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Dear Friend and Subscriber,

      The first part of this newsletter is very painful for me to write.                                               

     It forces me to relive recent events about one of the most difficult patches of time in my entire life.  I almost decided not to write about this at all.  But, I can’t not write it.  I try to write as honest a newsletter as I can.  I’m not perfect at it, but I struggle to keep it straight.  Anyways, as I said, I can’t not write it; it just wouldn’t be me.

      Enough stalling.  Let’s get on with it.

      I don’t smoke.  I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.  I don’t use recreational drugs.  This has been true for years.  Many, many years.  In spite of all that, I recently spent 10 days in the intense, detox unit of a local hospital.  I was detoxing from a prescription drug that should never have been prescribed for me at all.  In fact, in my opinion, it should not be prescribed for anyone.


      This medication is described as a “low-level” anti-anxiety drug. It is hugely popular.  You can get a prescription for it from almost any doctor.  Go to the internet and you’ll find endless sources where you can buy it without any prescription at all.  In some countries you can literally buy it over the counter.

      It works like a dream.  If you are tense or anxious, just swallow one of these little suckers and, in less than 20 minutes, your tension and anxiety will evaporate.  Many people use it to get a good night’s sleep.

      It would be great if you could use this pill on a truly “as needed” basis.  But, in my case, after years of using it, it got away from me.  I became dependant on this drug.  For a long time, it helped me get through my day.

     Every day.

      I guess, because of that, you could consider me a weak person.  I wouldn’t argue with you about this.  But, you should know this “innocent” little pill is now considered by many experts to be the biggest drug problem in the world.  It seems to have gotten the best of thousands (make that hundreds of thousands) of other “weak” people.  It has eclipsed heroin, cocaine and even methamphetamine as the world’s major, most dangerous drug.

      Let me help you understand why this is so... and... let me explain what I mean when I say I and countless other people come to be “dependent” on this drug.  It’s not just that people start to pop one of these little pills when they become tense, anxious or have a hard time getting to sleep. 

     No.  The real problem comes when you decide to stop using this drug.  Many people (like me) decide, “Hey, this is getting the best of me.  I’m going to deal with my problems without any kind of chemical help.”  And then, they flush their supply of this drug down the toilet.

 And, That’s When The Nightmare Begins!

      You see, this drug has a very short “half life.”  That means it passes out of your body very, very quickly.  And, 4 to 6 to maybe eight hours after you’ve flushed your drugs down the toilet, you begin to feel tenseness, anxiety and dread like you’ve never known before.  It gets far worse than the symptoms were that got you to first taking this drug.

      It gets worse minute-by-minute.  After two or three days of trying to kick this drug “cold turkey” you will likely start having seizures, convulsions, perhaps a stroke or maybe a heart attack.

More Than 20% Of The People Who Try

To Quit Using This Drug “Cold-Turkey” By Themselves

Actually Die!

      After people try to stop using this drug, they do whatever is necessary to get more of it.  Then, they realize they are between a rock and a hard-place.  They are hooked.

      If they see a competent doctor, he will tell them, if possible, they need to detox in a medical facility.  If not, their other option is to “taper off” cutting down by a mere 10% per week.  Many people (like me) try this.  Usually they try over and over.  But, the “tapering off” experience keeps you at such a high level of discomfort that few people are able to do it.

      Many of those people (like me) at this period actually start using more of this drug and then... 

Their Lives Turn Into A Nightmare On Steroids!

      And so it came to pass, I checked myself into a medical detox center.  I stayed there for 10 days.  It was, to say the least, unpleasant.  This turns out to be the hardest drug to kick in the world.  And, one of the most dangerous.  Even worse than heroin.

      I learned later that, even in this controlled medical environment, it was “touch and go” for me for at least the first five days.  The medical people later told me I went through the roughest detox they had ever seen anyone survive.

      But, I did it.  I somehow managed to “hold on” until it was over.  And now, I am completely free of this drug.  And, as every day goes by, I get stronger physically and clearer mentally and, I am wondering about something:

 If I Was Sharp Before, How Much Better Will I Be Now That I Do

Not Have This Drug Holding Me Down!

      But wait.  I didn’t just write all of this just because I wanted to share a part of my life with you.  I did it for another far more important reason. You see, I’m absolutely certain many of my readers are sliding down the same path as the one I just described.  You see, the drug I’ve been writing about is little ‘ol innocent...


      And, a lot of you are “being helped” by this little innocent drug, aren’t you?

      Listen up: Most drug fatalities are caused by overdose.  But, with some drugs, you are far more likely to die when you try to stop using the drug.  And, Xanax is the number one drug of which this is true.  Hardly anyone ever dies of a Xanax overdose.  Nope.  With Xanax you are more likely to die when you decide to quit using the drug.

      And, don’t think you are ever immune.  It took 15-years until this drug drove me into medical detox.  And much of that time I lived a pretty “ok” life.  But, if you are flirting with using this drug, it could happen to you in 15 days.  You never know.  After a certain point, it is not you who is in control.

      Anyway, I want a small favor from you: If you are using Xanax (even a very small amount), I just want you to visit a website.  It is...

      Read it.  It will knock you out of your socks.

      And, if you know anyone using Xanax (and it’s almost certain you do) give them this newsletter to read and encourage them to go to the website I just mentioned.

      Listen: My newsletters are all under copyright.  But, forget that as far as this one goes.  You can reproduce and distribute  it until the cows come home.  In fact, I’m begging you to do it.

 You Just Might Save Someone’s Life!

      Alrighty then, now that I’ve set the dismal tone for this newsletter, let me tell you about another recent event that “sucker-punched” me in the gut.  This one doesn’t have the life or death urgency about what I have already written about... but... it is indeed a true downer.

      As many of you know, my assistant, Theresa, has pretty much been the glue that has held my little business together for...

17 Years!

      Also, as many of you already know, she recently got married.  Her marriage came at a complete shock to me.  I had no advance warning or clue.  Also, as her husband insisted, she had to break all ties with me very abruptly.  I thought it was going to be a smooth transition from Theresa to my new assistant, Liliana.  This turned out not be the case.  We were given one day (the day after Christmas) to get all of my computers, products and everything else from the office and storage unit in Ocala to take back here to Miami.  Also, Theresa had one 7-hour day to teach Liliana the computer programs, passwords and codes and the other stuff that makes my business tick.  In other words, it was a valiant attempt to transfer 17 years of business expertise from one person to another in one short day.

      That’s not the worst of it.  We are also forbidden access to Theresa forever.  I have no way to visit her, telephone her, e-mail her, or even send her a smoke signal.  Theresa has been very loyal and helpful to me.  She is a wonderful woman and her contribution to my life has been priceless.

      But, she’s also a Jehovah Witness and, as I understand it, when a JW woman marries, she must, according to the dictates of that religion be almost completely subservient to her husband.  Theresa is a very classy woman.  I think if the situation were different, she’d at least talk with my female assistant from time-to-time to help her work out any glitches.  But, none of that really matters.  What is, is.  And, I’ve simply got to make the best of the cards I’ve been dealt.

      So, I’m here in Miami with a new office, boxes stacked from wall-to-ceiling and, we don’t even have the computers hooked up yet.  You’ll know when they are hooked up because I won’t be able to post this newsletter on my website until then.  So, if you are reading this letter, you know I am in business again.  Sort of.  And, if you’re not reading this newsletter, I am not. 

      Anyway, if you are reading this letter, that means I’m back in business, and I’ve got something to sell.  Don’t tense up.  It has enormous value and you’re not going to have to sell the farm to get it.  Let me tell you about it.  As you probably know, I did a “Root Canal” Seminar in Orlando on December 2nd and another one in Los Angeles on December 9th.  For some insane reason, I decided not to record these seminars.  One guy actually offered to record them for me for free.  I said, “No, I don’t want this one recorded.”  That turned out to be a bad, bad mistake.

      After about five hours of the first day of this seminar, I realized it was turning out to be perhaps the best seminar I’ve ever given.  Then, my staff and I struggled like crazy to find a way to record it.  We even tried using an I-Pod to do the job.  But, to no avail.  It was at this time, I resolved to record the upcoming seminar in Los Angeles.  But, I had learned that Theresa, who usually takes care of the details of stuff like this for me, would not be allowed to go to Los Angeles.

      I was almost panic stricken but, then, a really nice guy, George Graves, said he would attend the L.A. Seminar and he would record it for me.  

Thank God for George!

      So, the Los Angeles Root Canal Seminar did get recorded professionally and I now have all the CD’s of that seminar.  There are 12 CD’s in the set, plus one bonus CD of the only other person that spoke at the seminar besides myself.  He was John Gilvary of US Merchant Services.  And what he talks about on his CD is how to go about getting a merchant account.  Trust me.  You cannot afford to miss out on really good info about merchant accounts that allows you to process credit card orders.  And, when you listen to this CD you will hear explicit instructions on how you can get a merchant account almost immediately. 

     Anyway, I’ve been thinking about these Root Canal Seminars.

      What was it, I puzzled, that made these seminars stand out so much from all the other seminars I had given?  Then it came to me.  It was the format of the seminar.  In the Root Canal seminars what I did was talk for the better part of the entire first day on what people need to know to operate a profitable direct marketing business.  And, what I talked about are things you MUST know that, as far as I know, have not been revealed in any other seminar.  Then, after that, I asked if anyone in the room had marketing problems that I could help them solve.  And, the entire rest of the seminar consisted of me telling people exactly what they were doing wrong and exactly what they needed to do to fix their problems.  I not only answered their questions, I gave them marketing strategies that were essential to make a success out of their business.

      I did this for every single person in the room.  I cannot imagine someone having a problem concerning a direct marketing business that is not addressed and answered on the CD’s of this seminar.  If you only ever buy one thing from me, I hope it is these CD’s.

      The price I’ve decided to charge you for a set of these invaluable CD’s is $397.00 and I will pay the shipping and handling charges. 

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    Well, that’s it for this issue.  I hope you order my CD’s, I hope you help spread the word about Xanax and I hope you continue to be a loyal reader of this newsletter.


Gary C. Halbert




P.S. You know, generally, in the P.S. section of most of my newsletters, I try to write something clever, witty and funny, but not this time.  In the month of November, I was flying high.  And then, my life turned around so suddenly it took my breath away.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop being irreverent and I don’t think I’m going to start being politically correct.  But, the last few weeks of my life have changed me.  I’m now, I believe, a much more compassionate person.  I’m less judgmental and I never smart-ass anymore when I see a person who is struggling with his or her situation in life.   

But, don’t worry.  I’m still gonna be the same ‘ol “kick-ass and take-names” Gary that many of you have come to love, hate and think I’m a genius or an articulate writer who is wrong just about everything.  Anyway, thank you for bearing with me through a more than somewhat dismal letter. 


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