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      Whenever someone opens the yellow pages, there are two things you can count on:

#1. That person is ready to buy.
#2. That person is undecided as to which establishment he should patronize.


      O.K., let's suppose you are a chiropractor. Here in L.A., when I look under "chiropractors" I find there are 34 different listings. And, out of those 34, 12 of those doctors have gone to the additional expense of taking out a display ad. Their ads vary in size. The smallest one is 1-7/8 by 2 inches and the largest is 8 by 5 inches. Now, before I go on, I want you to go ahead and look at (and read) those 7 ads which I have reproduced.



      Alright, you tell me... is there anything in any of those ads that would make you 400% more likely to go to one of those chiropractors instead of all the others?

      I don't think so, either. And remember, these are the doctors who have paid extra for a display ad. The other doctors (the ones who are merely listed and don't have an ad) are even worse off. All they can hope for is their office happens to be geographically closer to whomever is "letting his fingers do the walking" than the other doctors.

      Not good enough. Let's see if we can do better. First, there is something you should remember...

Research Has Proven
People Are 5-Times
More Likely To Read
What Is (Or Appears To Be)
Editorial Matter Than
That Which Is Obviously
An Ad!

      And, here is something else for you to remember...

When People Look
In The Yellow Pages
They Are Looking For
A "Solution."

      In other words, when a person looks under "chiropractor", he's not only looking for a convenient doctor of chiropractic, he's also looking for a cure for his back pain, his migraine headaches, or whatever. So, let's say our relief seeker, when he gets to the section on chiropractors, not only sees all those "look-alike" ads, he also sees an "editorial" message with a headline something like this:

WARNING: Don't Call
Any Chiropractor Until
You Read This Announcement!

      Or perhaps, like this:

Read This Before You
Make A Mistake And 
Choose The Wrong Doctor!

     Or this:

Call (000) 000-0000 And Listen
To An Amazing Free Recorded Message
 That Reveals An Amazing Way
To Stop Hurting Fast!

      There is one thing common about all these headlines and that is...

They All Offer

      Now, the copy underneath those headlines must deliver on the promise in the headline. It should inform, educate, and then finally, give a compelling reason why the reader should choose the chiropractor who has written this "announcement" instead of all the others. And... not only is the message important... the format or the "look" of the message/ad can be crucial.

      And, how should it look? The answer to that one is simple...

It Should Look Like
A Hot News Story
Taken Right Out A Newspaper!



Did you know not all chiropractors are the same?

    Yes, it's true. Some chiro- practors only understand the Palmer method of spinal adjustment. While others, who are more enlightened, understand not only the Palmer method, but also, many new techniques that give a more rapid and complete relief to pain.

    Do you hurt anywhere? Do you have a chronic back problem or a recurrent, nagging headache? If so, you should visit a chiro-practor who uses the new painless "accupressure without needles" mode of therapy.

Why? The answer is simple.

You see, this new technology can be used on your very first visit to reduce your back pain (or headache) pain by 375% in just 15-minutes!

    That's the good news. The bad news is that there are only three chiropractors in California who use this new method of eliminating pain and there is only one here in Los Angeles.

    So, if you need fast help, you should call (000) 000-0000 and make an appoint-ment with Dr. R.J. Layton who is  (so)  the only doctor in L.A. using this new "stop pain" technology.

By the way, the first visit is free.

 Sort of like this:













      Now listen: I just made that up. I really don't know much about chiropractic. But, that's not the point. The idea is to get you thinking about what kind of "news release" you can write which will give you the edge on your competitors.

      Remember these points: (1) Offer news; (2) Offer a solution; and (3) If possible, offer something free.

And, Most Of All, Don't
Forget To Have Your
"News Release" Typeset
So It Looks Like "News"
And Not Like An Ad!

      Remember all those ads from the phone book I showed you? Well, let me show you how much more eye-catching our "news release" is when it's set among these other "ordinary" ads. Look at the second page of ads I have reproduced with the ad done the way I say to do it.

      Really stands out, doesn't it?

   Gary C. Halbert
P.S. I was reading an excellent book called True Detective the other day and it reminded me of something. The main character in the book was a private eye who worked in Chicago during the Capone era. And, when he opened his little agency, he called it ACME DETECTIVE AGENCY or something like that which started with an "A" so he could be listed first in the yellow pages.

If you can swing it, it's still a good idea.

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