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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

In my enthusiasm to send a newsletter that would make a nice holiday gift for all my readers interested in Internet marketing... as hard as it is to believe... I, Sir Gary of Halbert, left something out in that newsletter.

To refresh your memory, what that newsletter was all about was how you could promote your newsletter or product (especially if it has a broad appeal) in 1/4-page ads in thousands of newspapers for the low price of approximately $2.50 to capture the attention of 1,000 subscribers. And since there are an average of two readers for the same newspaper (husband and wife or two business partners) that equals 2,000 sets of eyeballs.

What I neglected to tell you is how to contact Nancy Jones, the woman who will make this possible for you. But, before I give you her contact information, let me tell you a little bit about Nancy.

She's a very nice lady. She's probably the best newspaper space buyer in the entire world. Nancy's so much in demand, she doesn't have time for "chit-chat" and a lot of questions. You already know the answers to ALL of the questions you should be interested in anyway.

Number 1: You can buy 1/4 page ads in almost any newspaper in the United States for only $2.50 per every 1,000 subscribers. 

Number 2: There is no Number 2. There's nothing else you really need to know. You are either ready to take advantage of this incredible opportunity... or... you are not.

I sincerely request that, if you are NOT ready, you do NOT bother Nancy. However, if you ARE ready (and the sooner the better) you should call her immediately at (727) 535-7899 (that's in Florida).

I have a suggestion for all of you: If you're running a Google ad word campaign, you only have about 17 characters and that includes spaces and punctuation marks to attract a customer. If you run a 1/4-page ad campaign in the newspapers, you can actually use over 1,000 words and that does not include spaces or punctuation marks. So if you are at all interested in this, why not try a newspaper and see how well it works for you? Gosh...

It Would "Set You Back" A Little Over $250...

But... You Would Have An Answer That Is

Potentially Worth Millions Of Dollars!

Well, that's it for today. If you're interested... and SERIOUS... give Nancy a call and see how much of a boost this traffic-building technique will give your business.

Oh yeah, one more thing: If you "spread the word of my wonderfulness" like I mentioned in yesterday's newsletter, please send the "You Owe Me" email to me at



Gary C. Halbert



P.S. It has just been discovered that Santa Claus is Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Black, Latino, Asian, Female, Homosexual, and has a touch of evil in his past. Therefore, he will come visit everybody who will welcome him.






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