Dear Friend,

      I know because of Gary Halbert (AKA Bert Halgary) you have heard a lot about me and my new product called FirePlay.

      What you haven’t been told yet is how it works.  So I’ve asked Gary Halbert to write a piece of copy for me that explains (in a way that almost anybody can understand) just exactly how FirePlay works to get women very sexually excited.  What follows was written by Gary and I think you will find it very interesting.


 Julie Paris



How FirePlay Makes Almost Certain
You Have the Best Sex Possible!


      I'm sure you've heard all the stories about the alleged aphrodisiac called the "Spanish Fly."  Early descriptions of this product date back to antiquity.  This drug is mentioned by Hippocrates, Celsus and Pliny.  The Roman empress, Libia (58 B.C. through 29 A.D.) is said to be the person who slipped it into the food of other members of the Imperial family... to stimulate them into committing sexual indiscretions... which could later be used against them.  Libia was originally the wife of Tiberius Claudius Nero.  But he gave her away to Octavianus (later known as Emperor Augustus) as part of a reconciliation agreement.

       Even today, the legend of the Spanish Fly as a powerful aphrodisiac persists.

       Is the Spanish Fly just a myth... or... did it (and does it now) really exist?  Well, thanks to the efforts of Julie Paris, it doesn't much matter ... because... her new product...

 Really Does Work!

       It's safe... and... it actually does make women... instantly horny!

       Julie spent years of research getting the formula of this product exactly right.

      Also, even though Julie is one of the world's leading experts in female biology, she did not create this product by herself. She had the help of a world-famous chemist who has a testing laboratory in
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He is the leading expert in the world on SPF (Suntan Protection Factor) and equally knowledgeable of other facets of human biology.

      I'm going to try to tell you how this product works... but remember... I am NOT a scientist. So, if I don't get it exactly right, don't blame Julie or the other chemists involved.

      Anyway, here's how it works as I understand it: If you've ever been in the sun too long (without sun screen protection) you probably got a sunburn. The reason you got that sunburn was because of all those UVA rays from the sun causing something called an
"Arachadonic acid cascade". Basically (as I understand it) an "Arachadonic acid cascade" is a chemical chain reaction that causes a harmful sunburn.

      Now, get this: Although they would explain it differently, what Julie and this other world-famous chemist have been able to do create is a product that produces something (at least vaguely similar) to a harmless

"Arachadonic acid cascade" in the genital area of women who are exposed to this product. This causes a pleasant, very exciting warming sensation which works on women (from the inside out) that...


Makes It Almost Impossible

For Them To Think About

Anything Except Sex!


      This product really works!  I've talked with women who’ve used it (and used it myself with one special lady) … and… I’ve never seen or heard women react to anything like this! And, because Julie is now selling much more of this product than before, her manufacturing costs are down.

      So, she’s agreed to pass on this savings to her customers.  When you put your name on the waiting list for this product the price was $69.95 + $3 shipping for a 60 day supply.

      Now you can get it for $20 less …and… you still get the free copy of my book called… 

Killer Orgasms:

How To Have The Best Sex Humanly Possible!

      By the way, the book is now available for immediate downloading.  It would have been ready for you earlier ….if.. I wasn’t such a computer idiot.

      Whatever, I’m sorry, but I’m a writer, not a geek.  Anyway, here’s the link you use to get your special discount….and… to download my book if you so desire.



   Gary C. Halbert


 P.S.  If youve already ordered FirePlay...and...youv'e had a chance to use it, you already know how spectacular it is.

Also, I dare say, if you've received or downloaded my book, I'm sure you've learned some very good info never published before.

Anyway, if that's the case, this is a good chance for you to get another copy of my book (it's a great gift for friends)  ...and... to re-order fireplay at a price it was impossible for us to offer before. And, just because it's not said often enough...


Thank You For
Being One of My Readers


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