Dear Friend & Subscriber,

This may be the most important e-mail you will ever receive.

 At least from me.

 I havenít written a newsletter for nearly two months. This has caused some people to wonder if I am sick or something. I am not. I feel great and, as far as I know, I enjoy almost perfect health.

 But, the entire state of Florida is a disaster area. Iíve just taken a road trip here of nearly 1,000 miles. You wouldnít believe the damage Iíve seen. Thousands of people have lost everything.

 So, Iíve decided to give a FREE teleseminar and give away at least 90-minutes of hard-core marketing secrets. You donít have to pay a dime to be on this teleseminar. But what I am hoping, of course, is you will find the teleseminar so valuable you will be moved to write a check to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund.

 Right now, Iím in the process of choosing a teleseminar service and I need to know at least approximately how many people will be on the conference call.

 So, hereís what Iím asking you to do right now. If you are interested in this teleseminar, please send me an e-mail immediately that just says, ďIím interestedĒ in the subject line. Send your e-mail to me atÖ

 That wonít obligate you to be on the call. But, Iíll take it as an indication you might be on it and thus I can make an intelligent choice when it comes to hiring a teleconference service.

 Iíll write soon giving you all the details. But, for now, do me a small favor and let me know if you have any interest whatsoever of being on the call.


   Gary C. Halbert


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