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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

I want to thank all of you who sent me your guesses as to why my sales letter for the Eye Surgery Centers of Tennessee was such a good example of world-class copywriting.

A handful of the replies were dead-on target.

Another handful of replies missed the mark by a country mile.

But most of the replies (an enormous amount) got it partially correct... but... they only "danced around" the really important copywriting secret that letter demonstrated so vividly.

I'm going to reveal the answer to you soon. But first, I want you to read and think about another piece of writing. Here it is:


A Valentine For Jessica

Once upon a time, a man was walking alone through a quiet neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was raining that day. Not seriously, more of a drizzle than a downpour. That, combined with the overcast sky and an unexpected, muted, eerie momentary sliver of odd sunlight, seemed to soften everything, bathe all the man could see with a suffused radiance. Something, (he'll never know what) prompted him at a certain moment, a magic moment, to pause and glance up at a building near the sidewalk. There, peering out from the other side of a rain-streaked second story window was an enchanting, gamin-like face, framed by a shining spill of short, blond hair and blessed with soft blue eyes, that reflected, even from where he stood, a keen intelligence married to a self-confident personality and a curiously vulnerable soul. Through artifice, with the complexity of a business associate, the man arranged, a short time later, to meet his "woman-in-the-window." As time passed, she cautiously began to reveal a glimpse of her innermost,

private  thoughts.  How  she  had come to realize her life path was best defined as "spiritual" rather than religious; how she had discovered giving to others was not a duty nor a moral issue, but rather, a dependable source of genuine, selfless joy for the giver; how she came to understand her compulsions were not to be fought nor railed against, but instead, embraced and celebrated as a vital part of her uniqueness. She told the man, as he listened in respectful silence, knowing he was blessed to be with her, she had found rapport and peace with the universe and all that dwelled within its limitless dimensions. She had learned acceptance was the answer to turmoil; that she was neither the dwarf of her fears nor the giant of her dreams; that she was, in fact, just Jessica. And that was enough. More than enough; it was transcendent. With this realization, all obstacles disappeared and her path became clear and unobstructed. She had found serenity by accepting each person, place, thing or situation as being exactly was it was supposed to be at any given moment in time;

by the realization that nothing in the universe had, nor ever would happen, by mistake. She began to experience joy the exact moment she realized joy was not a manifestation of circumstance but, a result of an "inside-out" process when one's true soul becomes unshackled by vain and petty concerns. She had evolved. She had come to fully accept herself as a unique and crucial entity within the endless and perfect unfolding of a cosmic intelligence. She found little rapport, however, with the strange man with whom she tried to express these personal thoughts. She began to find him tedious and unchallenging and faded from his life convinced he had insufficient sensitivity to ever have an understanding of her true nature. No doubt she was correct. His absence in her life left her with no psychic wound, no emotional pain, no vacuum to fill, nor even a wistful longing. He still thinks about her though, his "woman-in-the-window."

Almost every day.


OK, what you just read may NOT have been written by me. But it is a piece of writing containing a secret ingredient that makes it so outstanding. Can you guess what this is?

I hope some of you write me with guesses to


Gary C. Halbert


P.S. Keep watching this website like a hawk. The next newsletter you read will

     be absolutely stunning to many of you.





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