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     Welcome to the Memorial section of the Gary Halbert Letter.Here we have posted videos of the memorial service along with stories of our father, told by the people who experienced life with him first hand, something now only a handful of people will have ever known.

     I would like to thank Ralph Zuranski who selflessly offered to video tape and photograph the event for free, expecting nothing in return. He has a site where he interviews people he finds to be of significance, there you will find many people my father respected and even more who respected him.

     We would also like to thank Dave Loftus and Sherry Hackett, who offered to open her house to us and cater the after party, on their own dime no less. I enjoyed talking Scott Hanes into being brave enough to ask Sherry for an autograph and then promptly telling him in front of her that I couldn’t believe he actually did that, something my father would have done, he loved embarrassing people.

     The memorial videos here, have people like John Carlton, Joe Polish, Dave Kekich, Blade Thomas, Eric Weinstein, and Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, as well as stories told by his road dogs, Scott Haines, Caleb O’dowd, Sam Markowitz and many others, as well as comments made by Bond and myself, (please forgive me if I have left your name out).

     The memorial was held at my mother’s church (Hope Lutheran Church, in Hollywood, CA) where she has served many times as the church counsel president. After the memorial church staff who helped out, said it was one of the best memorials they had ever seen, that’s what happens when the worlds great copywriters stand up to honor one of their own. The videos here (other than Ralph’s editing) are not slick they are real, they show the real people that made up my fathers closest friends and family, my fathers universe. My comments at the time were about as disorganized as my life at the time.



Kevin Halbert



Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

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Video #9




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