Dear friend and subscriber,

Something happened last night that was... well... we can only say
it was... more wildly unexpected than anything we could have ever

My brother and I did something as an experiment, and the result
blew our minds.

Simply, what we did was ask Jay Abraham if he'd be willing to come
on our internet radio show for a short period of time and talk
about things he never normally talks about typically.

You may not know this but Jay rarely even does radio, newspaper or
magazine interviews anymore.

He's become something of a hermit, but he was talking to me about
some of the wild and "to say the least" colorful personal
adventures in money making, mayhem, mischief, and madness that he
shared with our dad.

And we thought that would be ever so fascinating to talk about them
on the radio show.

So, we asked him if he would do that, and he reluctantly, but
finally said OK.

And what came out of his mouth in that one hour last night is hard
to explain.

He told stories about our dad and him, that were, besides wild and
laughable, were markedly instructional.

He told the history of direct response, from a context in a way
that no one has ever really taken it.

He shared perhaps the most important single realization about
direct response has to do that anyone might have ever identified.

He talked about some of his own great success stories, but
explained them from a vantage point I don't think he'd ever done

And he left a lasting impression in everyone listening to the show,
that permanently challenged their past reality and gave them a mind
shift in thinking that is quite profound.

We are telling you this because we've put up a link. If you've ever
heard Jay interviewed before, you've never heard him open up in the
uncensored, unvarnished, uninhibited and highly entertaining,
enjoyable and more personalized direction he took in last night's

No matter who your marketing heroes are. No matter what form of
direct response you practice. No matter what you think you know. No
matter what you've ever heard from anybody else, even from Jay, you
probably will enjoy, fascinate, and be both provoked and highly
entertained by listening to the 65 minutes we spent with Jay last

I think it might have double benefit, because of something rather
intriguing we'll be talking about next week.

But for those of you who've ever listed to Jay, and definitely,
those of you who've never listed to Jay, no one will ever hear Jay
in the form and free wheeling way he shared himself with us last

If you want a giggle and a fascinating hour's worth of
(edu-tainment) the knowledge is solid gold, but the laughs and
humor are equally as rich, go here:

One more thing, it's important. We do this as a down and dirty fun
project every week, it's not a production quality recording.

If you can't stand hearing some scratchiness in the process,
imagine listening to the first talkie ever recorded in the early
1900's. It's that kind of rare and unprecedented audio, but it's no
world class production.

Prepare for a little bit of scratchiness, a little bit of tone
variation but a whole lot of mind expansion and wildly enriching
perspectives, that I can promise you you've never heard expressed
in this way from anyone anywhere ever.

I urge and encourage you, if you've got an extra hour this weekend
to go check out the very special and very rarely seen side of Jay.

Hope you love it like the audience did.

Kevin Halbert

PS I just want to say sorry to all of you who took the time and
tried to listen to the live show and didn't get in. I only found
out afterward that the server got overloaded.


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