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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

Well, my big "Fusion Seminar" is over now and it was truly a "Killer"! I'll write and tell you all about it in the near future. I can't tell you about it now... because... Theresa and I are up to our asses in alligators.

But what I am going to do now is ask you to read a piece of work I finished for a client just before I went to Gary Bencivenga's seminar last month. Here it is:



{crisp $1 bill is attached here}



May 4, 2005


John Q. Everett

123 Elm St.

Crossville, TN 38555



Dear Mr. Everett,

As you can see, I have attached a nice, crisp $1.00 bill to the top of this letter. Why have I done this?

Actually, there are two reasons:

1)  This letter is very important and I needed some way to make sure it would catch your attention.

2)  And secondly, if you are over 45... and... you have any problems with your eyes...

This Is Going To Be

The Most Important Message

You Will Ever Read!

Here's why: As you know, when we get older we usually begin to experience problems with our eyes and our vision. This causes many people to need cataract surgery so they have the best vision possible.

Why? Because usually after the age of 45, the lens in our eyes begin to harden due to natural causes. Our vision becomes cloudy and the lens itself turns brown, blocking off our field of vision.

The truth is, if you live long enough, I can almost guarantee you will develop Cataracts. It's a natural condition that affects almost everybody at some point in their later life.

In fact, there are over one million Cataract surgeries performed, each year, in the United States alone. Many of which, are performed by inexperienced doctors in less than perfect conditions. This has led to some scary stories on how some of these operations have gone wrong for some patients.

But don't worry, because as it turns out, the Cumberland Plateau has four of the best eye clinics in the world. These are the clinics of Larry E. Patterson, M.D. who is the Medical Director and Primary Surgeon of the Eye Center of Tennessee.

Dr. Patterson is hands down one of the best (if not the best) eye doctor on earth. He is so good, so sure of his method and his skill, that he guarantees his own work. In other words, if you are not satisfied with your eye surgery...

You Get 100% Of Your Money Back!

You see, Dr. Patterson takes all surgery seriously (very seriously) and he refuses to take any shortcuts or cut any corners with his patients just to hurry along the procedure or make some extra money.

He understands the importance of each and every phase of the surgery. Everything from where it's performed to how it's performed and in which specific cases it should be performed.

Most doctors realize that infection is the number one concern when performing Cataract surgery. And they do sterilize their equipment... but... what they do not realize is that sterilization begins long before the actual tools themselves.

Take a look at just how far Dr. Patterson has gone in order to achieve maximum sterilization and cleanliness in his facility:

Where The Procedures Are Performed

Dr. Patterson performs all eye surgeries in an ambulatory surgery center which is licensed by the State of Tennessee and certified by the U.S. Government. The surgery center is built to the exact same standards required for open-heart surgery or brain surgery. For example, Dr. Patterson's surgery center features:

Humidity Control: Of all the variables involved with a sterile environment and successful Cataract surgery, humidity is one of the biggest. If the humidity was too high, or low, infectious spores could grow or mutate and be carried around the room by human movement.

But Dr. Patterson has gone to extraordinary measures to control humidity in his facility. You see, during construction, the contractors placed a layer of rubberized asphalt laminated to a polyethylene film under the concrete slab to prevent vapor from seeping up through the concrete floor.

Plus, he also uses a combination humidifier/dehumidifier system to add or remove moisture from the air as necessary.

Dust and Airborne Particles: Obviously dust and other airborne particles can cause infections.

Just like humidity, invisible dust or airborne particles may come in contact with the eye during surgery and cause an infection later on. This is why the air in the room is exchanged a minimum of two times every five minutes. Dr. Patterson's system for doing this is one of the most advanced of its kind, and also includes a HEPA filtration system which filters the dust and particles out of the air at the same time.

Temperature Control: In conjunction with humidity control, temperature control is important in consistent successful outcomes. Dr. Patterson maintains a constant 68 in the room at all times. The surgery center features a digitally controlled heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with graphical software and telelink modem. Dr. Patterson controls the temperature to plus or minus 1/10 (one-tenth) of a degree.

General Cleanliness: In order to maintain general cleanliness and sterility, the room has to be constructed with special flooring and paint. Why? So it can withstand the harsh cleaning agents required to maintain a sterile environment.

Dr. Patterson's floor covering is an operating room grade, low porous vinyl and the walls are covered with an epoxy-based paint. The ceiling is constructed with a non-particulate material with a vinyl veneer which enables the ceiling to be cleaned.

Dr. Patterson is a stickler for maintaining cleanliness in his operating room and insists the cleaning schedule be followed religiously. And because he goes to these kinds of lengths to make sure there is absolutely no infectious particles in his theatre, many of his patients enjoy a speedy recovery.

What Happens If The Power Goes Out?

There is always someone who asks, "What happens if the power goes out during my surgery?" That is a question Dr. Patterson can easily answer.

Dr. Patterson has a 150 Kilowatt, 480 Volt, 3 Phase backup generator. If you are like me, you have no idea what that means. But what I do know is, within 4-seconds of losing power, Dr. Patterson's whole building is up and running with full power... and... it can continue like this for 24-hours.

You see, too many Cataract surgeries are being performed in less than perfect condition all over the country. Those rooms are not even clean, much less sterile. And the environmental conditions are not controllable. Unfortunately, too many surgeons are putting their own financial interests ahead of their patient's interests. But that's not the case with Dr. Patterson.

The Best Surgical Facility In The World

Dr. Patterson has invested millions of dollars to get his facility built far above the requirements... to his own specifications. The placement of every cabinet, every electrical outlet, every light, the viewing window, and even the doors, were designed for eye surgery. Dr. Patterson personally designed every square inch of the room and ensures it was built to very exacting tolerances.

But what about the surgery itself? Well, in the past, successful Cataract surgery would allow you to see things with almost 20/20 vision from far a distance, but glasses or contact lenses were still needed to read a book or examine something close up.

But because of a new breakthrough in design and procedure, a new lens had been invented. This lens is so remarkable; it even has tiny (microscopic) hinges on either side that allows it to move forward and backward with the movement of the muscle in your eye.

This allows you to see just as perfectly when you are reading your book as you would when reading something from a distance.

In clinical trials of this "crystalens", patients enjoyed life-changing benefits. More than 98% of patients who received crystalens implants in both eyes had 20/30 vision or better at a long distance without glasses, and could read as little as 6 point type on a medicine bottle. 92% had distance visual acuity of 20/25 or better. That means...

You Have A 98% Chance Of Being Able To Pass

The Tennessee Driver's License Vision Test...

Without Glasses!

This, until now, has been unheard of in Cataract surgery.

A very small incision (2 millimeter's wide) will be made and a tiny ultrasonic probe will be used to break up the cataract into microscopic particles using high-energy sound waves.

The cataract particles will be gently suctioned away. Then, a folded intra-ocular lens (IOL) will be inserted through the micro-incision, then unfolded and locked into permanent position. The small incision is "self-sealing" and usually requires no stitches. It remains tightly closed by the natural outward pressure within the eye. This type of incision heals fast and provides a much more comfortable recuperation.

This lens, and this type of procedure, is the only FDA-approved procedure of its kind. The actual surgery itself can only be done by an extremely professional and "seasoned" doctor like Dr. Patterson.

And the best part of all is,

You Don't Need Glasses Or Contact Lenses To

Read Your Book After Having Dr. Patterson Carry

Out This Kind Of Professional Surgery On Your Eyes!

You see, Dr. Patterson has been a doctor in Tennessee for almost 20 years. He received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee in 1984. He spent four more years in Memphis to complete his specialty training in Ophthalmology. He began his practice in Crossville in the summer of 1988 and has been there ever since.

Early on, he decided he was going to emphasize cataract and refractive surgery into his practice. As a medical doctor, he sees patients with all types of eye problems. But, as a surgeon, he wanted to concentrate on learning, studying, performing and perfecting his skills as a Cataract surgeon.

He had studied and read everything he could find on the science of Cataract and refractive surgery and felt he was ready to begin. He took the first step himself by having radical keratotomy performed on his own eyes. He decided he would not operate on anyone else unless he was willing to undergo the procedure himself.

Dr. Patterson Performed Surgery

On His Own Wife!

Soon after his own surgery, Dr. Patterson performed his very first refractive surgery on what would probably be the most critical patient of his career... his own wife! He said he wanted to be so convinced of the value of his own skill, he wanted his first case to be performed on someone he was very close to. And that was the beginning of a very successful and very prestigious career.

Dr. Patterson serves on the editorial board for Ophthalmology Management and he has given numerous presentations for professional organizations around the world. He's even an attending physician at Cumberland Medical Center and a consulting physician at Cookeville Regional Medical Center and Livingston Regional Hospital.

He thoroughly understands Cataract surgery. He is NOT just any eye surgeon. You see, there are some ophthalmologists who have been out of school for only a few years claiming they are "experts" or "specialists".

Dr. Patterson knows from real surgical experience. He knows what to do if a complication arises (the true skill of a surgeon is knowing what to do when something unexpected happens.) He knows from real experience who NOT to do Cataract surgery on. Not everyone is a candidate for the procedure and there may be another procedure that would be better for that particular patient.

Don't Be Fooled...

by advertising which attempts to mislead you or uses "bait and switch" tactics. You know the type of advertising I'm talking about. It might say something like "Cataract surgery for $499" but when you arrive, you are told "your eyes fall into the $699 category"... AND... "there is a $200 pre-operative exam"... AND... "there is a $300 post-operative exam"... AND... "there is a $350 facility fee". Add all those "and's" together and your $499 surgery now totals $1,549.00!
Oh, and let's not forget, they often wait until you're there (like a sitting duck) before they tell you there's a non-refundable $150 fee due and payable... right now.

You'll also find out well into the process the doctor doing your pre-operative exam and all of your post-operative exams is NOT the surgeon, or even a surgeon. Matter of fact, it may not even be a medical doctor!

Dr. Patterson believes these types of practices are an embarrassment to medicine. And although they are not technically illegal, in his opinion, they are unethical and immoral.

After thousands of Cataract surgery procedures, Dr. Patterson still LOVES doing surgery. He LOVES sharing in the thrill of the patient and their families when they realize they can wake up and see the clock for the first time in a long time. He LOVES the letters he receives from patients who have just been amazed at the results, some even reporting their vision was better then ever before.

Just take a look at some of these for yourself:

"I'm almost 78 years old and see as good now that I have had cataract surgery as I did when I was 30. My doctor told me that chances are, if I live to be 100, my eyes might be the best part of my body."

- Archie Fox (Parole Officer)

"After cataract surgery, I feel like a kid again. I can just jump in the car and take off. I didn't realize when I had cataracts that I was flying blind. Now, everything is so clear."

- Helen Brown (Homemaker)

"After cataract surgery in my first eye, I was flabbergasted at the bright colors. It was as if everything got a new paint job. Brand new vision. I couldn't wait to have my second eye done."

- A.J. Montoya (Realtor)

" I was back playing professional music within a week. I'd tell everybody to have cataract surgery. Don't put up with poor vision because if you could see well when you were 30 or 40, you could see that well again."

- George Martin (Musician)

One of Dr. Patterson's mottos is...

"I Don't Perform Surgery To Sell You More...

I Perform Surgery To SERVE You More!"

You can be assured Dr. Patterson is in his office every day. He's doing the same thing he has been doing for 15 years. And he's doing the same thing he plans on continuing to do, for many years to come. Dr. Patterson doesn't want to just do your surgery and then never see you again. He wants you to become a patient, a part of his practice. He wants your spouse, your children, your family and friends to also be his patients.

You can be sure his motivation is to do whatever it takes to get your vision back to where it's now better than before... because... he will see you all of the time. He may see you in town, in the store or maybe in the same church.

I think it's worth mentioning again...

Dr. Patterson GUARANTEES You Will Be Able

To Pass The Tennessee Driver's License Eye Test

Without Glasses... Or... He Will Refund Your Money!

That is how confident he is in himself, his staff, his equipment, and his facility. It is why he is able to offer such a money back guarantee... when... no one else does!

There are just too many times in life when people are NOT willing to hold themselves accountable for their own actions. How many people have a stock broker who will guarantee he will make you money... or... he will refund your investment? Is there an attorney who will guarantee he will win your case... or... he will refund your money? Dr. Patterson IS willing to make such a statement... and... more than willing to back it up.

So, just how much does Cataract surgery cost when you go to Dr. Patterson? He charges $1,490.00 per eye. No gimmicks. No hidden charges. Just ONE fee. That covers ALL of the tests, the exams, the pre-operative visits, the post-operative visits, the surgery, the medications, the anesthesia, and any other fee you can think of.

But one of the greatest new benefits about this surgery is, your Medicare will now pay for half the costs of the entire surgery, which means for both eyes, you only have to pay $1,490... or... $745 for just one eye. For information on how this works, just contact his office for more details.

And, Dr. Patterson works with several financial institutions so his office will gladly assist you in obtaining financing which fits your personal budget for the other half, if need be.

By the way, Dr. Patterson personally conducts all of the exams. If travel is a problem for you, he can perform your surgery and have a doctor closer to you provide some of your post-operative exams. He'll still need to see you at least once before the surgery, the day after the surgery, and one more time one week after your surgery. If everything looks good, you will go back in one month and again after three months.

What To Do Now

Your next step is to schedule a FREE consultation. Dr. Patterson needs to find out if you are a candidate for the surgery. Even if you are unsure about having the surgery right away, go ahead and schedule a consultation immediately. You should go and let Dr. Patterson decide if you are a candidate. Don't wait until your vision is almost completely gone. Go and call his office now!

Call Valerie Hale at 1-800-766-2728. She will answer every last one of your questions and schedule a time for you to go to Dr. Patterson's. You are welcome to tour the surgery center and take a look around. His office will spend as much time as you need to answer your questions.

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about this amazing and wonderful procedure. It can really change your life.


Raymond Mays


P.S.   Don't put off calling Dr. Patterson's office for the FREE consultation. You've got great eye sight to gain... and... nothing to lose. That phone number to call is:


(please ask for Valerie Hale)

P.P.S.   You know, I feel a little "funny" sending someone a $1.00 dollar bill just to get them to read a letter. But I feel this letter is so important, I needed some way to make sure it would get your attention.

              That dollar bill is yours to keep with no strings attached. Maybe you can use it to buy yourself a glass of lemonade, an ice cream cone, or give it to your church or favorite charity.

              Anyway, I'd like to thank you with all my heart for taking the time to read this long letter.



That letter, more than any other letter you are likely to read, vividly illustrates one of the most important things you MUST do if you want to be a world-class copywriter. Can you guess what that one thing is? Do you think you know the answer?

If so, email me at and tell me what you think it is about that letter which so dramatically exemplifies a key requirement for composing top-notch sales copy.

Don't worry if you don't get it right. In my next newsletter I will reveal unto all my readers the copywriting secret this particular example so brilliantly demonstrates. You'll have to wait just a little bit to get that answer. That's because I won't give it up before the 4th of July.

Go ahead. Re-read that letter inserted above. Try to figure out the key element. Then email me at After that, be on the lookout for my next newsletter where I'll divulge the answer which is something so very important, it needs to be pounded into your mind and psyche.



Gary C. Halbert



P.S.  My "Fusion Seminar" was really something else. We had attendees from all around the globe. Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, and of course, from all over the United States. You won't believe how much NEW information was exposed for the first time at this seminar. As I said, I'll write and tell you all about it soon.


      Just wait.




P.S.#2 The letter I wrote for the Eye Center of Tennessee was a 90% draft. Some of the information written in it may not be 100% correct. I always leave those details up to the client to correct. For example, I simply made up figures about the costs involved. Before this particular client mailed out the letter, they made the corrections themselves. So if you're at all interested in having eye surgery, I'd suggest you contact the Eye Center of Tennessee directly for any prices.


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