Theresa Forti

Ocala, Florida

Tuesday, 11:02 a.m.


Dear Friend & Gary Halbert Subscriber,

I have never written to you directly before, but I am so excited about something... and I thought it was so urgent... I felt it necessary to resort to drastic measures in order to get this message to you.

Here's what it's all about.

Recently, Gary asked me to assist him with a promotion for a client by putting together a rough, first draft. Since I wanted to brush up on my writing skills, I decided to first review some of Gary's textbooks on advertising and copywriting. As I began to go through this material, something incredible happened...

I Was Amazed All Over Again!

It seems hard to believe that after all this time I've worked with Gary (15 years), he would be able to "Wow!" me again. But, that's exactly what happened.

The reports I read were from a one-day seminar Gary held in Los Angeles given to Southern California business people. It's important for you to know most of those attendees had never heard of Gary Halbert. Why is that important? Simply because...

Gary Had One Single Day...

To Give These Attendees What Would

Normally Amount To Years Of Training!

How did he accomplish that? By giving them a succinct and impactful presentation!

Even though you may have read all of Gary's newsletters and listened to some of his audios and watched some of his videos... there is even more to be learned from these reports. Why? Because of Gary's concise and easy-to-understand topics and information.

Topics like these:

R  How to write a sales message to your customers that will make them give you twice as much business!

R  An amazing technique that can make your business skyrocket during the slowest months of the year!

R  The biggest mistake most people make in their advertising!

R  How to give something away... and... get back 10-times the value!

R  An amazingly simple technique that will blow your competitors away!

R  Three reasons why people don't buy your product... and... how to overcome them!

R  How little 3x5 index cards can turn you into a great copywriter!

R  Seven simple ways to get your reader to buy immediately!

R  Ten easy ways to practically force people to read your ad!

R  The most important element needed for a profitable TV show!

R  How to make people believe what you tell them!

R  The biggest attention grabber in the world!

R  10 stupid things you must never do when building a marketing campaign!

R  One crucial thing to say to your customers that will almost guarantee they will come back... again and again!

R  A simple headline that pulls twice as much as a "50% Off" headline!

R  How to get right down to the core of what makes people buy!

R  What you must know to get immediate action from your readers!

R  Five powerful methods for learning what turns your customers on... and... what turns them off!

R  Four crucial keys to increasing the response to your direct mail... without... changing one word of copy!

R  How to get competitors to distribute your products... and... be happy about it!

R  A simple way to get more repeat orders than you can handle!

R  A simple concept that will make your mailings 100% more effective!

R  The number one thing you should do when writing copy!

R  How to legally steal customers away from your competition!

R  How to avoid looking pushy or dishonest on TV!

R  The single most important key to effective advertising!

R  How to get up to 500% more readership of your ads!

R  The best way to use radio!

R  What you should beware of when doing TV spots!

Like I said, this was a highly-impactful presentation. It had to be. Gary had only one day to give these attendees what would normally amount to years of training.

These detailed, step-by-step reports are put together in our "Down And Dirty High-Impact Marketing Package". In case you're curious, here's the titles of each report:

(1) 349 Great Headlines, 152 Attention Grabber Words, Sample Ads, and Sample Letters

(2) How To Sell More Goods And Services To More People More Quickly And More Cost-Effectively

(3) Excerpts From Two Of The Greatest Advertising Books Of All Time

(4) Killer Advertising Tape Transcript

(5) A Special Report

The original price to attend this one-day seminar was very high. But you can receive the same hard-hitting, breakthrough concepts the attendees received... for a mere $147! Yep, you read it right. For only $147 these five reports will be shipped to you immediately...

By First-Class Priority Mail!

We're so confident you'll love this package, we'll pay all the costs of shipping and handling!

By the way, I know some people think only brand-new information is valuable. That's baloney. There is wisdom which is timeless... and... it becomes more valuable as technology improves.

And the information contained in these reports is chock-full of marketing secrets that can be used in print media... and also... translated to today's Internet marketing in ways that will produce enormous profits for you!

Don't put this aside as something to do later. Later may never come.... or... later the reports may be sold out. Do it. Do it now. It's easy to order. All you have to do is write your name and address and the words "Down And Dirty High-Impact Marketing Package" on a piece of paper and send it with your check payable to Cherrywood Publishing in the amount of $147.00 to:

Cherrywood Publishing

3101 SW 34th Ave #905-467

Ocala, FL  34474


    Theresa Forti
  #1 Long-Time Assistant  to The Master Copywriter

P.S. I think it goes without saying we offer a money-back guarantee for our "Down And Dirty High-Impact Marketing Package". If, after reading the reports you can honestly say the entire package doesn't deliver everything I've described, simply send the reports back and your entire purchase price will be completely refunded.

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