Jay Abraham's Mind Explored AND EXPOSED: A  Different Slant!

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Hear (and read) more detailed explanation of exactly "how"
Jay Abraham makes people like YOU hundreds of thousands (and
 oftentimes millions) of dollars MORE, from their businesses
----than they were making, BEFORE they learned his concepts...
We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the penetrating two hour
audio interview Tony Robbins did of Jay Abraham and you also
took the time to read the written transcription ( because
the mind learns totally differently when it hears verses
when it reads).

We'd like to "up your game" geometrically.
So... we're doing something rather bold. We now want to plug
you into a totally different interview by an equally
prominent personage as Jay done a few years back.
The person was famed NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton.
If you know who he is, you know that his life has included

  • He was a quarterback of a team that played in three Super Bowl championship games. Second, he's been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  • But probably more interestingly and important to you, Fran is a serial entrepreneur who has started over 20 businesses from scratch, made them all CASH FLOW POSITIVE within a matter of months (none requiring external capitalization).

  • He sold one of his companies for nine figures (9 figures).

  • He sits on the board of directors of Coca Cola Enterprises.

  • He's a frequent contributor to Fox Business News and he's a good friend and fan of Jay Abraham.

Fran sat down with Jay a few years back and performed his
interview of Jay.
He asked similar questions but from a totally different
vantage point.
He explained and defined what Jay sees in language and
offers an understanding that a true entrepreneur or business
owner like you can easily grasp.

Fran adds an entirely new dimension to appreciating what Jay
is all about.

Here are the links to both the audio and the written transcript of that interview.

Fran Tarkenton Interviews Jay Abraham MP3 audio (Part 1)

Fran Tarkenton Interviews Jay Abraham MP3 audio (Part 2)

Fran Tarkenton Interviews Jay Abraham PDF transcript

We hope it "ups your business game" dramatically.

To reiterate our previous commitment, my brother and I are
passionately committed to your business growth, development,
improvement and betterment through each and every action,
activity and effort we take.

Good Luck, We hope you enjoy this,
Kevin Halbert
PS  Jay has told us he is willing to let us share with you
more of his valuable content ... absolutely free.
If enough subscribers find these contributions of tremendous
value, we will work on bringing you even more.

So, Bond and I would greatly appreciate your feed back.



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