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Dear Friend and Subscriber

      What you are about to read is a remarkably simple idea that can be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you. It is a tested idea. Others are using it every day and now... it's your turn!

      Listen: One of the very best ways to advertise your business is direct mail. When you use direct mail, it enables you to fire your advertising bullets with a rifle instead of a shotgun. In other words, it lets you "target" your market.

      However, there is a drawback. You see, direct mail is very expensive. Right now, for example, the postage cost of mailing a 1-ounce, first-class letter is 22 cents. And soon, it's going to be 25 cents and more. And, when you use direct mail, there are many other expenses besides postage. For example, you've got to pay for printing, list rental, envelopes, folding, stuffing and sealing and so on.

      What this all boils down to is it's going to cost you about 40 cents (or more) for every piece of direct mail advertising you send out, even if you mail bulk rate.

      Now, let's suppose you have a real estate business here in Los Angeles and you want to mail a sales letter to everyone in your trading area. O.K., if your real estate business is located on Sunset Boulevard near my office, that means you will probably, just for openers, want to mail everyone who lives in the Zip code (90069) where your business is located.

      Also, if your first mailing is successful, you'll probably want to expand your mailings to include everybody who lives in the Zip code areas adjacent to 90069.

      Anyway, to get started, let's say you contact Mailing Lists of Southern California and you discover there are 57,128 people living in Zip codes 90069, 90068, 90046 and 90210.

      Let's see now, at 40 cents apiece, it's going to cost you $22,851.20 to make just one mailing to all these people!

      Hmn? There must be a better way, right? Well, there is. Your first step is to contact other, non-competing businesses in your trading area and you say to each one of them something like this...


"Look, Mr. Druggist. As you know, the cost of direct mail advertising is sky high so I've got an idea. Listen: What I'm trying to do is get 10 different businesses to get together and share in the costs and the benefits of a 'co-op' mailing."

"What's a 'co-op' mailing?" asks Mr. Druggist. "Well, you explain, "It's very simple. What happens is everybody gives me their advertising flyer and I'll mail them all in one envelope and the costs will be evenly divided among all the different businesses. That way, instead of it costing you $22,851.20 to mail everybody in your trading area, it's only going to cost you in the neighborhood of $2,200.00 which is a savings of over 90%!"


      Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, it is a good idea... but... you've got to be careful. The first thing you've got to do is make sure none of the participating businesses are in competition with each other. And, the second thing you've got to do is make sure your direct mail message stands out, head and shoulders above all the rest.

      Fortunately, that's easy.

      You see, many of those businesses will have their advertising prepared by a local ad agency and it will be terrible. The problem here is most people who work for ad agencies only know how to "be creative" and win awards and not how to create direct mail that sells. The rest of your "co-passengers" will probably create their advertising themselves... and... while that's better than hiring a moronic ad agency... they still won't have the special, inside knowledge and know-how you're going to enjoy as a subscriber to my newsletter.

      So, what this means is most of the people in your mailing co-op are going to be mailing coupons, announcements of a special sale, a brochure that explains what hours they are open and so forth.

      Not you. No Sir. See, at this point, a light bulb is going off in your head and you are remembering what you read in that other section about what to write on a simple postcard mailing that will make people flood into your business.

      Remember? Remember how I suggested you write something that gets people to call and listen to a free recorded message that will entice them to call you or come to your place of business? You do remember? Good! And, since you're in the real estate business, you have a bunch of cards printed up that say something like this:

 Free recorded message reveals an amazing secret
 that let's you buy L.A. real estate without
high interest rates or a big down payment!
 Call (000) 000-0000 anytime, 24-hours a day.

      And, of course, what you do is you have all your little "free-riding" postcards put in all those envelopes with all the other dumb advertising and your message gets a "free ride" to everybody in your trading area.

      Another tip: Since everybody else will be using color, your message will stand out if it's in simple black and white.

      Now, of course, once you get this program really cranked up and you are making mailings perhaps once every month, you'll want to send different messages. But, don't worry. My newsletter is going to give you more good advertising ideas than you'll ever be able to use!

      Does all this sound like a lot of work to you? Well, actually, it's not. True, there is a little effort to get this set up the fir time... but... after that... all you have to do is telephone everybody every month and tell them what the deadline is to have their material delivered to the lettershop.

      And, if you are really a go-getter, why not get 50 local businesses involved with this idea and send out five different mailings every month. Therefore, since you'll be the organizer and don't have to pay like everybody else, your sales message can get a "free ride" in 50,000 or more mailings every month.

      Or more!

      Listen: I personally know of several people who have organized co-op mailings that go out in the millions every month.

      So, if you've really got the ambition, working up to 100,000 letters a week should be a snap. So try it. And remember...

Nothing Will Work
If You Won't!

   Gary C. Halbert



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