North of Jewfish Creek

Dear Friend & Subscriber,

At the risk of ruining my reputation for modesty, I am going to make a rather bold statement...

I Now Honestly Believe
I Know More About How To
Increase The Profit Of A Website
Than Anyone Else On Earth!

I'm not kidding. I really do believe that is an accurate statement. Here's a true story: I was visited recently by a man named Ed Dale from Australia. (He has since moved to England.) Ed is one of those very rare people who started a profitable company and then... SOLD IT FOR CASH... at the peak of the frenzy. Then, Ed took the cash from the sale of his company and made some shrewd investments and even shrewder business decisions. And so, his fortune has now multiplied to double digit millions.

Ed has now started to create websites and has set out to learn everything he can about how to make those websites more profitable. He told me recently every marketing book he has read, every audio or video tape he has listened to or watched, every seminar he has attended, all pointed him to me, Sir Gary of Halbert, as the best copywriter and direct marketer online today.

Naturally, I would be the last to deny that... so... when Ed rang me up on the blower (that's Australian meaning 'he called me on the phone') I invited him to visit me in Miami. I learned a lot about Ed during our visit. One of the things I learned about him is, he always attempts to seek out and then work with only the very top people in their chosen fields of expertise. Another (of many) things I learned was Ed had five operating websites... and... each of those websites was as different from each other as they could possibly be.

I'm listing them for you here:

That's quite a unique mixture of websites, wouldn't you agree? I can't imagine how any five websites could be more different in content than those five are from each other.

Anyway, Ed and I chatted for a bit and then I told him about how I know more about increasing website profits than anyone else in the world. And, we made a dinner bet. The bet was, I could show him how to make a simple change to each of his websites which would exponentially increase his profits... immediately... on each of the sites. If I failed, I'd owe him dinner. If I won, he'd owe me dinner. I also told him this was only one of about a dozen website profit breakthroughs I had made...

And Nobody Else In The World
Knows About Them!

Let us mush on: Ed returns to Australia and makes the change I told him to make to all five of his websites. Soon, he calls me: "Well mate, it looks like I owe you a dinner!"

"Why is that?" I asked, "did my suggestion work out for you?"

"Work out? Bloody oath mate! What you told me to do increased the profitability of every one of my five websites... immediately! The lowest profit increase was 300% and the highest was about 1,000%!" (NOTE: I'll bet you a dollar to a donut that anybody who visits those sites will not be able to detect the profit-making secret I had Ed incorporate in them. It's something so sophisticated... even though it's elegantly simple... it's invisible to almost everybody.)

Anyway, I then reminded him this was only one of about a dozen secrets I have developed to increase website profitability. And, that if he would come to my Miami seminar (the one I just finished), he could learn the other secrets.

What Ed did amazed me...

First, he moved from Australia to London to be closer to me and the United States. Then, he DID attend my seminar... and... he was one of the guest speakers.

Ed Dale and I have now made a business arrangement. I am no longer for hire as a copywriter. I won't take on a single client. All I'm going to do from now on is work with Ed, keep writing my newsletter and, finish up a few unfinished marketing chores I owe a few people.

By the way, this seminar had fewer attendees than any other seminar I have ever given since I started writing my newsletter back in 1986. It was kept very small deliberately because my #1 Trusty Assistant Theresa couldn't be there to help me. She is now living with her dying father and is serving him as his primary caregiver.

So, to keep the seminar small, I only notified a fraction of my readers about it. And, it turns out, a lot of those I did notify were struggling with the loss of their homes and/or businesses caused by Hurricane Isabel. Others lucky enough not to lose their physical structures, had to deal with the loss of their electricity, phone service, computer access, fax lines, etc.

I actually had more website experts to help me with the seminar than I had seminar attendees. So, you know what we did? We gave each attendee a great deal of personal attention which would have been impossible under any other circumstances. And, we had the luxury of making this the most informative, useful, personal... and... intense... Internet/website seminar in all of recorded history.

For example, I had every single attendee tell me all about his or her website or, the website they were getting ready to put on the web. Then, I told every one of them... in exact detail... what they could do to improve the profitability of their website.

I told a few of them they should change the product they were selling. You see, many people believe the Internet is SO BIG, you can use it to sell anything. That's not true. Not if you want to make really BIG profits. If you want to make really serious money on the Internet, you have to limit yourself to a surprisingly small category (percentage-wise) of products or services you offer for sale on your site.

As I write this, I have at my side, a folder telling me (in rank order) the top 10,000 websites in the world. If your website is not among the top 10,000 sites, you are not making really, really serious money with your website. You might be making what you consider a lot but, you will be missing out on the truly humongous fungolas you could be raking in. So, one of the most important secrets I revealed at my seminar was...

How To Select A Product Or Service That...
When Sold Via The Internet... Will...
Almost Guarantee You Make HUGE Profits!

And, why not? It costs the same amount of time and energy to sell a really profitable product or service as it does to create and maintain a site which only makes peanuts.

So, let's say you are selling one or more of those hugely-profitable products or services on your website. What is the first thing you should pay a lot of attention to? I am literally amazed no one else teaches this! Can you guess what it is?

It's The NAME
Of Your Website!

Come closer. Pay attention here. Everybody in marketing with even half-a-brain knows the HEADLINE is the most important part of any ad. And, don't you get it that when it comes to websites... the NAME of your site... IS is the headline?!

People pay thousands and thousands to get the top position when someone types a search phrase into a search engine which relates to what they are selling.

So, there they are, right in the top ten results of a website search... with... a few poorly written sentences describing their site (written in blue) and the name of their website hidden at the bottom of the few lines of copy describing their site.

Know this: Burn it into your mind: Those first few sentences which describe your site... plus... the actual NAME of your site are, by far...

The Most Important Words
On Your Entire Website!

Look, when people type a search word or a search phrase into a search engine, they do NOT necessarily click on the sites which pop up in the first three or four results. No. What they do is, they glance down the list of those top ten sites and read the brief descriptions of each site... and... the name of each website.

The one they really click on first (and you DO want it to be yours) is the one with the most enticing copy describing the website... and... the most enticing website name.

It's like they are glancing at headlines in a newspaper to see what stories they want to read. And, most website descriptive copy and website names seem to have been written by marketing imbeciles. Listen, these words are, by far, the most important words on your entire website. More thought and effort should go into these few lines of descriptive copy (and name) of your website than everything else that is on your site... combined! It's so simple, I feel like I'm writing to morons that I even have to explain it... but... I'm going to explain it anyway...

If The Few Lines Of Descriptive Copy About Your Website
(And The Name Of Your Website) Are NOT Written To Grab
A Great Deal Of Immediate Attention... Nobody... Will Click
On The Link And Read Your Website... And... Therefore...

I don't know how to make it any clearer. If you cannot understand the obvious truth of what I have just written, you are truly beyond all hope.
Now, for many of you, I am going to make your day.

I suspect what I am going to write next is going to put smiles on the faces of people all over the world.

Remember how I wrote a few newsletters ago about how I was NOT going to be selling the tapes of my Internet/website seminar? I was not lying to you. Not intentionally anyway.

But, when I got to the seminar, I was pulled aside by my good friend Carlos Duran and, he told me he had made arrangements for the hotel (The Embassy Suites) to audio tape the entire seminar. He told me he wanted to have tapes of the event, even if it was just for archival reasons. What the heck? I didn't see how it could hurt anything. And then, something strange happened: About one-third of the way through the seminar, I realized this was turning out to be the best seminar on how to make website profits in all of history.

And so, I have decided I will sell the tapes. Not only that, I made another decision:

I Made The Decision
To Sell The Tapes At A
Dirt-Cheap, Low Price!

This presented me with a particular problem. Here I was, standing in front of a small group of people who had paid nearly $6,000 to attend my seminar plus all their hotel and travel expenses. And, three of these people had come all the way from Singapore. Do you know how much it costs to fly round trip from Singapore? I just looked it up. It's somewhere in the vicinity of $3,000.00 or more.

Maybe some of the attendees would not have come to the seminar... if... they had known in advance they would be able to buy the tapes... and especially... if they knew the dirt-cheap price I was going to charge for the tapes.

But, there was no way they could have known any of that because... I didn't know I was going to do this myself. So, I decided to make a little "pitch" to the attendees. This is what I said:


"Look, this is turning out to be a truly spectacular seminar. So spectacular, in fact, I want to share it with the world by selling the audio tapes of this event. But, I can see how many of you would resent that after paying so much to be here in person. So, I want to make a deal with you.

"First, I will give you some secret website techniques for making profits that I had already decided I wasn't going to share with anybody.

"Secondly, right here and right now, I will change the agenda of this seminar so I can go over everybody's website and tell you personally and individually how to immediately increase the profits of your site.

"And, if that's not enough, I will give you the right to call me about any of your website problems for the next 18-months and I will do my best to help you... without any charge!"


Everybody in that room LOVED my proposal. So, guess what? If you want to, you are going to be able to buy the tapes... and... you are going to be able to buy them at far less than what my seminar attendees had to pay. I have reasons for doing this and I will explain those reasons at the end of this letter.

But now, for the first time in my life, I'm going to do something I've never done before. Instead of me writing a sales letter to entice you to buy the tapes of this seminar... I'm going to let my attendees do it for me!

Below are the actual letters I received from the people who attended my live seminar. Give them a quick read and then decide for yourself if my seminar was just maybe the absolute best seminar on making website profits anyone has ever experienced:

Dear Gary,

  I realized what I hate most: Flying in an airplane for 20 hours. But if you are going to put on another seminar with a $5,000 price tag, guess what? I would still go on a dumb plane and fly 20 hours to attend your seminar! Here is why:

  1. I learned about a drug (which was completely unknown to me) that quite possibly, will make me a million dollars within the next 24-months.

  2. I learned your secret on how to (at least) double my website profits.

  3. I got to meet some great minds in marketing.

  4. I learned how to place ads in newspapers at a huge discount off rate cards.

  5. I just learned about the most important thing I can ever do for my business.

   I've read in your newsletter, "much of what I say is timely, but much of what I say is also timeless." And what I learned in this Internet seminar is timeless.

Terry Ryan

Dear Gary,

   As a long time reader of "The Gary Halbert Letter," I thought I had an idea of what to expect from this seminar.

   Boy, was I wrong!

   On Day 1, I received at least two ideas that I put into action... THAT SAME NIGHT!

   Day 2 taught me more about copywriting by listening to real-world critiques than I ever had listening to tapes or reading books.

   Day 3 is where the money is for my business. I learned one strategy to use in my Internet marketing efforts that will GUARANTEE a 500% increase in my business. I want to thank you for allowing John Reese the opportunity to share this tactic.

   In all, I am walking away from this experience a wiser man. My gratitude for this cannot be expressed in words.

Bill Kent
Houston, Texas

Dear Gary,

   I got turned onto Gary Halbert when I was 23 years old. I'm now 25 and have made over One Hundred Thousand Dollars using the insider secrets given to me by Gary. After this Internet seminar, I'm ready to make 5 million dollars in the next two years.

   The future of making money on the Internet has just had the door blown off it... and... Gary Halbert is leading the charge behind the captain's chair of an MA1 mobile tank fleet. Thanks Gary for giving my finances air in a world drowning with money problems.

Denice Cantaloni
Miami, FL

Dear Gary,

   I've been to many of your seminars. However, this one was by far the best! After having read at least a dozen books alleging to teach me how to make money with a website, your course this weekend taught more proven, simple and workable keys to actually DOING that (and easily) than all those books combined! This knowledge could be worth a literal fortune in Internet profits for most anyone who applies it. Thank you so very much.

Mark Gordon
Seattle, WA

Dear Gary,

   As experienced Internet marketers, my team and I didn't come to this workshop looking for the basics... but... came for those unexpected points of view (Gary's hallmark) which spawns two or three important new ideas. You gave us five or six. As always, Gary's workshops deliver.

Gerald Ledford
Albuquerque, NM

Dear Gary,

   Your October, 2003 Internet/website seminar was phenomenal!

   I'm just starting out in the Internet/website business and your seminar provided me all of the essential tools to make money in the Internet... including how to write a winning sales letter, secrets to setting up a profitable website and much, much more.

   Within the next ten days, I'll have my website making money... and I'll be on my way to a very successful Internet business. Thanks a million.

Robert Brown
Boston, MA

Dear Gary,

  "Thank you" seems thin... what I want is something that has more muscle... something with "heft"... something... something GRAND! What do you say to someone who has been so generous... not only with the invitation... but with the presentation?

  People have asked me, 'was it worth it?' I tell them that I saw someone who was tops in his field deliver with total generosity everything he had. I had the privilege to be in he room with his peers, to be treated as one of them! "What? WHAT? Was it worth it? Are you NUTS?" I say, "OF COURSE IT WAS WORTH IT! Those three days have changed my life. What I learned is multi-layered, and it will be percolating through my being for a long time as I digest the content."

   Really, "thank you", (as well meaning as it is) does not say what I feel. The only thing I can think to do is, "do" what you taught. To go out there and work and someday say, "Gary Halbert taught me that." I just want to live up to the opportunity you gave us.

   Jackie, who had no thought of marketing anything is now fired up and ready to go. In changing my life, you have inadvertently changed hers. NOW... there is the greatest gift of all.

   Really Gary, you are the guru of words... What Can I Say? Muchicimas Gracias! Vaya con Dios! Just know, you will always be there until the last beat of my heart. Darn, I always seem to get mushy even though I don't want to... I'll have to work on that.

Bernice Edwards
Portland, OR

Dear Gary,

   I have learned more about making money online in three days with you... than... I have the past four years paying through the nose following the so-called Internet gurus.

Naomi Walker
Farmingdale, NY

Dear Gary,

   I have gained invaluable insights on copywriting in this seminar. And your simple tips on how to make my website more profitable will definitely work!

Toni Yong

Dear Gary,

   This has been the most beneficial seminar I have ever attended. I have learned so many tips and strategies for marketing...

My Brain Is Throbbing!

   The seminar was excellent in itself but, talking to the other attendees was like participating in mini-seminars and mentoring by experts in the field.

   This seminar has been a giant "payback" for all the good deeds I have done in my life.

Jackie Gibson
Portland, OR

Dear Gary,

   I came to your seminar hoping to walk away with one really good idea. Instead, I am walking away with... 43 incredibly great ideas!

Lorenzo Vaughn
Toronto, Canada

Dear Gary (and to anyone else who is reading this),

   I've attended many of Gary's seminars over the years. The truth is, this web seminar was the very best if you are serious about making your fortune on the web. Without the tapes, you are almost guaranteed to fail. With them... the only way you can fail is... if you don't listen to them!

Kevin King
Grand Rapids, MI

Dear Gary,

   I have a background in anthropology... which means... I have almost no knowledge of marketing. After attending Gary Halbert's seminar, my learning curve has skyrocketed.

Anita Kirkpatrick
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Gary,

   Thanks for all the copywriting tips. Especially the secrets you shared about bullets, headlines, the best time and place to write copy, and the one secret that was worth the cost of the seminar... what special process you should use to accept orders that will double your own orders.

   Automatically include my name for sign up at your next seminar. Oh, and would you do me a favor? Please, please, please, do not make tapes of this seminar available to the public.

Gary McClure
Jacksonville, FL

Dear Gary,

   No one can show you how direct marketing techniques can be used to make tons of money on the Internet better than Gary Halbert.

Geoffrey Allen
Albuquerque, NM

Dear Gary,

   Finding the real thing in a world which has learned to accept the "fair" copy as the norm is a mind expanding experience. Gary Halbert really "is" the man he is reputed to be. His presentation is sharp and to the point. He condenses the most pertinent points into the time allotted without crowding the ideas. He gives individual attention without demeaning the questioner. As a teacher, he has the gift to communicate in a way the student can learn. I am taking the lessons learned back with me in the full confidence I can use them to remake my business life. I will be at his next seminar and I will continue to read his newsletters for the best nuggets I know are there. Quite simply, he is the best.

Bonita Evans
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Gary,

   I walked into your seminar a little nervous... I was a true web virgin.

   But now, I have all the tools I need to set up a profitable website including... how to find a profitable product to sell... how to set up a search page... how to test the site to see if it will be profitable (and for less than $195!)... and how to craft a compelling sales letter to put on the site!

   Thanks for everything. You gave me a heck of a lot more than I expected!

George Cochran
Tampa, FL

Dear Gary,

   I expected to learn enough to get me off to a jump start but, with just a couple of your ideas... on the first day... I realized that I'm better than I thought I was! And when the best in the world says, "That's damn good copy," that gives me an incredible amount of confidence.

   I was also glad to get the technical expertise of John Reese. Your addition of John to the line-up made this experience a complete package for me.

   I know now that I got more out of your seminar than I could have imagined, let alone expected.

Gill Thompson
Minneapolis, MN

Dear Gary,

   Even if you find Gary's website extremely helpful (as I do) you gotta hear him! Some of the things he reveals are tested and proven... but are so cutting-edge and counter-intuitive... that you have to hear the questions, the objections, and the reasons why.

   His comments about the ordering process are profound, and just as I describe above.

Robert Jones
Boston, MA

Dear Gary,

   Firstly, a big thank you! I am so glad that I flew 20 plus hours from Singapore to attend this seminar.

   Many things I learned can be implemented immediately... which... I am sure will boost my revenue tremendously. This is the most value-added seminar I have attended so far.

   I will definitely want to be at your next seminar.

Lee Canton

As you've just read, all 20 people who attended my seminar thought it was well worth the time and money they spent to attend. But, truth be told, I didn't pull it off alone. The other speakers included Carlos Duran about how you should not work merely to increase the size of your bank account, but that... also... your work should be something you care passionately about. He also made the very valuable point about how you should put the same amount of passion you do into making money into your family and your health. Plus, he explained how, when he first met me three years ago, he was a personal trainer struggling to make the rent... and how... his association with me (he lives right here in Miami) has changed his personal and financial circumstances enormously for the better.

Another of my speakers was "Doberman Dan" Gallapoo who lives in the Escazu section of San Jose, Costa Rica. He actually lives within walking distance of 70% of the online sports betting casinos in the entire world. Online betting is legal in Costa Rica and, it pisses off the government to no end. Earlier this year, the government tried to shut down the online casinos by making it almost impossible for U.S. citizens to use their credit cards to place their bets. The U.S. government has NOT succeeded in this endeavor but, for a while, they put a real hurting on all the online casinos. So, what the casinos did was to get creative and discovered several ingenious ways to get money from people who can't use a credit card. You never know: Maybe one day something negative will happen to your merchant account and you will no longer have the ability to process credit cards... so... one of these options that Dan reveals at my seminar (which was discovered by the online sports books) could, quite literally...

Save Your Business!

Dan also revealed a "connection" to someone who may (for real) be able to solve any merchant account problems you might be having.

Another guest speaker was Joachim DePosada. Joachim (pronounced Wa-keem) is my all-time favorite public speaker. He once gave me what I consider the most important piece of business advice I ever got in my entire life. (You'll hear me discuss it when you listen to the seminar tapes.)

Joachim travels all over the world and teaches Fortune 500 companies the REAL secrets a person needs to know to become successful. He has written a new book called, "How To Survive The Piranhas" and I am honored he has included an entire section about me in it. He practically gives this book away compared to what it's worth. Find it on the 'net and get yourself a copy.

And then, as I mentioned previously, Ed Dale also spoke at my seminar. Ed is one of those people who really pisses me off... because... he not only makes tons of money... he KEEPS it! (This is a trick I've never learned.) Anyway, Ed explained all the secrets he uses to make website profits to my attendees. And, I can say with 100% honesty, what you will hear him reveal on my seminar tapes is so incredibly valuable, you should hide your head in shame if you don't use what he teaches to make more money than any sane person can possibly spend!

And remember in the testimonials, some of my attendees mentioned John Reese? Well, remember at the beginning of this letter I wrote "I Now Honestly Believe I Know More About How To Increase The Profit Of A Website Than Anyone Else On Earth!"? Shit. After meeting and listening to John Reese, I think honesty dictates that, in actuality, that distinction has to go to John Reese.

He's one of those guys who, until recently (like John Carlton) has preferred to stay very low profile and under the radar. The rumors I am now hearing about him are that he is the top entrepreneur on the entire Internet. When John (Reese) started talking to my attendees and revealed his secrets, it was like having Tiger Woods taking a personal interest in you, taking you under his wing and teaching you to play golf.

And there you have it. A rather complete description of my latest seminar and what you will learn about making website profits when you listen to those audio tapes. I'm going to tell you how you can get those tapes... and... why I'm selling them... so cheap... in just a moment. But first, I want to discuss something else.

You know, there's something I've noticed about every successful marketer whenever I have visited them in their houses. I've noticed...

They Are All Information Junkies!

They can't get enough. They are just like me. If you ever visit the home of a truly pro marketer, you'll always find a room dedicated to housing information products he has purchased over the years. Hundreds of books, dozens of sets of audio tapes, box after box of video cassettes, numerous magazine articles, newspaper articles and EVERYTHING he can get his hands on which might help him be a better marketer. Here's the truth:

The Top Guys Never Think They Know It All...
And... They NEVER Stop Learning!

In fact, you know where I'm gonna be in November? I'm gonna be at someone else's seminar! I'm gonna be at someone else's seminar on websites! And, guess what? I'm NOT going there to teach. No, I'm going as a regular attendee... to learn. And, if you are a really serious person about making website profits, I suggest you go also. I'll tell you how to find out all the details of this seminar (which is going to be held in San Francisco) right after I tell you how to get your greedy, little hands on a set of audio tapes of my seminar.

But first, I want to tell you why I'm selling my tapes so cheaply.

First, I didn't know until the last minute I was going to be taping the seminar... and so... a small portion was not captured on the tapes. For example, we started the seminar by having everyone in the room introduce themselves and tell us a little about their businesses. This portion was not caught on the audio tapes.

There are a few other bits and pieces we didn't catch on the tapes... but... we did get just about everything of value... and... the audio is very clear.

Secondly, we did not video tape the seminar which, in my opinion, enhances your learning experience.

Thirdly, you will not be getting the kind of individual attention I was able to give each of the attendees.

And lastly, you will not be eligible for my individual assistance during the next 18-months with your website problems. I made that promise to my attendees... for them... to allow me to sell the tapes of the seminar... and... feel good about allowing me to do so.

OK, as you know, the attendees had to pay $5,985.00 to be at the seminar. They also had to pay all their travel and hotel expenses. That means, in some cases (like the attendees who came from Singapore) they had to shell out over $9,000.00 to be there.

So, here's what I've decided to charge for the audio tapes. Exactly one-tenth (1/10) of the price of the seminar... not counting... hotel and other travel expenses. That means... you can buy these utterly-priceless tapes for only $598.50.

There are several ways you can order these tapes. The first way is to write your check in the amount of $598.50 made payable to "Cherrywood Publishing" and send it to:

Cherrywood Publishing
3101 S.W. 34th Ave. #905-467
Ocala, FL 34474

If you do that, we will send the tapes to you immediately by First-Class mail. (By the way, even though Theresa is out of state helping her Dad, there is someone else in Ocala who picks up the mail daily.)

Or, if you prefer to order using a credit card, you can do it by fax or phone. To fax your order, write the words "Seminar Tape Order" on a sheet of paper and fax it to (352) 861-1665 along with the following information:

1)  Your name as it appears on your credit card
2)  Your credit card number
3)  The expiration date
4)  Your BILLING address for that credit card
5)  The 'security code' from your credit card
a)  If using Visa or MasterCard, the 'security code' are the last three digits on the BACK of your credit card in your signature panel
b) If using American Express, the 'security code' are the four digits on the FRONT of your credit card above your credit card number
6)  The shipping address where you want the tapes sent

But, like I said, you can also phone in your order. Normally, I'd have you call my office and give your information directly to Theresa. But, since she's not in the office, you can call me directly... and... I will take your order. My PRIVATE telephone numbers (which you promise NOT to give to anyone else... unless they want to order, of course) are:

Home: (786) 924-3918 Cell: (352) 895-0689


Also, since I'm expecting to get a lot of calls, if both those lines are busy, you can call my friend, Carlos Duran on his cell phone at (786) 390-9100 and he will take your order.

If you try to call and you can't get through, please do NOT leave a voicemail message. Instead, e-mail me at...

and leave your telephone number. I will then return your call as fast as humanly possible. Also, please write "Seminar Tape Order" in the Subject Line of your e-mail. That way, I won't make a mistake and think I've received some kind of spam e-mail and automatically delete it.


Gary C. Halbert
(temporarily the world's most exhausted guru)


If you decide to go to San Francisco to the same seminar I will be attending, say "hello" to me if you see me in the crowd. You can find all the details about that seminar by clicking on the link below:

That's it for now. I'm gonna crank up the "No Mercy" and take a little cruise.


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