North of Jewfish Creek

Tuesday, 10:07 a.m.


Dear Friend & Subscriber,

I almost NEVER do what I'm going to do right now.

What is this rare thing I'm going to do? Thank you for asking. What I'm going to do is... ask you to click on the link at the bottom of this letter.

When you do that, you will go to a message written by a 19-year-old-kid. This kid has read all my newsletters and studied just as hard as I did when I was first getting started in direct response.

He has come up with a REAL way you can make serious money... even if... you don't have a product to sell, don't have a mailing list, don't have any credibility, or don't have much money.

His name is Jason Cox and he's so excited about what he has discovered, he's on fire about making nearly $20,000 with his idea. It's refreshing to read his sales letter because, in fact, he grossly underestimates the value of what he has developed. What he's got to teach will be a dream come true for many of my subscribers. It's actually something that can get you out of your daily grind almost immediately.

Jason's written a very good sales letter... but... it stumbles in a few ways he doesn't know about yet. I was tempted to "touch up" his letter in a few spots but, I decided not to. I want you to read it "raw" just like he wrote it.

Speaking of "raw", I wish I had all the raw, "amateur" letters I wrote when I was just getting started. It would be fun to compare them side-by-side with the copy I write now.

Anyway, back to Jason... this kid is going to be wealthy. His copy now (although it has flaws) is plenty good enough to get his message across.

I think you need to read it, print it, and keep it in your "swipe" file. And, to tell the truth, I think you should purchase what he has to offer. Listen: I almost NEVER endorse anything out of all the hundreds of people who constantly want to pitch their products to my list.

But, I AM endorsing this kid. I have his product and, it really is a breakthrough that almost nobody knows about. Do yourself a favor and click on the link below. Do it right now. You won't be sorry.


   Gary C. Halbert


P.S. This letter makes me feel like I am writing about myself when I was decades younger.


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