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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

Here's a suggestion one of my newsletter subscribers wrote to me about helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I thought it was worthy of sharing with you.


Dear Gary,

I don't know how exactly to accomplish this, and I'm sure this was already thought about, but ... What about moving the homeless people into the military bases that are being abandonded and have been abandonded with the base closures?

Is there some way that people could be mobilized to pressure "the powers to be" to put up the refugees from New Orleans and Mississippi, and Alabama in some of the Military barracks that have been closed? Whether here in Florida, or Texas, Virginia, or wherever. Housing is already built. Infrastructure is already built. They are near cities and towns. Money coiuld be collected to pay to set up some sort of businesses.

From there perhaps some cottage industries could be set up so the people could start to work, make money, and rebuild their futures, rather than sit wallowing in misery waiting for the government to completely take care of them.

Sounds harsh, but as you know, when disaster strikes it is best to get up and take some action for yourself.

Just another thought.





I know all of our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those suffering individuals.



Gary C. Halbert



P.S. If you haven't read my other newsletter titled "Sewage Soup", I'd highly recommend you take a few minutes and read it now. I put a LOT of thought into that issue before I put it on my website. Who knows? Maybe the information in it will save some lives.



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