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Dear Friend and Subscriber,

          For all of you who have felt the loss of Gary Halbert's colorful and inspirational newsletter, I have a lot of very good news. The best of the news is, it seems that Gary will be able to teach a few more marketing lessons from beyond the grave. More on this in a moment as we have a few announcements to make first.

          It has taken us a while but we finally got enough bandwidth so everyone who wants to can view the memorial service and some of the stories we shared back at Sherry Hackett's beautiful home after the service. Just click on the links at the bottom of this page to view them when you are done reading this important message.

          Due to a glitch, the site went down for a little while. Once we brought it back online, a lot of people expressed a heartfelt gratitude for leaving up and open to everyone. To all of those people, you are more than welcome. It would have been a dishonor to our father had we taken it down. He was much more than another marketing guru. He was in a way, a learning institution specializing in the field of direct marketing and more specifically copywriting.

          Nobody else I know of loved to teach other people the craft of copywriting as much as Gary Halbert. I do not remember a time in my life when my father wasn't teaching people how to write and market like he did. He was fired from the last job he ever held the day before I was born and then took up copywriting. After his first major runaway winner, the now famous Halbert's Inc. coat of arms letter, he taught anyone who was interested how to write copy. Copywriting was his life and felt a special kinship with anyone else who also had an interest in it.

          Much later he charged those who could pay to learn from him, but many who couldn't afford to pay him any substantial amount of money would work it off in trade. They would simply hang out with him and help him run his daily life. Some of them have turned out to be some of the best copywriters in the entire world and I am not just saying that. Their RESULTS really PROVE they are top shelf copywriters.

          Since he devoted so much of his time teaching people to write copy and obviously didn't always do it for the money, we just had to leave the site up and will continue to help him be the institution of learning how to write copy he always has been.

          To start, there are some newsletters we have which have never been posted on the site before and are in fact .....

Rare Newsletters
Written By The Gary Halbert Himself!

          These were written a very long time ago around the time when he worried and fretted the most about the quality of his newsletter so you know they are good. These are rarely seen classic newsletters which exemplify him at his peak.

          They have to be retyped and put into Gary 's signature web format of black print on a yellow background. We will get the first one up very soon.

          We also decided to ask a few of the world-class copywriters Gary taught and inspired if they would share stories and lessons they learned from the Prince of Print himself and honor him by giving away some of their most valuable insights and information for free.

          As soon as the word got out that we were looking for a couple guest writers many more of the world's best marketers and ad men offered to share some of the secrets and tricks they learned from Gary to make millions for themselves and their clients.

          These are some very heavy hitters in the field of direct marketing who have agreed to be guest writers in honor of Gary and our efforts to keep his legacy alive

          We had only one stipulation and that was there was to be NO FLUFF. In other words they can't just post an example of one of their winning ads or just give a long pitch to sell their marketing courses.

          They all have to provide what Gary Halbert did ......

Powerful Money Making Secrets
Absolutely FREE!

          These are the best of the best, top-shelf marketers who are highly in demand because they hold records and many are so successful they are booked solid for months. They are only doing this as a favor to us and in memory of our father so their insider secrets will only be available here at and nowhere else in the world.

          Others who do have more info available will have links to their sites and contact info but again we made them promise to provide top-notch quality marketing lessons for free and it must be....

So Hot They Charge Others
A Lot Of Money For The Same Info

          We can guarantee this because if it isn't great we won't post it. It's that simple.

          As usual there will be no editing of colorful language because my dad would ring our necks if we censored anything unless they were saying something he completely disagreed with.

          Which brings us to yet another announcement. As guardians of his legacy, we will remain available to set the record straight on all things relating to Gary C. Halbert. There are people already claiming to be close to him and others claim to work with him and some may be telling the truth but it is amazing just how many people are trying to cash in on his death by trying to pass themselves off as "Gary Halbert Approved" copywriters.

          Duty and honor compel us to be available to verify any and all claims to have known or worked with him and what stories are real and which are just flat out wrong. We are the definitive source on all things Gary Halbert. We worked with him since early childhood and we know what he said behind closed doors and after he hung up the phone.

          So feel free to e-mail and rely on us to separate fact from fiction.

          Besides teaching everyone who wished to learn how to write world class copy, he and his website were also the hub of a network of marketing people from copywriters and printers to entrepreneurs and investors. I still know many of his contacts so if you need anything along those lines feel free to e-mail us and we will help you out if we can.


          My favorite part of reading my dad's newsletters was the life lessons he gave. They reminded me of the Boron Letters which is of course my favorite gift of all time. Having them now means more to me than ever and I know they meant a lot to many people. So many in fact, when people who read my father's material found out my name they would go on and on about how much the letters meant to them as well.

          For those of you who also miss that life mentoring aspect of his newsletters I have some more good news.

          Since my father passed away, I began re-reading the Boron Letters again except this time with more of a sense that I wasn't the only one reading them. Remember, these are actual letters my dad wrote to me and there was no intention to publish copies of the actual letters so I always read them as though they were private letters from pop.

          I appreciated the Boron Letters long before my father passed away and my father was very proud that I continued what he started by writing letters to my own kids teaching them what I think is valuable to know and things that are never taught in schools or books.

          It is doubtful I will ever share those with the public as they are written in the true Halbert (no bullshit) fashion and read more like a confession or autobiography and I am not that comfortable sharing them.

          So even though mine are off- limits as I said I have been re-reading the Boron Letters with a slightly different perspective, and I have found a ton of hidden lessons in them I realized were lost on everyone else because he was writing to me and nobody else. He would briefly tell a story or touch upon a topic I was naturally expecting him to fully explain as he had in person so many times, yet he didn't. This wasn't missing before because I knew exactly what he was saying because of palling around with him and being his son.

          Then it dawned on me that most readers would have missed some of these finer points and lessons because at that time he wasn't writing for everyone either. At the time they were written he didn't plan on turning those exact pages he was writing into a book.

          So I have begun re-reading the letters and making notes and comments so that none of these hidden lessons in the Boron Letters are lost. I am doing this for my own kids and since they are not scandalous or personal to me.they will also be made available for those of you who still wish for just a few more life lessons from Gary Halbert.

          Scott Haines, a great friend of my pop's, told me my dad had a similar idea for the same reasons and wanted to create a more complete edition of the Boron Letters because he recognized the same thing and had of course more updated information from a few more decades as a legendary top copywriter.

          Please keep in mind we have busy lives and are only doing this to honor our father so the new info will come out often but not on a set schedule. We will always try to under promise and over deliver.

          Last time I wrote to announce that we would try to post the video of our father's memorial service and videos from the wake held afterwards at Sherry Hackett's home. We also said if we couldn't do that we would give the first 100 who requested it a DVD copy for free. We have decided to do both. You can now click on the links below to view the video right away.

          All the best,

          Bond Halbert

PS John Carlton was the obvious choice as the first guest writer and it is already in the newsletter archive. Most of you already know he is a marketing guru in his own right and one of Garys ' greatest friends and is mentioned in many of Gary 's newsletters.

For those of you who don't recognize the name just read what he put together for the first post Gary newsletter and you will be an instant fan.





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