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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

I hope you have finished reading (and found value) in my last newsletter which was mostly about doing business with "The Bank For Insane People".

That was the one inside the envelope icon with the title "I Deserve A Black Belt In Self-Pity!"... which... was  written about ten days ago.

But, you know what I hope even more? I hope you also read the other newsletter I told you to read titled "The Dark Side Of Success". You didn't know it when you read it but, that newsletter was completed and mailed out on February 6, 1988 which is...

More Than 15 Years Ago!

What I had to say in that letter is just as important NOW... as it was way back then. Actually, maybe even more so today.

During my forced vacation at "Club Fed" (Boron Federal Prison Camp) I wrote what is very likely the most important book anyone in America will ever read. It is also probably the most... valuable... book anyone will ever read. It was written under very difficult circumstances and it will give anyone who reads it an instant money-making education... the likes of which... is rather astonishing.

And, it is very personal. It was written specifically for my youngest son, Bond. It is perhaps, the most precious gift I have ever given him... and... the most precious gift... anyone else could possess.

That book has turned into a virtual "cult classic". Many businessmen keep it with them 100% of the time. Wherever they travel, the book is always in their briefcase so they can have access to its wisdom any time and any place they need it.

Enough build-up. Let's get to it. Listen: As you read in "The Dark Side Of Success", I've had a lot of strange things happen to me. I've been robbed, tied up, gagged, blindfolded, threatened and so on. I've made and lost millions. I've been eulogized, ostracized and plagiarized. I've also (as explained in that newsletter), been both a prison guard and a prison inmate.

Do you still remember all that prison stuff I wrote about in "The Dark Side of Success"? It was ugly. As you may recall, I told you how I got involved with insane psychotherapists, mad-dog postal inspectors and a trio of lawyers. One of those lawyers was gunned down (literally), another was eventually disbarred, and the other was indicted along with his "crime partner" who was a judge. I also told you how I went through seven long years of "nightmare litigation" and how, after two trials, two appeals and one Supreme Court appeal, I got stuck serving 10 months in a federal prison camp in Boron, California for a crime that, in fact, in a moral sense, never even occurred.

Whatever. I think you'll agree with me when I say that newsletter was not a bunch of "woe is me" sniveling. No. That particular newsletter was instructive. It showed you why innocence is not enough and why you should watch out for a lot of "legal horrors" which can befall you... even if... your business is totally on the up-and-up and you personally are as honest as the day is long.

Strangely enough, that little vacation I had at "Club Fed" turned out to be (honestly) the most valuable experience I've ever had. I met some of the most intelligent, wealthiest, most creative and sometimes, some of the nicest people you could ever imagine. Not only that, it gave me time to write out a "crash course" in direct marketing for my youngest son who, for some insane reason, has decided to follow in his old man's footsteps.

So, toward this end, I wrote him a series of 25 long letters which contain, all in all, the most concise, hardest-hitting, no-holds-barred, direct marketing education available anywhere on this planet. These letters contain 196 handwritten pages of dynamite info!

But let me tell you this: These letters are raw. They pull no punches!

You know, when you are serving time, you don't feel much like pussy-footing around. Prison conversations go right for the jugular. So do these letters! What I was trying to do here was, give my son the fastest, most impactful education that can be transmitted by the written word.

I dare say I succeeded.

These letters contain a "stripped down" version of the most important secrets I've learned about how to sell by direct marketing. They explain exactly how to develop a "killer" ad or direct mail package right from the ground up. They teach you how to develop a "can't lose" marketing appeal. These letters cover everything from postage to layout; offer development and list selection; how to create a winning game plan... and... everything I wrote in this book will also help you create a profitable website. Here is a little more of what you will learn when you read this book:

s The basics of writing good copy!
s The fine points of writing good copy!
s What really makes people buy!
s How to lead your reader by the hand!
s Why you never get a second chance to make a first
impression...and... why you must "hook" your reader from the moment he sees your copy!
s How to give your ads and letters the right "look"!
s Secrets of order-pulling layouts!
s An essay on closing the sale!
s Exactly how to ask for an order!
s What you can learn about advertising from Alex Haley and his book Roots!
s How to make your copy clear and readable!
s The surest way to become a "big money" writer!
s Why you should write for money... and not... for applause!
s What to do when you don't know what to do!
s How to turn a losing catalog into a multi-million dollar success!
s HALT: How memorizing that acronym can keep you out of a lot of trouble!
s A prison inmate's "street smart" survival kit!
s Why "make a bushel of money" works better than "increase your income"!
s Six secrets of special deals you can write about in your letters!
s A little trick every copywriter should know!
s 7 exact steps to direct mail success!
s The most common marketing mistakes made by beginners!
s How to keep going when the going is hard!
s How to imprint the process of writing good ad copy on your nerves, muscle fibers, brain cells and every part of your physical and mental being!
s An emotional "tool kit" which can save your life!
s The most important key to making really serious money!
s How to become a student of markets!
s   How to use the SRDS list book to make a fortune!
s A discussion of a 156-million-dollar promotion!
s Cheap research: How to make sure you'll hit the right nerve!
s Examples of winning formulas and "double customization"!
s How to get flowing again when you're stuck!
s How to discover the right central selling idea!
s How to use envelopes to "induce guilt"!
s A good "boilerplate" P.S. which can make you money!
s How to get orders from people who have already decided not to order!
s The best attention grabbers in the world!
s How to make your reader "picture with pleasure" what you are trying to sell!
s The ultimate layout for an order coupon!
s 8 things you should have at hand before you start to write an ad or direct mail piece!
s What you must always include in your marketing research!
s How to manufacture the "aha!" experience!

There's an awful lot more but, that should be enough to give you the idea. These letters read like greased lightning. Sometimes, when I was writing them, it was 114 degrees outside and I would be surrounded by every imaginable kind of felon. Coke dealers. Mafia hit men. Common murderers. Motorcycle maniacs. Bank robbers. Embezzlers. And so on.

I didn't have time for chaff. These letters are all wheat. They contain the most intense personal stuff I've ever written. It took me a while to make up my mind, but finally, I decided to publish and release them. They are collected between grim black covers and I titled them simply:

"The Boron Letters"

A few days ago, I saw an illegal, pirated copy of MY book for sale on the Internet (in damaged condition) for $225.00. I am now offering my book, "The Boron Letters" (in mint condition) for sale myself to all of my subscribers for a mere $97.00 and nothing extra for shipping and handling.

I have a mixture of motives for making this offer. In addition to the obvious one, I have another very conceited reason for wanting you to read this book. What is this "conceited" reason? It's simple...

I Want To
Show Off!

You see, if you think the information you have read so far in my newsletters is hot and valuable, just wait till you read the "advanced" (and sometimes sneaky) money-making info that comes in my book, "The Boron Letters".

"The Boron Letters" have been read by a very select group of people all over the world... and...

Many Of Them Say
That Book Has Made Them Rich!

Not only that, "The Boron Letters" are the most heartfelt messages I've ever written. It would be impossible for anyone to love anybody more than I love my children. And, in this case, I was trying to give my progeny the two most precious gifts I have to offer: My love and my expertise.

This book also contains a lot of wisdom on staying healthy and prospering in a mean world. I don't know if you have children or not but, if you do, you could do a lot worse than giving each of them a copy of this book.

Just one more thing: This book was written in a rather harsh environment and it contains a fair amount of profanity. I guess that's indicative of where I was and how I was feeling when I wrote it.

There are two ways you can order this book: The first way is to write your check in the amount of $97.00 payable to "Cherrywood Publishing" and send it to:

Cherrywood Publishing
3101 S.W. 34th Ave. #905-467
Ocala, FL  34474

If you do that, we will send your book immediately by First-Class Priority Mail...

Or... You Can Order It By Credit Card
And Be Reading The Book In The Next 15-Minutes!

Here's how it works: All you have to do is call my personal voicemail at 1-305-866-3613. When you do that, you will hear my voice saying, "Hi, this is Gary Halbert. Thank you for calling this voicemail to order a copy of my book called 'The Boron Letters'. What I need you to do is speak slowly and clearly and leave your name and the type of credit card you are using to place your order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. I also need the credit card number, the expiration date and the billing address of your credit card. Plus, I need you to leave me your e-mail address. As soon as I have all this information, I will send you a personal e-mail with an attachment you can download that contains every single page of my book, 'The Boron Letters'. And, unless I am in a meeting or sleeping or something like that, you can actually be reading my book within the next 15-minutes. Thank you again for your order and trusting me enough to order my book in this fashion."

Okay, after you hear that message, do just like it says and, almost instantly, I guarantee you will be reading the most fascinating book ever written.


Gary C. Halbert

A Caring Father


I bet if you search long and hard on the Internet, you can find someone who will sell you a copy of my book for less than the $97.00 I am charging for it. However, even if this turns out to be true, you should still order the book from me... because... you will also get an extra bonus that just might turn out to be the most valuable bonus you have ever received in your entire life!

Please let me describe it for you. If you ever find yourself in a situation like the one described in "The Dark Side Of Success", I will give you inside personal information on how to deal with those problems. And let me tell you something, in these kinds of situations, the information you can get from an intelligent ex-con (like me) is more valuable than all the information you could get from 100 high-paid lawyers. Most likely, I will be able to give you some information which will put an immediate end to the nightmare you are experiencing. If I can't do that, the information I give you will almost certainly result in your paying a lot less in lawyer fees... and... if worse comes to worse... that information will probably result in a much-lighter sentence (and probably no sentence at all) than you would have received otherwise. Let me tell you something: Your lawyer is NOT on your side. But, if you ever need it, I WILL be on your side. And, I will give you inside information which can literally save your ass.

Speaking of "saving your ass" a lot of men worry about getting raped if they are sent to prison. Quite frankly, that's a valid thing to worry about. But, if the worse case scenario does ever occur (you being sent to prison), you can get information from me which will give you a 99% chance of avoiding even this nightmare.

However, here's something you need to know. If you ever do need me to give you this kind of help, I will give it to you free... but... I will NOT give it to you over the telephone. I will NOT give it to you in a letter. I will NOT give it to you via the Internet. If you ever need this kind of information, you are going to have to come to me and you and I will strip down to our bathing suits and take a little dip in a pool or the ocean. It is only when we are in the water and I am absolutely certain you are not taping the conversation, that I will reveal to you these secrets which you will so desperately need to know.

Think about it: You can probably buy my book ("The Boron Letters") from somewhere else for less money (if you can find it) but, if you buy it from me and buy it immediately, the bonus I am offering you (if you ever need it) is the most important "disaster insurance" you could ever have.

One last thing: Don't you dare think terrible things like this will never happen to you because you don't ever do anything wrong. You don't have to do anything "wrong" to have horrible shit happen to you like I described in "The Dark Side Of Success". In the United States today, "innocence" is no longer a defense against anything.

Order the book now. As I tell all my clients, when it comes to preparing for a disaster...

It Is Better To Be Years Too Early...
Than... One Minute Too Late!


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