W-a-y West of Jewfish Creek

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

       My newsletter goes out all over the world. Many of my subscribers are extremely successful and many of them have enormous amounts of money.

       These people are in contact with me on an almost daily basis and they are always asking my opinion on different areas of their business activities. Sometimes they want my opinion on a person they may or may not decide to hire. Other times they want to know if I think their current marketing campaign could be improved. Often, they send me their ads and sales letters for critique.

       And so on.

       However, one of the most common questions I am asked is if I know about any new and tested ideas in which they can invest money.

       Now, let me tell you something: If you have a totally unproven idea you are "hoping" will work... then... I probably cannot help you. On the other hand, if you have an idea you have tested with good results... then... my friend, I may be able to direct you to one or more people who may very well be willing to totally finance your business in return for a share of your profits.

       Look, testing you ideas will cost you some money. However, when you read Section 5 of this report, you will learn how to test an ad in a daily newspaper at the lowest possible cost. And, if you are a real hustler, you can use the info in Section 9 to mail thousands of sales letters virtually free.

       Besides that, if you decide to test your idea via "conventional" direct mail, it should only cost you $1,500.00 or so if you are willing to do most of the work (addressing, sealing, stuffing, etc.) yourself. So anyway, once you do your test and you have actual numbers, then, here is what you do. You write me a letter something like this:


Dear Gary,

       Some time ago I had an idea for selling a report my wife wrote on "How To Lose Weight Without Starving" and I wrote a newspaper ad offering her report for sale. I ran the ad in the "Podunk Daily News" which has a circulation of 53,000 and the ad cost me $1,200.00 for a one-time insertion.

       I priced the report at $12.00 plus $1.50 postage and it costs me about $3.50 to fill an order. Therefore, every order yields up $10.00 in "contribution to overhead." My ad pulled in 220 orders for a total gross of $2,970.00.

       At $3.50 to fill an order it cost me $770.00 to fill all my orders. Therefore, my total costs ($770.00 to fill orders and $1,200.00 to pay for the ad) were $1,970.00 which, when subtracted from my gross of $2,970.00 left me a bottom-line profit of...


       Please let me know if you know anyone who would be interested in funding this project for a share of the profit.


                                         So & So

       O.K., as soon as I receive such a letter from you or someone else, what I do is, I immediately put the word out to my network of potential investors and usually there is some very fast action!

       Think about it and, if you ever need funding to promote your proven ideas, I welcome your call.

       By the way, my number is...


   Gary C. Halbert


Copyright 2003 Gary C. Halbert.  All Rights Reserved.