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 Dear Friend & Subscriber,

This message is going to be short and sweet and... for many of you...

The Most Electrifying

Message I've Ever Written!

It seems I have been discovered by the youth of America, many of whom seem to be fascinated by my work. Some of these kids have such profound and innovative ideas, it reminds me afresh of just how powerful an uncluttered young mind can be.

There's one kid in particular I've been hanging out with who is almost not to be believed. I call him "Little Bill" even though his name is Rob. I call him "Little Bill" because I think this kid is maybe going to be the Bill Gates of this millennium.

Listen to this: He started a website with $130.00. In no time at all, his Alexa rating was 206... and... it stayed there for more than a month!

He Gets Approximately

One BILLION Hits Per Day!

"Little Bill" lives in Birmingham, Alabama and hates it because he has almost no one to relate to there.

His Internet traffic now is so high, he needs new software to handle it all. But, he's a 15-year-old kid and doesn't have any money.

What he needs is an investor. I'm not talking about a big-time investor either. He says he needs about $9,000.00. But, I think he's giving me a figure that represents what he needs if he does everything on a "bare bones" basis.

I think he ought to have a little more so he'll have some sort of cushion. Listen, I can't really talk to this kid. His only passion is computers and he's so advanced technologically, he's like a guy who designed a 747 talking to another guy (me) who's excited because he just discovered fire.

This is not a deal for me. But, for some of you who are computer literate... and... have a few bucks to invest, you ought to talk with him.

His full name is Rob Sandusky and he has two cell phones. The numbers are (205) 422-6725 and (205) 915-8491.

His e-mail address is

If you're interested, contact him directly. And listen, if this ever turns into a big-time deal...

Throw A Few Crumbs

My Way!


   Gary C. Halbert


P.S. This message will soon be followed by a more "typical" newsletter on which I've been working for a couple months.




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