North of Jewfish Creek

Thursday, 12:51 p.m.


Dear Friend & Subscriber,

I've gotta eat some crow... so... I may as well start chewing.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Recently, I wrote a newsletter about the desperate need for people in direct response to have a good merchant account.

I wrote that anyone who needs a merchant account should e-mail me and I would contact them. I said that if I deemed them worthy, I would pass their info on to a processor who might be able to help them. Well...

I Must Have Been

Out Of My Mind!

So many people e-mailed me, I can't even imagine how long it would take  me to have a telephone chat with them all.

Plus, both computers I've been using have crashed and burned. One of them was diagnosed with having 53 viruses! Needless to say, I "lost" a lot of your e-mails in the process.

I've decided to take myself out of the middle and give ALL my readers the name of the processor. This is what I should have done in the first place.

If you need a merchant account, you need to send an e-mail to:

Tell Nick ALL about your business... and... that you are writing him because you're a reader of my newsletter.

You'll get a prompt reply from him. Especially since it won't be me and my viruses you'll be dealing with.                                   


   With Apology,
   Gary C. Halbert


P.S. I really feel sorry about this. I wish you the best of luck.




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