Does Size Really Matter?

(Finally, Gary Halbert gives

you the real answer!)

OK, the most asked question about sex (it's asked all over the world) is... does size really matter?

The answer is "yes"... and... "no".

Let me explain: Size does NOT matter until you are about to have sex. Think about it: You're walking down the street, dressed in a suit, carrying a briefcase on your way to a business meeting.

What does it matter if your penis is 4-inches or 4-feet long? It doesn't. Except maybe a 4-foot long penis might be a tad uncomfortable and somewhat of a struggle to keep in your underpants.

But, let's say you and your woman are about to have sex and you've just stripped off your underwear. Does your woman now care about the size of your penis?


But, more accurately, she cares about the size of your... erection!

And, not for the reason you think. A man doesn't have to have a huge penis to satisfy a woman sexually. But, there is one thing she does know for sure...

All Erections Are NOT

Created Equally!

Remember when you were a kid in school and dreaded the idea you might be called to the head of the class... because... you had a hard-on which was turning the front of your jeans into a tent?

Well, that's what a woman wants to see when you undress to have sex with her. She wants to see you with the longest, fattest, hardest erection you can possibly have.


It's simple. If you have a "killer" erection when you are about to have sex with a woman, it gives her a sense of pride. It's a boost to her ego. It confirms she is indeed extremely sexually desirable. The fact she has been able to get you so excited that you have an erection like those you had back when you were in school, is an enormous sense of pride to her.

It won't necessarily increase her sexual pleasure... but... it will elevate her self-esteem to no end.

The truth is, you absolutely CAN'T (unless you have surgery) increase the size of your penis.

But, you CAN increase the size of your erection and, it's extremely important you do so.

You will learn how in the next chapter.


   Gary C. Halbert



Copyright 2003 Gary C. Halbert.  All Rights Reserved.