In our efforts to uphold my dad's beliefs and image, my brother Bond and I have decided that this site is going to stand as contribution (back to our subscribers) and massive business advantage for everyone we reach. It won’t be just my father's body of work we’ll give out. But we’ll connect you to other powerful experts that we believe you need to get to know.

The first thing we are going to do is start the process off with a gift that we sincerely believe could be worth a small or a large fortune to your business ... no matter where your business is in the world... no matter what you do... no matter how you currently sell, advertise or market.

Let me explain...

My father was an icon, and arguably one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived.

His work is still accruing people monster-sized incomes around the world.

Many, if not most of you, have been impacted and impressed by his ideas, concepts and instructions.

One of his contemporaries, and a man who is internationally recognized as being (probably) the reigning King of non-linear thinking and breakthrough marketing as compared to what most people practice today is:

Marketing expert, business genius, profit wizard, Jay Abraham.

Jay was one of my dad's great friends and contemporaries.

They lived close to each other.

They collaborated on many successful activities.

They spoke at each other’s programs.

They were influenced dramatically by each other’s thinking, but their expertise was decisively focused in different paths.

My dad was masterful at copywriting at a level almost nobody else equaled, and he was a gifted marketer.

Jay Abraham is a very good copywriter but copywriting is subordinate to his true strength.

He has been recognized by experts, the press and the business community around the world as "arguably" the finest strategic "MARKETING" mind in the entrepreneurial community.

A brash statement perhaps, but a statement that has been well documented by the press, by famous business icons and the results he's produced. Specifically...USA Today wrote two major articles about him in their "Money" section.

Success magazine has written five articles about him. One called him "probably the greatest marketing mind alive today."

Investors Business Daily has written three major articles on Jay in their "Success and Leaders" section.

One was written the day after their article on Jack Welch .

The other article on Jay was printed two days after their article on Bill Gates.

Forbes wrote an article on executive coaches, and named only five people that they called "The Real Thing."

Jay was one of them. And he was the only one whose specialty is “turning under performing corporations into marketing sales whizzes.”

I'm telling you all this because Jay is also one of the highest priced experts we know.

He regularly commands $50,000 per day for private consultations.

His five day seminars around the world have sold out at $25,000.00 per person.

His clients have included Tony Robbins , Brian Tracy, Rich Schefren, Yanik Silver, Chet Holmes, Nightingale Conant, Success and Entrepreneur magazine.... and 300 other experts!

He helped 12 of Inc. Magazine's "Entrepreneurs of the Year."

I could go on and on. He has nearly 14,000 success stories to his name.

If the guy sounds unreal... he is not! And we want to prove it to you in the most enriching and rewarding, no-cost way you've ever seen.

Specifically... a while back Anthony Robbins conducted a nine and a half hour (9-1/2) penetrating/ grilling of Jays “steel-trap” mind.

Tony asked Jay more penetrating questions, from more vantage points, and explored more of Jay's money making, business building, profit boosting, competitive edge strategies, and concepts than probably anyone else we know.

Tony and Jay spent a solid month and $10,000 painstakingly distilling those 9-1/2 hours down to two non-stop "Idea-A-Minute" hours, that are pure marketing gold!

Jay has shared this interview generously with his clients and students around the world and it has been acknowledged as one of the most important factors in those students achieving herculean business explosions.

We're talking doubling, and re-doubling, and doubling again of profits.

Tony Robbins used the interview in his famed Power Talk series. And it was so popular that it became one of the "Best Of" and was regularly packaged with the interviews Tony did with Coach John Wooden and Steven Covey.

Jay was a great friend of our father and he's become a very good friend of Bond and I.

We were talking with Jay about our desire to create a stronger relationship with our current and future subscribers. We asked Jay if HE would be willing to allow us to freely gift to our people the FULL length, two-hour version of the final, tightly edited interview Tony Robbins conducted.

Not only was Jay willing to do that, he one-upped us and offered to allow us to also gift you the entire tightly edited...easily readable transcription, too! So that you can benefit both and visual.

So what's the deal?

No deal.

All you have to do is click on the links below to get started right away.


Tony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham (Part 1 MP3 Audio)

Tony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham (Part 2 MP3 Audio)

Tony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham (PDF Transcripts) (RIGHT click and choose "Save As.." to properly download the file...otherwise it may not open on some browsers.


And because you are already on our subscriber list, there is no registration required.

No opt-in necessary..... NOTHING!

Just think of it as Bond's and my way of contributing richly and directly to YOUR business growing and prospering. And you can expect a continuation of “high-value” gifting, like this, to come from our site in the future.

So we encourage you to constantly check in and follow the offerings and giftings we'll be doing.

One more thing. It’s probably important. If you are not merely intrigued, but are conceptually and creatively blown away by the powerful mindset and ideas that Tony Robbins pulls out of Jay Abraham's fertile mind... Please let us know.

Because we have optioned and extraordinary collection of Jay's materials, that we would love to make available to you, BUT only if, when, (and after) you first take the ideas you will learn from this (wildly profitable) interview with Tony Robbins and Jay... put it to work in your business, and see the economic financial profit impact it produces.

In summary... Bond and I want to make a sustaining difference in your business. We urge you by the way to avail yourself of as many of my father’s past products and programs as you can, because... In all candor... they make people money. But right now we are in contribution mode, so click on the links below to start listening ane reading now.

All you have to do is click on the links below and choose to get started right away.

Tony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham (Part 1 MP3 Audio)

Tony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham (Part 2 MP3 Audio)

Tony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham (PDF Transcripts) (RIGHT click and choose "Save As.." to properly download the file...otherwise it may not open on some browsers.

Nothing else to do.

No strings attached.

No credit card to give... Nothing!

Just enjoy and prosper on us.

We'll talk soon.

To your great success,

Kevin Halbert


Before you ask... Yes you are welcome to give this to anybody else, but we would ask that if you do so, please ask them to opt-in to our website...It's a reasonable request given the value of what we are giving you.

Two hours of a guy’s time, who charges $5,000 an hour, is worth $10,000.

9-1/2 hours of a guy’s time that charges $5,000 an hour is worth basically $50,000. But the fact that they tightened the interview up to the best two hours, gives it an exponential value.

Are we saying this is worth $50,000 to you.. No... Absolutely not... We're saying it's probably worth multiples of that if you do anything with it.

Because the guy has 14,000-plus success stories he’s helped people engineer worldwide that are staggering, but it IS worth nothing if you merely make it intellectual entertainment.

So what YOU do with it is pretty much up to you.

Good luck.


Download them now. The link is coming down soon.

Tony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham (Part 1 MP3 Audio)

Tony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham (Part 2 MP3 Audio)

Tony Robbins interviews Jay Abraham (PDF Transcripts) (RIGHT click and choose "Save As.." to properly download the file...otherwise it may not open on some browsers.


Hey, if you don't like it... let it gather dust in your computer.

But download it now. It will only take a second, and it will be much faster to get it now than trying to hunt it down later.

If you like it...

Burn a copy of this onto a CD and listen to it in your car.

Listen to it every day... because every time you listen to it, it's going to make your business money.

Be sure to read the transcript, also.

This stuff is timeless and totally actionable!

We have nothing to gain by giving you bad information.

We have nothing to benefit by giving you something valueless.

We're trying to intensify and fortify this relationship. And in my brother Bond's and my opinion, we couldn't find a greater contrition than this man's success proven concepts.



We'll bring you a lot more of this if you let us know you like what we are doing.



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