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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

I have been publishing a website ( for seven months. On this website I give investment advice and I sometimes write about stocks which I think are ready to skyrocket in price.

So far, I have written about 12 different stocks... and... every single one of them made a dramatic jump in price. The smallest increase from the time I wrote about a stock until the price of that stock reached its highest point was 42%.

The very best pick I ever made was a stock that increased in value by 350%!

Here, just for the record, are all of my 12 stock picks (arranged in alphabetical order) and what happened to the price of those stocks after they became one of my selections:


Name Of
American Biogenetic MABXA up 52%!
Anergen ANRG up 100%!
Biomerica BMRA up 179%!
Endocare ENDO up 159%!
Genta GNTA up 233%!
Guardian Technologies GRDN up 154%!
HyperMedia Communications HYPR up 350%!
Neuromedical Systems NSIX up 100%!
n-Vision NVSN up 100%!
Semiconductor Laser SLIC up 50%!
Swissray International SRMI up 44%!
Vasomedical VASO up 42%!



However, recent visitors to my website have been disappointed. Why? Simply because it's been quite some time since I've written a new story about a stock I think is going to skyrocket in price.

Is it because I can't find a new stock I like?


Is it because I have lost interest in the stock market?


Is it because I have decided to retire and spend all my time fishing and scuba diving down here in the Florida Keys?

No, not that either. The real reason is...

I Have Been Too Busy Trading Stocks
To Take Time Out To Write About Them!

Listen: I have discovered and perfected a stock-trading system that lets me make from 5 to 15 trades every day the market is open. My trading system is almost automatic. It works like a Swiss watch. It is, I believe, the most unusual... and... the most profitable trading system ever developed in human history!

It Is Based
On Two Simple
Core Truths About
The Stock Market

1. Unexpected good news about a publicly-traded company... will
usually... cause the price of that company's stock to jump up like crazy!
2. That good news... will not... make the price of that stock stay up!

Let's put your imagination to work. I want you to imagine you and I walk into a huge room where there are about 10,000 other people. There's a guy on stage who says he has some very important, late-breaking news about a publicly-traded company.

He says he has Xeroxed 10,000 copies of a news release which explains this new development. He has all 10,000 people in that room form a single line. Then, he starts walking down the line passing out copies of the news release. Now, let's say I've got some "pull" and I arrange for you to be right at the front of that long line. You are the very first person... to get that release!

You look at the release and the headline says something like this:

FDA Grants Approval For
Celeron To Market
New Anti-Cancer Drug!

Wow! That sounds like good news for Celeron, doesn't it? You read the first couple of paragraphs and discover the ticker symbol of Celeron is CLER.

You pull your cell phone out of your pocket, call your stock broker and tell him to immediately buy 1,000 shares of CLER. While you are doing this, other things are happening in that room. The guy with the news releases is still passing them out... and... the people who get that press release are reacting in different ways:

t Some of the people are reacting very promptly to the news in that release just like you did.
t Some people are calling their stock broker and asking his opinion (what a joke that is!) of the company written about in the news release.
t Some people crumple up the news release and throw it away.
t Some people fire up their laptop computers and go online and start researching the company.
t Some of the people in that line are reporters and go off to write a story (based on the facts in that news release) which will appear on the TV evening news... or... tomorrow's newspaper.
t Some of the people have to go to another appointment... so... they put the release in their briefcase and take it with them so they can read it later that evening.

However, no matter what, the news contained in that release will begin to affect the price of the stock...

In Minutes!

OK, let's say 30 minutes have gone by. You check what's happening to the price of that stock... and... it's going up like a rocket!

What do you do? It's simple: You keep riding that stock up and sell out your position about 10 to 20 minutes later.

What happens next? The answer is simple: I take you across the hall to another big room that is jam-packed with another 10,000 people. There's another guy getting ready to pass a news release about another publicly-traded company.

Once again, everybody has to line up single file in a very long line.

Once again, I use my "pull" and I take you to the very front of the line.

Once again, you read the release, immediately buy shares in the company written up in the release. And, once again, you sell and cash in... in less than an hour!

Over and over and over.

Up To 15 Times Per Day!

But wait! What if, when you check the price of the stock 30 minutes after you bought it... the stock is trending down?

What do you do? Simple: You sell out your position immediately... and... you keep your loss down to a microscopic level.

There's one more thing that could happen. Let's say your stock keeps trading at more or less the same price it was when you bought it... and then... it goes up like a rocket!

Is this a win for you? No. Not with my system. With my system...

If The Stock Isn't
Going Up 30 Minutes
After The News Comes Out...
You Dump It!

Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Yes, it is... know all the details.

First, you have to know where to get the news. If you are getting your news from the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Dow-Jones Newswire, Bloomberg... or... from 99.99% of the news services on the Internet... I feel sorry for you! You see... you are aren't reading news...

You Are Reading History!

The first thing you have to know is where to get news that is... just breaking... and... 99.9% of all stock market buyers (and brokers)... don't have a clue!

Next, you have to know how to tell... if... the news you are reading will make the price of a stock jump or not.

That's where I shine. I'm not a stock market guy. I'm not a registered investment advisor. I'm not a broker. However...

I Am The Most Effective And
Expensive Copywriter In The World!

I wrote the most widely mailed sales letter in history. It revealed how you could purchase (from my company Halbert's Inc.) a copy of your family crest and the history of your last name. Ever hear of that letter? More than 600,000,000 of them have been mailed and it's still going strong. The company that eventually bought me out, was sold last year for 90 million dollars... and... I know about someone who is willing to buy that company... now... at an even higher price.

All of which tends to depress me a little since, I sold out years ago.

Oh well. Ever hear of Tova and Ernest Borgnine? They have a multi-million dollar cosmetic company... and... it was my advertising that took their company from $20,000 per month... to more than 12 million per year... almost overnight!

Nancy Quan? The Oscar winning actress? I did the advertising campaign for her "Pearl Cream" product that appeared on TV for six years.

I could go on and on. I think it is safe to say I have created more successful advertising than anyone in history. My monthly newsletter (cleverly called The Gary Halbert Letter) has been in continuous publication for more than 12 years. It is read in 50 countries. I have more than 3,000 fan letters and testimonials from people like Chase Revel (the creator of Entrepreneur magazine)... Robert Allen, best-selling author of Nothing Down (the best-selling real estate book of all time)... Larry Williams (the world-famous commodity trader)... David Ogilvy (found of Ogilvy and Mathers)... and... countless others.

Articles have been written about me by Dow-Jones, Nation's Business, and dozens of other publications... plus... dozens of books. There was even an article about me in the National Enquirer with a photograph of me standing in front of my Rolls Royce.

My friends teased me a lot about that one.

Okay, So What?

Here's what: I don't study the market; I study people. I am the best in the world at writing "stories" which will make people buy.

And you know what else? I am the best in the world... at reading stories (news releases)... and... telling almost exactly... how those stories will affect the price of an individual stock.

More: I have also made it my business to find out how to buy and sell stocks in the fastest way humanly possible. Much faster than you can make a trade with a regular stock broker... or... a "so-called" online broker. When you use an online broker, 90% of the time, you are not just online... you are in line! You know how long it takes me to make a trade?

Less Than One Second!

And you know what else? Even your stock broker doesn't know how to do that. Even if he did know, he wouldn't tell you. Know this: Stock brokers don't know anything about how to make money in the stock market. If they did, they wouldn't be brokers. They'd be traders! Stock brokers are not experts in stocks...

They Are Salesmen!

One more thing: Sometimes a hot story comes out before the market opens... or after... it closes. What then? Well, a lot of time... when that happens... the stock jumps up in price... even before... the opening bell. Let's say a stock closes at $10.00. Then, at 8:00 p.m. a hot story comes out... and... by 9:30 a.m. the next day (when the market opens) the stock is already selling for $15.00. Is there anyway to beat this scenario? You bet there is! With my system...

You Can Trade Stocks
45 Minutes Before The
Market Even Opens!

Hey, why don't you ask your broker how you can do this? Go ahead. I dare you. You see, I already know what he'll say. It will either be, "That's not true,"... or... "Duh?"

Listen: There's much more to my trading system which I am leaving out. I'm leaving that stuff out deliberately. I've got stock trading "tricks" and secrets that will blow your mind.

So, should you hire me to teach you this system?

Probably not.

You see, almost everyone I teach this system makes money. That's because my system just plain works! But, it's more than that. I am very selective about the people I teach. I turn down way more people than I accept. That's because most people are "wired to lose." They trade with "scared money." They take way too long to make a decision. They can't focus. Here are three things you must have... if... you want to make huge profits by using my system:

1. MONEY: I charge $3,700 (payable in advance) to teach this system. Over and above that, you need at least $5,000 (or more) to begin trading with.

Not only that, I don't want to train you if you have to "scrape" the money together. If you've got to max out your credit cards, borrow the money from your brother-in-law or anything like that, you will be trading with "scared money" and...


Scared Money

Can't Win!

2. TIME: You've got to have at least 90 minutes every day you can use to focus exclusively to
reading news stories and making trades... and...

THE ABILITY TO MAKE A FAST DECISION: Want to read the companies' balance
sheets? Want to see one of their glossy brochures? Want to call a friend or a broker and ask what they think about the stock you just read about?

You're Out!

With my system, you've got to be fast, focused and fearless.

Well, that's about it. If you've got the right stuff, I can teach you something that will give you financial freedom for the rest of your life. You won't need any employees. (One of my companies had 700 of them and it made me crazy.) Actually, you won't need an office, a partner, a factory, a product, or anything else that makes your life heavy. You can use this system and make thousands of dollars from any location on earth. Add it all up and it spells...

F R E E D O M !

Now, let's discuss something very important: How can you determine if I am absolutely right about all this or not? Could it be I have made some kind of mistake when I try and convince you I have honestly figured out how to beat the stock market?

I've thought about this a lot and, here is what I've decided to do: I'm not going to take credit card orders. I will only accept payment by check... and... I am going to insist... you postdate your check for 30-days in advance.

As soon as I receive your check, I will immediately contact you and start teaching you how to use my system. I'll have you up and running and making profitable trades in about 10 days.

After that, you've still got 2-1/2 more weeks... before I can even cash your check... to use the system and see for yourself if it really works as good as I say it does.

If it doesn't, you can simply stop payment on your check or, call me... and... I will be happy to send back your uncashed check. This way...

There's Simply No Way You Can Lose!

   Gary C. Halbert


By the way, if all this sounds good to you and, you've decided to accept my offer... I would like to speak with you personally for a few minutes... before... you place your order.

As I said earlier, I am very selective about the people I choose to teach. I have a pretty good "feel" about whether or not a person should get involved with the stock market. A lot of people should not. It's not just a matter of intelligence either. A lot of very smart people just don't have the aptitude and "mindset" to be a successful trader.

If I think that's true about you, I'll be honest with you about it. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody is good at everything.

You know, I've always wanted to play the guitar. I've taken lessons at three different times in my life. And guess what? I still can't play a single note!

Does that make me a bad person? No. All it means is I don't have any musical talent.

Anyway, let's get to the bottom-line. Listen: I only have one employee (that's much better than having 700) and her name is Theresa. She's been with me for nine years and, if you are sincerely interested in my offer, give her a call and she'll set up a time for you and I to talk on the phone for about 15 minutes.

That's all there is to it. Our telephone number is...




There is one more little detail. My stock trading system is so good... that... if we end up working together... and... you use it exactly the way I teach you... you will make huge profits... or...

I Will Give You
Double Your Money Back!

That's right. The stocks I invest in make gains from 10%, 20%, 40%... all the way up to 350%! Plus, they do this in an incredibly short period of time. This is for real.

So, please call if you're interested. Remember, that's Theresa at (305) 534-7577.

Thank you.

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