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Wednesday, 9:00 a.m.


Dear Friend & Subscriber,

   Last night I gave a teleseminar that lasted 2 hours and 10 minutes. This teleseminar was set up by Internet copywriters Michael Fortin and Peter Stone.

   I have spent nearly the entire day reading rave messages that were e-mailed to me about the wonderfulness of my teleseminar.

   It was an exciting teleseminar, if I do say so myself. One of the things I told the attendees is, if they would provide me with their snail mail address (and preferably include their phone and fax numbers) I would send them a metal object that would enable them to triple their website profits.

   If you have a website, I want for you to be able to triple your profits also... so... I guess I better tell you what it's all about: Look, if you have a website with regular readers, you should consider your first goal to be to get those readers to send you their snail mail address. Here's why: If you send a sales message via e-mail to 10,000 people... and then... you send that same sales message to those same 10,000 people via snail mail, the snail mail sales pitch will deliver a minimum of 20 times the orders that were generated by the e-mail pitch.

   So, your first task is to get the snail mail addresses from all the people who are reading your website copy for whom, right now, you only have their e-mail address. How do you do this? Guru Gary is about to enlighten you.

   What you do is you make an irresistible offer to send those people something 100% free (and extremely valuable) that cannot be delivered over the Internet. And, right now, at least, you cannot deliver a metal object via the 'Net. If somebody wants you to send them a metal object, they are going to have to give you their snail mail address.

   You just learned the most valuable secret you will ever learn about increasing website profits. Let me pound it into your head...

   Make Those People Give You Their Snail Mail Addresses!

   You want to know what the small metal object I'm going to send those people is? You do? Good. Then I'll tell you...

   It's A Penny!

   Doesn't sound like much, does it? But that penny... when you know how to use it... can make you millions of dollars.

   I beg you, pray let me explain: That penny is going to be attached to the first page of a sales letter, right at the top of the letter. It is one of the best "grabbers" you can use. A "grabber" by Guru Gary's definition, is something you attach to the first page of your sales letter that grabs your reader's attention... which leads him into reading the rest of the letter... which in turn makes him grab his wallet in a rush to cross your palm with silver.

   All of the people who sent me their snail mail address are going to learn two extremely important things: The first, as we've already discussed, is anybody with a website should consider it a priority to get the snail mail addresses of all of his readers.

   The second thing is, if he sends those people a sales letter using a penny as a grabber, he is going to get those people's undivided attention and he's also going to make 20 times (at least) as many sales from that snail mail letter as he would have made from an e-mail pitch.

   By the way, I want to tell you what I am going to try to get all of these people (and you) to buy. It is the audio tapes of the best copywriting seminar I've ever given. Which means, of course, it's the tapes of the best copywriting seminar ever given by anybody. I want to tell you how strongly I feel about these audio tapes.

   If I were dying and I could only give one of my children (or someone else I love) only one item that would ensure they could have a hugely successful life (financially speaking) it would be these tapes. They are better and more informative and more valuable than the tapes of any seminar I have ever given. And conceitedly, I think they contain more valuable info about direct marketing than anybody has ever delivered in any form whatsoever.

   If you want to make millions of dollars in direct marketing, THIS is the educational material that will get you to that goal... faster and more assuredly than anything else in the world.

   You ought to at least read my sales letter that describes these seminar tapes. Hell, even if you don't buy the tapes, the letter will be an extremely valuable addition to your "swipe file". Want me to send you the letter? The letter I'm sending everybody who was on my teleseminar conference call last night? If so, I gotta have your snail mail address. The way to get it to me is to send it to

   Send me your snail mail address (and hopefully your phone and fax number) and I'll send you in return perhaps the best sales letter ever written which will offer you a chance to buy the best direct response marketing product ever created.

   If you don't send me your snail mail address, you should be taken out and shot. You will be foregoing the best chance you will ever have to get a killer education that can lead you to wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

   Do it or don't do it. It's actually a litmus test that will tell you who you really are. If you send me your snail mail address, you are going to have a chance to get a direct marketing education superior to anything else ever created If you don't send me your snail mail address, chances are you will continue to be a sniveling, poverty-ridden loser who will never know what it's like to truly live a life of bliss.

It's up to you Buckwheat.


   Gary C. Halbert


*Once again, send your snail mail info with your phone and
fax numbers to

By the way, you're a true Dummy if you don't do it RIGHT


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