when you are doing everything right and you are looking for that missing ingredient that will leverage and multiply your efforts. It is those bigger picture concepts that will apply to everything you do.


Gary Bencivenga once told me that Gary Halbert swung for the fences. Boy did he. Not only did he point to center field time after time he hit it out of the park. That was true even when it came to teaching others to write world class copy. Not all of them were successes but we brought together the best of the best whose lives were the most impacted by Gary’s influence.


Not every speaker was a “protege” but they were all students of his. We’ve brought together the best of the best who have learned from Gary and now is your chance to learn about each and every enlightened lesson they learned from the master.


Remember how I said Gary Bencivenga once told me that Gary Halbert really swung for the fences? The moment he said it I instantly knew what he meant?


Do You Know What He Meant?


He meant Halbert was a go big or go home guy, but more important than that he was a big risk taker. If you’ve ever read an ad written by Gary Halbert you will quickly discover…


He Is A Very Different Copywriter


Ads written by Gary Halbert do not look like ads written by anyone else.


And the truth is…


They Can’t!


They can’t look like anyone else’s copy because he didn’t sell like everyone else. His world class copy isn’t some version of everything that has been written before.


Let me assure you, when Gary wrote the headline.


Tova Borgnine Swears Under Oath That Her New Perfume Does Not Contain An Illegal Sexual Stimulant”


No one had ever written a headline like that to sell a perfume… EVER! The only thing you will see is people using versions of his headlines to sell other products. Even Gary Bencivenga once used it when he wrote his own “Swears under oath” headline.



Think about it, Gary Halbert’s headlines like…


“The Amazing Secrets Of A Marketing Genius Who Is Afraid To Fly”


Sold from an entirely different angle. With Gary’s headlines there was no way his body copy was going to be like anyone else’s. Only imitators follow his lead.


What made Gary Halbert’s copy so deadly was he knew something that was far more important to selling. He knew if he more fully understood the EMOTIONAL psychology of his prospects, he could easily beat any other copywriter on the planet.


Gary was a better copywriter because he thought more differently than anyone else in copywriting. He was better because he knew…


Knowing What To Say To Your Prospect Is Far More Important Than How You Say It


Gary thought differently and a hand full of his proteges and students of his teaching caught on and got it.


Some of them… Not all of them got it.


Back on June 12th, some of Gary Halbert’s best and brightest students came together to celebrate and say thanks to the man who changed their lives dramatically. Their epic lifestyles… and to be honest… their bank accounts are undeniable proof of that fact.


These students came together… they paid their own way to get there.


The price each of them paid to attend and learn from all these experts was to give back and say thanks to Gary by…


Giving The Best Damned Presentations Of Their Entire Lives!


And think about it…


Who in the world wants to get up on a stage and tell the world they are a successful student of Gary’s and then give some lame half-assed Power Point presentation?

No… each of them went on stage and their number one goal was to…


Prove To Everyone Else That They Belonged In That Room


And boy did they deliver


The Presentations Were EPIC!


Do you know how you can tell these presentations are life changing?


I’ll tell you how…


When you watch the videos you will see for yourself that each speaker, when they weren't on stage sharing their own personal hard- earned life lessons… they were in the audience


Taking Notes!


None of them were hanging out back- stage or in the halls shooting the shit, making deals or calling home to check in. No. When you watch the videos you will see them all paying close attention to what the other presenters had to say. All of the deal making was done at dinner.


All of these speakers came together to thank Gary for taking them under his wing both literally and figuratively. They have no doubt as to why their quality of life is so dramatically better than that or their family’s humble beginnings. It is an easy assumption to make because very few people live as well as these students of Gary’s. All of his students started out stuck, not knowing how to start and where to begin. They were lost, feeling like learning to write multi-million dollar copy just wasn’t in them and never would be.




I was asked to be interviewed in a podcast a few years back. The interviewer asked a good question. He asked what is the most important thing in copywriting?

For a second, I was caught off guard and then when I answered the question, I hung up the phone knowing…


I Was Right!


The number one most important thing in copywriting is…


Knowing What Your Prospect Needs To Hear In Order To Buy!


If there was anything that Gary Halbert knew better than anyone else, it was the primary motivation of the prospect.


Gary was sooooooo good at that. He could make you feel like you would never find love and respect ever again if you didn’t get cosmetic dentistry.


He could make you feel like you were going to die and go broke if you didn’t buy AND Invest in a particular water filtration technology.


At the Epic Gary Halbert Seminar I got up on stage and reminded the whole audience, when it comes to copywriting…


There Is Nothing More Important To Know Before You Begin Writing



Imagine you have no clue or you are kind of guessing about what you can say to sell your prospects. Now imagine Gary Halbert knows exactly, deep down in his customer’s core, what they feel when it comes to what he has to offer.


Do you think when it comes to head to head copy Gary won’t eat you for lunch?


At the seminar I was relieved and thrilled when Caleb O’Dowd said the exact same thing in his own speech.


I was glad I said it before him, but let’s be clear, I may have articulated it first. And perhaps someone said it before me many years ago. My point is, whether I said it first or not.


Every Successful Halbert Protege Knows This Basic And Critical Principle Deep In His Or Her Bones!


No matter if they have ever articulated it out loud.


You will learn in this seminar that outside of Gary’s world, research isn’t heavily regarded as a critical step in PREPARING to write copy.


And I’m not talking about studying other people’s copy. I’m talking about studying YOUR prospects! And yes, you need to think of them as your prospects and not just someone to talk at. I could go on about that, but I won’t.



One giant advantage is knowing what motivates your prospects.

Unless you are a complete idiot…


You will never be at a loss when it comes to knowing what to write



Anyhow let’s change gears.



I want to talk about Gary’s most successful proteges.

Each of them paid Gary huge sums of money to learn directly from him.

And when you hear the proteges each tell stories about their time spent with Gary you will find that they experienced some of the most challenging, confusing, embarrassing and hilarious moments in their lives.


I once said, if you’ve ever met Gary Halbert, you have a Gary Halbert story. In fact, it is how Bond and I can tell if someone REALLY met the man. And each person without us asking, knows to tell us their Gary Halbert story to prove they really met him. 

If someone said they met him and he seemed like a regular guy, we know they are full of shit and never spent any real amount of time with him.


I’m wandering again. I apologize.


The point I am trying to make is…


All Of Gary’s SUCCESSFUL Proteges And Students Have Never Regretted What They Paid, What They Endured And Went Through In Order To Learn From Him What They Couldn’t Learn From Anyone Else



Remember when I said “The most expensive copy is bad copy” even if the copy is free.


The most expensive way to learn the same things Gary’s proteges have learned is to (out of foolish pride or having a cheap mindset) learn it on your own.



Do you remember when I said, “The most important thing a copywriter must know is what your prospect needs to hear in order to buy?” Well that obviously comes with one big caveat. Unless you are looking for a lot of trouble from what we call the alphabet agencies, i.e... FTC and the Attorney Generals of both the fed and state, you better be able to deliver on your claims. And just as bad, you don’t want to piss off your customers if you ever want to do business with them again.


That being said, I can’t promise you will become as successful as the experts sharing their hard- earned life lessons. The honest truth is most people will do absolutely nothing with the worlds best marketing information. Most just want a magic pill they can swallow and everything they want in life will effortlessly just drop into their lap. That is not to say the content contained in these videos isn’t just about the best there ever was.


What I mean is this…


I want you to think of the best marketing content you have ever seen. And I want you to imagine you are writing the copy to sell it. Like I am now.


I want you to ask yourself…



Can I Guarantee The Success Of Everyone Who Buys It?”


Unless you are completely clueless, you know the answer is a big fat “NO!”



You Can’t Claim That About Any Product!



What I can say is this stuff is the real keys to success. The life changing no bullshit information.

The kind of stuff, when the time is right, a parent would, would sit down their child and impart these powerful keys to success.


So. No. I can’t promise you success will be yours if you follow these life changing presentations you won’t see anywhere else.


What I can do. And you should do for all your prospects, is take out all the risk with a 100% satisfaction, no questions asked guarantee.


This event is all about,  thinking differently, not cloning someone else’s copy.


This is…


Thinking Like Gary Halbert!


Not like every other copywriter and marketer who is chasing their tail, following everyone else’s lead. If you want that, there is glut of offerings from others you can get your hands on thatwill take longer to consume than you have time left to live. If that is what you are looking for, save your money and don’t try our product.


The price of getting your eyeballs on this life changing content is worth far more than the frustrating time you will spend up trying to learn it some other way. If you ever figure it out at all. Even some of Gary's students didn't figure it out.


I want to ask you… If these recordings give you just one piece of information that immediately increases your bottom line by just five or ten percent for the rest of your life…


What Would That Be Worth To You?


And that is just 5 or 10%. The amazing presentations of Gary’s most successful proteges, student and fans given in this.. Epic Event were the hard earned lessons that upped their success by much more than that.


The secrets shared in these videos didn’t increase their success by five or 10%.




It MULTIPLIED Their Success!


PS Remembered I said this product isn’t for someone just starting out, looking for a copywriting job or trying to get their first promotion to work. Well there is one exception. This product is perfect for the copywriter and marketer who wants to put these life lessons in their head so they can be ready when that moment comes and something in their head clicks and it all comes together. That is a priceless moment because that is the moment they can take advantage of it immediately. There will come a time when you are ready for this advanced next level thinking and you’ve been ready for a while but haven’t put this stuff in your head until years after you are ready.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you won’t “understand” what is taught in these videos. What I’m saying is, I don’t know you and I promise you, many if not most, won’t FATHOM what is being taught.


I’m reminded of the movie, “Revenge of the Nerds II.” In the movie there is a scene where the nerds are all lying on the ground outside, looking up at the stars, contemplating the mysteries of the universe. And in that moment “Ogre” the only idiot in the group says. “What if C-A-T really spelled dog.” You would have guessed everyone in the group would say he was stupid, but they didn’t, they were blown away, because all the nerds contemplated it on a deeper level than even Ogre had intended.


If you’ve ever heard Gary Halbert’s famous Dear Mom letter… you will know it is a simple concept understood on a MUCH deeper level. Will you get it? Will you value it? That depends on you.


This whole event is on a deeper level. And you get this opportunity to fast track what took each of these experts years to learn…. RISK FREE!


If you are unsure of the value contained in these recordings think about this.


Undoubtedly one of the greatest copywriters living today is David Deutsch. David reached out to us and asked if he could get his hands on these recordings and we agreed to let him get his hands on them. But we didn’t give them to him in exchange for a testimonial.






David Paid Full Price!


So, there was absolutely no reason for David to give these recordings a glowing testimonial other than the FACT that these recordings are amazing game changers.


This is what David had to say...


"I knew these recordings of Gary's Birthday Seminar were going to be
great because of the way all my friends who attended or spoke at the
event raved about it.


"And my friends are some pretty jaded event attendees -- so when they
rave, I listen.


"The recordings did not disappoint.


"Speaker after speaker gave genuinely new and incredibly valuable insight into
marketing and copywriting.


"Best of all, I thought, was listening to those who had personally worked with Gary, such as Caleb O'Dowd and Sam Markowitz, telling the great stories of their experiences, revealing Gary's uniquely brilliant ways of thinking, marketing and writing, and showing how to apply that thinking and those techniques in today's fast-changing digital world.


"It's no exaggeration to say that these recordings are easily worth 10 times the asking price for any copywriter or marketer looking for the kind of unique advantages that can light a fire under your (or your client's) business."


David L. Deutsch

Top Direct Response Copywriter

Author, Think Inside the Box!



How about that testimonial


David has a rock- solid reputation and never would risk it endorsing some run of the mill marketing course.


I believe this to be the best event ever captured on tape in the last ten years.


Yes, I am biased but if I tell you these tapes are the best-ever, and they are not, then you will never trust my word ever again. As you can tell from what I’ve said before. I’m being straight up when I say these recordings aren’t for everyone.


This is the combined wisdom of 12 experts to help you multiply your success when you don’t even know what more you could possibly do to increase your profits.


I will say if you want to get instant access to these recordings so you have them in your back pocket for the future and save a lot of money and get in on the introductory price then that makes a lot of sense.


Anyhow This event happened on Gary Halbert’s birthday in 2018 and everyone has been asking for the recordings… because everyone who went to the event is STILL raving about them. Since we’ve waited this long, we decided to wait until his birthday on 2019 to release them.


I bet you are curious… well to answer your question. Yes, these recording aren’t cheap and if you had them in your possession you wouldn’t share this caliber of content for the same price as everyone else’s run of the mill event.


After this promotion the price is going back up and we are charging a premium. Every successful person I know values their time far more than a fraction of their daily income. These PWM’s (Players With Money) didn’t get to where they are in their life having a scarcity mindset. Even David knows, if we gave away this content six months later for free he would still be out more than the price he paid in lost opportunity by not implementing these secrets to success right away.


Let me tell you one thing. I stake my name and my reputation that these seminar tapes are the most valuable thing to ever get captured in the last ten years. I will not guarantee you will feel that way… but I guarantee you the most successful people you know personally will agree these tapes are the best… that… I WILL guarantee.


They Are THAT Good



Kevin Halbert


The Prince’s Prince of Print


PS Oops. My bad. I didn’t tell you. For our father’s birthday we are discounting these tapes, but only for this birthday celebration after that the price goes back up. So it is completely up to you, I’ve said my peace. You can skip on your personal growth and keep getting what you’ve been getting, or you can get your eye balls on this life changing content and possibly multiply your results. Again there are no guarantees on your success. For all I know you could be sitting in your pajamas watching reruns of Seinfeld.


The only kind of guarantee I can offer you is the best kind…


The No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Kind!


With No Risk, You have no excuse… get your eye balls on this INSTANTLLY!


If you already know our reputation for only putting out top quality content and want to buy now...


Discount Code Below

BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: ONLY $797 Plus a bonus worth just as much





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Still not convinced?

Lets look at the speaker lineup.

Craig Clemens

Written multiple promotions that have generated over 100 MILLION in sales and few others that have done over 50 MILLION in sales!


 Craig teaches "The Five Laws Of Greatness" Easily one of the best speaches at the event... everyone was raving about it

Caleb O’doud

Caleb O'Dowd - Another master copywriter who is the King of Print and has made tons of money in supplements.

Reveals Gary Halbert’s secret source of the worlds best headlines

How Gary broke down Caleb’s ego

How to get an unfair advantage

The beginner wants to know about the tricks

The intermediate wants to know about the strategies

The expert, the master, the guru talks concepts, perspectives,


30:00 Gary taught me concepts that are cherished by me


36:30 How Gary Won The Ron LeGrand copywriter contest

40:00 Wrote a million dollar ad just three weeks into Gary’s Training

41:38 What you need to do to get results that others think are impossible


The Cure For Cancer philosophy


One of the biggest and easily solvable problems with most marketers’ campaigns


Why you don’t need to be the world's best copywriter to become incredibly successful


47:00 The highest form of selling... the one kind of selling that eclipses all other forms of selling by a large margin


 How to make your copy hypnotic

47:23 $900K in one hour.

56:30 The seven question checklist your copy must answer.,, Caleb uses it to crush his competition

You need to know your What and your Why


How Gary Halbert forced Caleb to find the “Marketing Bullseye”


The real reason Caleb such a successful copywriter when Gary never taught him how to create
a single headline!?


The product is the least important part of marketing


Why Caleb thinks the term “copywriter” is such a huge disservice to
the industry and why it leads so many astray.


The real way Caleb acquired the “sixth sense” to marketing, that final 20% that tops off marketing mastery.


Mike Morgan

‘Million Dollar’ Mike Morgan - A highly sought after, top copywriter for billion-dollar direct response company, Agora.


Mike Morgan HATES public speaking, but he came out and shared his secrets out of respect for Gary.


Mike Morgan is a top copywriter who reveals the inner workings of Agora, the mega marketing juggernaut.


He talks about the ONE big idea and reveals the 10 top fears in the minds of Americans you can use to your advantage.


One Powerful Idea (getting in on good companies before they go public that can make you rich)


One Core Emotion (greed)


One Single Desirable Benefit (made tangible with a story for proof)(same shortcut to massive wealth)


One Inevitable Response(Yes I want this advantage)


Mike reveals how he generates breakthrough ideas that make him millions


He also reveals how to take an ordinary idea and turn it into an extraordinary idea. Like he did when he set an all new record for Target Focus Training


Wait til you hear his Hail Mary Question for creating blockbuster game changing copy


One of the most powerful things you can do as a copywriter


John Carlton

John Carlton - John started out as the “bad boy” freelance copywriter snuck through the back doors of Los Angeles advertising agencies to do the hard-core sales jobs their staff writers couldn’t pull off. He’s been called “the most respected and ripped-off copywriting wizard alive”, because so many of his ads are still used as templates by other marketers.

The first thing you do once you make your first entrepreneurial success

How he and Gary “Broke Headlines”

A mind- blowing technique for reaching your goals

How to beat out the competition when looking for writing clients

John and Gary’s process for coming up with competition crushing headlines.

21:20 John and Gary’s “external” source for great headlines

27:10 The two prime and ONLY motivators every copywriter must leverage in their copy

28:32 The one prime emotion you must radiate in your copy and it is NOT fear or greed

29:50 The only three types of people in the world

35:30 How to create an “open laboratory for success”

40:27 Why you must make your client uncomfortable

42:30 Why you want a higher refund rate

55:27 Why John purposely uses bad grammar in his copy

1:10:10 John explains his technique for finding hooks and the untold story

1:11:22 How to work under and around the power structure in corporate offices

1:13:14 How to connect with the prospects in your market

Sam Markowitz (Gary Halbert’s Secret Sauce - How To Break Headlines)

Sam Markowitz - Gary’s last protégé, and a very successful copywriter sought out by everybody all over for his brain power.

18:22 How to understand your prospect better than your competitors do

22:00 The real reason many women are over weight

23:25 What most people are driven by

25:01 What intelligence agencies can teach you about people

26:14 An activity that triggers a big “feel good” dopamine release in the brain… if you are a savvy marketer you know dopamine triggers equal SALES

27:21 The other category you must study as much as marketing

28:40 How to pick up women

30:11 An entertainment source that will give you REAL insights to human nature you can leverage to write money making copy

33:03 Sam’s and Gary’s super focused obsession that helps them more effectively influence prospects

33:33 The 3M model for marketing and the first “M” is where all the magic is. It gives him an advantage over 99.9% of the competition!

35:56 How to know your market

38:01 Simple ways to gain insights to your market

38:30 The best time to talk to with your prospects (you job becomes a lot harder if you don’t time it right)

40:01 The best method for researching your prospects

40:27 Specific books for understanding your market

46:16 Which marketers you should really study and why

46:50 Where to go online to snoop on your competitors. Handed to you On A Silver Platter

47:45 A marketing channel that is a massively overlooked gold mine

49:20 All the places you can find swipe files

50:25 How to spy on your competitor’s current promotions without them knowing

54:20 Specific critical questions you must ask yourself when studying a promotion

55:18 The six specific values customers base their purchases on

56:22 Studying “Wow Facts”

57:00 Sam proves why price objection isn’t real

58:07 The real elements you need to put in your copy and the details that matter

1:00:10 How to leverage research

1:01:04 What to focus on and begin with for the highest chance of success

1:01:18 The process where the breakthroughs occur

1:01:42 The “Magic Wand” strategy

1:01:50 The critical internal mental step Gary taught Sam to tap into to achieve incredible breakthroughs and solve his biggest marketing problems… it works like a miracle… and gives the absolute best headlines and solutions to his biggest marketing challenges

Ed Dale (How The Cake Was Baked)

Ed Dale - Following some shrewd investments and even shrewder business decisions, Ed Dale's fortune has now multiplied to double digit millions. Gary worked extensively with Ed Dale on numerous projects.

3:10 The mistake everyone makes when studying Gary Halbert copy

5:00 The truth about copywriting

6:00 Gary getting his client to undress to his underwear in under ten minutes after meeting him for the first time

9:37 The best business plan

9:43 Get this figured out first or you will have a giant whole in your plan

14:58 The “symptom” of the quick start copywriter

15:43 A powerful writing technique

17:49 Science has finally proven what Gary already knew

21:06 Science has proven you will weaken your copy if you write like this (college students are taught to do this process which kills your creative brain function)

22:50 What you must do when creating your “vomit draft”

23:38 What you must NOT put your copy up against

25:49 How to optimize your copywriting

26:26 The single element in copy that trumps everything

30:32 A powerful way to make your readers “believe”

34:44 How you must read your copy (this rarely done but is crucial)

35:30 The type of copywriting you do NOT share with people

37:00 A seldom used scientifically proven technique that creates breakthrough copywriting ideas

37:39 The “Agora Process”

39:00 The creative process the best artists and copywriters have in common

40:45 The way you become the best copywriter

45:34 Whom you shouldn’t try to market to (even though they are good prospects) for what you have to offer

47:07 How you must format your copy

48:18 A cheap external element most people don’t add to their copy even though it will leverage your conversions big time

53:04 A way to dry test new product ideas… 100% LEGALLY!

55:45 The only kind of testing that matters


  • Amit Suneja - who has built multi-million dollar anti-aging and skincare companies.

5:00 How Amit got inside Gary’s mind

22:12 “Monkey brain thinking” and enlightened copywriting

24:40 A technique for how you can get “still” and “in the flow”

25:41 “The King’s Well” and thinking differently to get in sync with people

29:00 Informational “incestral” chambers

30:30 How to get cross pollination ideas

33:50 How writing a losing ad ultimately made a man $25,000,000 (Gary did this too)

35:10 How to get real world experience

41:18 Getting honest about supplement products

43:08 The most valuable lesson Gary taught Amit

44:25 A winning strategy for success

Alice Mishica The Tear Sheet Queen

6:00 How Gary leveraged the US Census

7:52 The success of the largest promotion that put the owner of the letter shop on a Yacht

10:30 Techniques used to get in the “A-Pile”

12:30 How to make your copy look REAL

14:20 The promotion that sold seeds so well THEY RAN OUT!

15:42 Powerfully successful Gary Halbert headlines

17:11 Another Gary Halbert promotion so successful they were mailing to half a million names in the phone book EACH WEEK and they had to take a break to get organized

19:29 Celebrity doctor promotion

Nancy Halbert (20 Years With Gary)

Nancy Halbert - Nancy was Gary’s wife and stood by him through the ups and downs (including times when they went without water and electricity in their house, just so they could use that money to do test mailings). She will share never before-told stories about Gary Halbert and share what made him tick and what made a difference when he was going from zero to hero.

1:30 Nancy details who Gary was BEFORE he was successful

3:09 Gary’s powers of persuasion

4:00 The books Gary begged, borrowed and stole to learn the secrets of marketing

4:50 Gary’s early failures

6:00 Gary’s obsession with one publication

6:53 Nancy’s breakthrough insight that transformed Gary’s failed promotion into a wild success

9:06 How Gary and Nancy made their promotions incredibly convincing

10:30 The mistake Gary made that ended him up in jail YOU MUST AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Bond Halbert


While other kids were out shooting hoops with their dad, Bond was learning the finer points of direct response marketing with his dad, the late Gary Halbert. Bond was Gary’s first protégé, the recipient of the famed “Boron Letters,” and was Gary’s sidekick when he attended high-level meetings.

Although he had a famous dad, Bond has proven himself to be a top copywriter, marketer, and mentor in his own right. He’s sold millions of dollars of info-products and guides businesses to success. In fact, he is constantly sought out by some of the top marketers on the planet for his advice.

Bond published the very first book ever written on editing sales copy which many copywriters labeled an instant classic because it’s written in that characteristic Halbert style of being simple yet highly effective way of showing readers how to keep a prospect’s attention.

After being the copy chief to some of the largest financial promotions of our time, Bond pioneered many tactics for getting the highest email open rates in any industry.

Bond is often regarded by top copywriters like Craig Clemens, Thomas Bell, Sam Markowitz, and many others as the best copywriting instructor in the world for good reason.

After 40 years watching so many copywriters get mentored by his father, his colleagues, and training copywriters himself, Bond has perfected the lessons any aspiring wordsmith needs to start writing effective copy with lightning speed.

1:00 What really made Gary Halbert better

2:27 The most important prospect you should study first

4:11 “Then What” technique

6:00 Strategic thinking

7:04 Subject line hack go from 10 to 30% open rates

10:50 Little used effective source for generating attention getting headlines

16:02 Two hundred and ten opportunities for headlines… every day

21:50 How to get a primary email address

30:30 How to get Amazon to sell for you

31:50 How to keep your e-book at number one longer

34:24 The best e-book pricing

36:01 How to make money off of other people’s book sales without their permission

38:45 The most proven letter of recommendation based on knowing what people care and DON’T care about

45:05 What Gary Halbert protege’s never fear

48:20 Gary Halbert’s real world marketing lesson he taught Bond by giving out his phone number

52:40 Detailed four step bullet formula

55:37 The benefit all copywriters miss in their bullets

Ben Simkin (Facebook Advertising)

2:30 Three million dollars in less than 30 days

30:57 Cracking the Facebook code

4:40 How to Achieve Multi-Million Dollar Success with Facebook (Over two BILLION in sales)

6:15 One client made 10 Million dollars in twelve months and then 300 million after that

8:32 How Facebook artificial intelligence works

18:02 A little known tactic that makes your facebook pixel more effective

20:02 How to increase profits by repelling people

20:33 Availability bias

27:10 Attention theory

27:57 The four key elements in the minds of your prospects… miss just one of them and lose the sale

36:12 Re-marketing

37:16 Forty two ways to demonstrate credibility in your marketing

39:07 Retention strategies that work

42:11 How to avoid buyer’s remorse and dissatisfied clients

43:00 The best refund policy

43:30 Turning your clients into influencers who give you rave reviews. Plus a powerful way to leverage positive reviews you’ve never heard of



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