Kevin and I have done some serious thinking and we have finally made some major decisions regarding the future of The Gary Halbert Letter!
     Don’t worry it is all good. We are not shutting down or cutting anyone off of the great info our father gave and continues to give to the world through the letters he posted on his website.

     But, we know many of you are hoping for help in regards to learning the business, buying Gary Halbert Material, stories about Gary, basically you all want what we do…


     We don’t like to make promises and then fulfill them as much as we prefer to surprise everyone with things already available so this is about as big of a a build up as you are going to get.

The Halbert Brothers are
About To Launch Something Huge!


     Some of the things we will be doing are time sensitive so if you don’t sign up for the email announcements list you WILL miss out. We give people on the e-mail announcement list priority and here is a hint: we WILL be following the principle of first come first serve so



     If you were already on the newsletter announcement list you know we are on a campaign to thank the fans of The Gary Halbert Letter.

     We started by slipping in a video near the end of one of the last Boron 2.0 letter. The video shows you how to find the best websites to put your links in, so you can dramatically increase your website rankings on Google and other search engines.

     This was to thank people who read the Boron 2.0 letters.

     Then, last week, we sent everyone on the e-mail list a copy of our father’s favorite marketing book of all time. The book he considered to be…

The Bible
of Direct Marketing!

     The book is “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins.

     I am not going to bother to tell you how cool the book is because you missed the boat and that would be cruel.

            We also gave everyone on the email announcement list a copy of a…

A Very Rare Yellow Page Ad
Written By Gary Himself!

            This is going to continue. So, if you don’t want to miss out on the next book or ad we give to everyone on the email list, make sure you sign up now and that when we send you an email, you READ it.

            For purposes of not looking like spam we may not be able to announce a gift inside in the regards section of the email which tells you what the email is about.

            I’m sure if you join soon Kevin may see his way clear to letting you have a copy of the yellow page ad written by Gary Halbert and the book Scientific Advertising but you will not find them on the site. It is a gift only for people who signed up for the free email announcement list.


We Saved
The Best Gift For
Who Visits The Gary Halbert Letter!


     We don’t’ care if you were prompted to come here because of an e-mail alert, if you were surfing the net or even if you got here by mistake. We are still glad to have you.

     To show our appreciation we are going to post for everyone a recording of…

Tape #1 Side A from
Gary Halbert’s 1987
Brainstorming Session!

     This is not only VINTAGE Gary but it was scarcely a year after he started his newsletter when he was out to prove he was The Master Copywriter so he cared very much about being right and not holding back.

     It is one of 12 tapes from the whole event.


     We hope you enjoy it.

     Bond and Kevin
     The Halbert Brothers


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