Dear Friend & Subscriber,
This is an extremely time-sensitive newsletter... so... I'm asking you to please read it right away.
Recently, I wrote a newsletter and it appeared inside an envelope icon titled "The Most Important Thing You Need To Know To Make Website Profits!"
In that newsletter, I described how NOTHING can improve your website profits like learning how to WRITE a killer pitch. I also gave details of a seminar I will be giving in Miami teaching you how to do just that. And, of course, I'll be teaching how to write copy for direct mail letters, newspaper advertising, magazines, etc.
I wrote that newsletter in the heat of the moment and I forgot to mention a few things:
First:    This is seminar is going to be so hot, I want all of my readers to be able to attend... so... I've decided each paid attendee can bring two FREE guests at no extra charge.
Secondly: Since this seminar is being hosted by GPPIC, you can pay by credit card. If you want to pay with a credit card, just send an e-mail to telling her you want to sign up for the seminar. She will then send you an e-mail with some simple instructions for you to follow.
Thirdly:  Everybody who pays to come to this seminar will get a "hot seat" from me... right there at the seminar. In case you are not familiar with my world-famous "hot seats", that's where I have each attendee describe his/her marketing situation (or desires) to me and I give them guidance, direction, answers, whatever they need... on the spot!
Fourth:   It doesn't stop there. For a full year after the seminar, each paid attendee will have free access to me by phone to help you with your marketing problems. However, you need to know this: Whenever you are ready for your free consultation, you should have all your ducks in a row. You should be ready to ask me specific questions. Please do NOT think of me as your new "Phone Buddy" that you are free to call and have a rambling conversation with any time you feel like it.
I'm sorry but I just don't have time for that.
All in all, I think THIS seminar is the bargain of a lifetime. You see, the "full fee" is $2,700 (for you and your two free guests)... or...  only $1,700 (for you and your two free guests) if you purchased my "Motherload Collection". You do remember my "Motherload Collection", don't you?
Let me list some of the highlights of my earlier newsletter about that "Motherload Collection":


You see, in addition to having written hundreds of newsletters over the years, I have also written hundreds of sales letters. Sales letters for myself and for my clients. Pitches selling everything from high-ticket seminars ($6,950)... to low-end books ($19.95)... and of course, everything in between.

r s r s r s
But, I have to admit, I was surprised at their lack of marketing skills. What good is it to be able to find your way around the web... if... you don't stand a chance of selling anything?
That's when it hit me! These people (and I'm sure many others like them) need my help. And I remember my mama always telling me...
"Teach Them By Example!"
But before I get into the "guts" of this letter, I have a little exercise for you to do. Let me ask you a couple questions and be honest when you answer them. Since no one will see your answers, go ahead and put a check mark (P) in each block where the situation applies to you:
o  Question 1: Do you cringe at the mere thought of having to come up with a "killer" headline?
o  Question 2: Do you get writer's block knowing you basically have the first 30 to 60 seconds... the first paragraph or two... to catch your reader's attention?
o  Question 3: Do you suffer from migraine headaches trying to write body copy that whets your potential customer's appetite... forcing him to read from one paragraph to the next to the next?
o  Question 4: Do you come up empty on "bullets"?
o  Question 5: Do you flop around like a fish out of water in your closing?
o  Question 6: Do you need a captivating P.S. to pull the "maybe I'll buy" customers over to the paying side?
o  Question 7: Do you go blank when it comes time to write an order coupon?
If you checked off even one of the above boxes, then you need my...
"Motherload Collection
Of Marketing Masterpieces!"
What's amazing about this "Motherload Collection" is the wide variety of subjects... the vast amount of copywriting techniques... the humongous examples of strategies... that, when applied to your advertising (whether online, direct mail letters, newspapers or otherwise) will improve your results...
And... Instantly!
I've put together a combination of hundreds of sales pieces including sales letters, newspaper ads, and website promotions which you can use as a template to get your own advertising in high gear.
r s r s r s
I guarantee, you will not find a better "swipe file" of such world-class marketing anywhere else on the entire planet. Some will be in letter format, others in newspaper format, and for those of you hot on the 'net, in website format. It's a HUGE 3-ring binder and something this huge and this awesome cannot be delivered to you via the Internet.
What you've got to remember is... no matter what format I used originally, you can take those same concepts, tactics, layout, techniques... and twist and tweak them for your own marketing pitches. Consider them your "roadmap" to riches!
r s r s r s
Here's How To Order!
All you have to do is write your name and address and the words "Motherload" on a piece of paper and mail it to us with your check or money order (sorry, no credit cards for this hot deal). Your check needs to be made payable to "Cherrywood Publishing" in the amount of $297.00. I'm even going to "eat" the cost of shipping this box to you! You can send your order by FedEx, UPS or even "snail mail" to:
Cherrywood Publishing
3101 S.W. 34th Ave. #905-467
Ocala, FL  34474
That's all there is to it. As soon as I receive your order, I will send the 3-ring binder to you immediately by Priority, First-Class Mail.
There's nothing more Incan say about this collection of masterpieces... except...
They Are Priceless!


I don't know if you picked up on it when you read my earlier newsletter where  I had to admit, I did NOT write the letter for the "Motherload Collection". Not one single word. Who did write it?
Was it someone who paid $27,000 to be by my side for one full month to master this technique? Or was it someone who paid me $15,000 to write a sales pitch for them? Or was it someone who paid me $7,000 to attend one of my prior seminars? Or was it someone who paid me nearly $3,000 to be a Lifetime subscriber?
The answer to all of those questions is "no." It was not anyone who paid me any amount of money.
And get this... it was NOT anyone who even WANTS to be a copywriter!
No, the person who wrote that sales message is none other than my #1 Trusty Assistant, Theresa. How could she write such copy? By being at my side for so many years and by listening and watching me at my seminars.
Can you now see how important it is to be at one of my seminars? To be "by my side" for three solid days? To be listening and watching my every move? There are certain aspects of writing copy (whether for a website, a direct mail letter, a newspaper ad, etc.) which you simply will NOT get by reading about it. You have to be there. You have to experience it firsthand.
Maybe you REALLY want to come to my seminar but you're short of cash because "Uncle Sam is knocking at your door." If that's the case, then just send your $1,700 seminar registration fee now... and... I'll let you purchase my "Motherload Collection" right there at the seminar!
I don't know how I can make this deal any better. You can, if you wish, re-read the details of my seminar inside the envelope icon already posted on my website with the title "The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Making Website Profits!"
Just as a quick refresher, the seminar starts at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, May 14 and runs through Sunday, May 16 at the Marriott Miami Airport on LeJeune Road.
The special bargain rate Theresa worked out with the Marriott is $89 per night (a savings of $150). You can call the Marriott's toll-free number at 1-800-228-9290 or their direct line at 1-305-671-2602. The Marriott said they would hold that special room rate until April 26. After that, the rate goes back up to $139 per night. Be sure to tell them you are attending Gary Halbert's "How To Write A Website Pitch That Will Make You Rich!" Seminar. They have it listed as CODE CHR.
And, the last thing is, I'd like to ask you a favor. If you've decided to attend the seminar, would you please e-mail Theresa at and let her know. And, would you please include your name and phone number so she can call you if there are any last minute changes you need to know.

  Your prompt reply would be appreciated.

   Gary C. Halbert


P.S. I'd like to reprint an e-mail I received recently. I think you'll find it most interesting:

Subject: Testimonial for Motherload Collection

Date: 4/12/2004 12:41 a.m. EST
From: Hypnosis Secrets


I am absolutely blown away by the content of your "Motherload Collection." Having been one of your subscribers for many years, to finally have my own personal copy of your greatest full-page ads and sales letters is a dream come true. Anyone who doesn't buy this massive collection is foolish, as it is an unbelievable "steal" for the price. Thank you for making this available.

Kind regards,

Bill O'Connell
Hypnosis Secrets, Inc.


Another testimonial said I should have charged $30,000 rather than the $297.00 price. Some other testimonials were also very flattering.
P.S.#2 If you want to come to the seminar and you want to pay by check, here are the specifics:
a) Make your check payable to "GPPIC".
b) Write it in the amount of $2,700 or $1,700 (depending on whether or not you've purchased the "Motherload Collection").
c) Send your check to: GPPIC, 640 South Miami Avenue, Suite 1, Miami, Florida  33130.
Looking forward to seeing you in May.


Copyright 2003 Gary C. Halbert.  All Rights Reserved.