Dear Friend and Subscriber,

If Gary Halbert was the one writing this email, he would probably start it off like this:

"If you are marketing-obsessed and a fan of mafia movies, this is going to be the most exciting message you have ever read.

Here is why:"

Then Gary would proceed to use his unique blend of charm, curiosity, authority and fascination to lure you in... and then... "grab you by the jugular."

Somehow... within minutes...

You'd Be Whipping Out Your Wallet So Quickly,
Your Wrist Would Get Whiplash!  

Gary had an uncanny ability to connect with readers and turn them into buyers, that's for sure.

But he was also a top-notch teacher. As you know, Gary's newsletters and seminars are some of the most widely-referenced marketing resources on the planet... even 'til this day. In fact, many of the world's biggest direct response experts trace their success directly to pop. Bond and I hear that all the time.

One of them is Nader Anise. 

Nader has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for his clients and himself over the last few decades.

If the name rings a bell, it's because we've written about Nader in The Gary Halbert Letter before. He was also one of the star presenters of Halbertology and knocked it out of the park with his content.

Or you might have seen Nader's picture in Forbes or read about him in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today or Bloomberg. Or maybe you saw the prime time television coverage of one of his organizations on NBC or Access Hollywood.

We know for certain that Gary thought very highly of Nader's work. In fact, our dad was so impressed with one of his promotions, he and Nader exchanged several emails about it. In one of them, the Prince of Print wrote...

"Nader, that's a KILLER sales letter! 
Unless you say different, I'm going to
write about it in my newsletter. Gary"

Unfortunately, shortly after writing the email, Gary passed away... so he never had the chance to fulfill his promise. 

But we did. 

In a newsletter titled "Gary Halbert's Unfinished Business," we devoted the entire issue to Nader's sales letter. Bond also highlighted five key lessons of benefit to all copywriters. It's what our dad would have wanted. 

Anyway, back to Gary's opening sentence...

What does being "marketing-obsessed" and a fan of mafia movies have to do with YOU?


You see, Nader has recently started a direct response club called the MOBB CLUB. (Don't get the wrong idea -- it's not a club for wiseguys. M.O.B.B. stands for "Marketing-Obsessed Business Builders.")

It's a legit marketing club for all types of entrepreneurs and small business owners -- from copywriters, consultants, coaches, authors and speakers... to owners of brick and mortar businesses and professional practices... to brokers, marketing agencies, web-based businesses, and more...

It's open to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

So, bottom line: If you're building a business of any kind... and are hopelessly addicted to all things marketing...

You Belong In the "MOBB!"

Now listen, the MOBB CLUB isn't your "usual" marketing club.

First of all, when you check out the website, you'll notice there's a cool, tongue-in-cheek mafia theme throughout. Nader is one of the good guys... and he branded his club in a unique way that's both fun and memorable.

Second, Nader is personally involved in all aspects of the business. Unlike other clubs whose founders might be more of a figurehead, Nader is totally hands-on.

Third, the MOBB CLUB offers a community of members who generously share of their knowledge and experience with each other. From the novice to advanced marketer, everyone has a place there. It's truly a "family" atmosphere.

Fourth, there's always fresh, new content to satisfy even the most serious marketing junkie. Whether provided by Nader personally or by some of his famous marketing friends, it's all top-shelf.

Fifth, Nader uses his 30-year track record of success to provide some of the most insightful, profitable, and IMMEDIATELY USABLE advice. Members are already seeing revenue spikes. 

For Example...

Superstar copywriter Lorrie Morgan praises the MOBB CLUB as the place "where marketers who generate mega bucks come to hang out and get advice." 

She reveals what happened after applying one of Nader's tips: "I negotiated royalties on my project that is on course to make me an additional $11,125 on our product launch." 

And that's just from one of Nader's tips.

Many other members are seeing similarly exciting results (with plenty of testimonials to show for it).

 It Costs... HOW Much?!!

The number I'm about to write isn't a typo... although to be honest... even we were surprised by Nader's price.

Bond and I have actually known Nader for years. We've hung out together... brainstormed together... even worked on projects like Halbertology together. Anyone who knows this man knows he's a real-deal industry "player" who underpromises and overdelivers.

Gary himself said Nader's stuff was "KILLER"... and of course... Bond and I give him our highest recommendation.

The fact is, even if the membership fee was priced at $300 or $400 per month, or even $500 a month, it would be worth every penny. One idea from Nader can result in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in added revenue.

And if you consider all the benefits -- the webinars, newsletters, coaching calls, private community, sweepstakes opportunities and shoulder-rubbing with Nader directly -- joining should be a no-brainer. That is, if you are truly serious about building and growing your business.

Speaking of No-Brainers...

Amazingly, Nader will open the doors to you... allow you to test-drive the MOBB CLUB for a FULL 30 days... for only $1.

That's all.

$1 and you're in.

Such a tiny price for such a massive opportunity. 

The thing is, Nader understands human nature, and that many people would rather dip their toe in the water first... before jumping in with both feet.

What better way to do that than to (channeling The Godfather) make you a $1 offer you can't refuse? 

Even beyond the trial period... the monthly membership fee is genuinely affordable.

Have You Ever LUSTED For a Free Bonus?

(PLEASE NOTE: The following is a private and very special bonus for subscribers of The Gary Halbert Letter ONLY. You will not see a word about it on the MOBB CLUB website.)

If you are among the first 200 Gary Halbert Letter subscribers who join the MOBB CLUB, Nader will email you a link to a webinar he gave recently on email marketing for FREE(You should do everything in your power to make sure you're one of the first 200.)

In it, Nader dissects an "out of the blue," cold email he sent to the president of a MAJOR travel website (you've surely seen their ads)... that resulted in a surprising response.

What was the response? An immediate request for a private phone conference with Nader!

Line by line, Nader breaks down the email -- every mind-bending trigger... every psychological maneuver... every masterful copywriting technique. He also reveals the remarkable details of what happened during and after the call.

Just wow.

Copywriting experts who've studied the email have universally commented on its deceptively simple appearance. One called it "One of the greatest examples of email marketing I've seen in a long time." Another, "Sheer brilliance." 

In fact, the 219-word email is so impressive, one of marketing's living legends wanted to pay Nader to use it in his own business. (Details are revealed in the webinar.)

Imagine if you can apply it to your business...

But remember, you need to be among the first 200 to join from here to get free access.

Nader's "Madness" on Full Display?

When Bond and I discussed the MOBB CLUB with Nader, he was adamant that new members should be able to join without having to risk anything... not a single penny. 

We liked that idea a lot.

Then Nader went further... and told us that if anyone requests a refund before the trial period ends, he would happily DOUBLE their money -- no strings attached.

Talk about believing in your product!

But what he did next had us both scratching our heads in disbelief. 

Nader is so committed to transparency, he revealed something on his website that's so personal, so sensitive, some spouses don't even share it with one another. It's shocking really.

It feels so wrong making this public, but Nader insisted.

Kevin and Bond Halbert 

 PS. You know who else is a fan of Nader's work? Marketing legend Joe Sugarman. Recently, Joe praised Nader on one his blockbuster promotions and wrote: "Nader: Thanks for sharing your promotion with me. You're amazing... You really did an incredible job." Click here to see what else Joe Sugarman said. (Hint: It's about the MOBB CLUB.)

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