One of the most common questions Kevin I get is, "what's the best course for learning how to write really effective copy that sells?"

The answer depends on your goal.

If you hope to become one of the world's top copywriters, you will need to study many programs and read several books but it will also require a lot of experience and the process takes thousands of hours.

Our father had a meteoric rise to the top of the copywriting world but he had many years of door-to-door sales experience which was a major reason for his massive success.

It's like my first Google Ad getting a double digit click through rate, you have to factor in all the time I spent in marketing as part of what it took to accomplish such results and not the ten minutes it took me to write the ad.

However, if you are looking to write for small businesses or just want to sit down on Friday and have a profitable and effective ad by Monday, there are some great solutions.

Here is a breakdown of the programs we recommend, but keep in mind, this list doesn't include books, material no longer available and copywriting exercises you would need in order to compete with the A-list wordsmiths.

So, here we go...

John Carlton's Simple Writing System - John Carlton's copywriting course can be found on the desks of more professional copywriters than any other course bar none.

SWS will give you a you a great understanding of what goes into truly great copy and is highly recommended by us and almost everyone who has the system.

This is THE place to start if you are looking for a path to writing killer promotions.

You will also want to study material from guys like Gary Benecivenga or Clayton Makepeace but the SWS will put you on the right path.

Update: John and Stan are updating the Simple Writing System as I write and it will be back on the market in just a few days so click on the link below and sign up on their announcement list so you don't miss out.

Check out John's course HERE

Shortcut Copywriting Secrets™ by Scott Haines - Of all our father's protégées to come and go, Scott writes copy more like Gary Halbert than any other person on the planet. His course includes exact, step-by-step instructions and exercises (from the Headline all the way through the P.S.) for learning how to write killer sales copy.

There’s even a bonus section that will show you how to become a hot, in-demand, 6-figure-earning freelancer.

Basically, Scott has set down on paper my dad’s copywriting teaching process… which… is something pop never bothered to do all in one place.

This is one of the best copywriting courses ever developed and, relatively speaking, few people even know it exists. My dad has called Scott the best student he has ever had (aside from me, of course). In addition, he gave Shortcut Copywriting Secrets™ the very first ever “Gary Halbert Seal Of Approval” for an information product.

We are proud to be one of the few people you can get this great package from.

Check Out Scott's course Here

High-Speed Copywriting by David Garfinkel and Brian McLeod is the solution for people who want to sit down and have an ad by the end of the weekend which would normally cost at least $10,000-15,000 by a professional copywriter.

If you operate your business for even a week and can answer basic questions about your product or service, you can follow this simple program which is brilliantly constructed for people afraid of words or business owners who need an effective ad fast.


Check Out David and Brian's Course Here


All of these courses come with the Halbert Seal of Approval which means more than you might think because...

You would be stunned to learn how many copywriting courses we refuse to endorse or promote from talented big name marketers and we refuse for a good reason which is you.

Our livelihood relies on a solid reputation we can't tarnish by offering material which isn't right for you.

Yes, we get a commission for these courses but, WE chose them AFTER we became impressed by what's inside and as you can imagine, we can get an affiliate deal to promote any copywriting course available.

We have seen a lot of great copywriting systems get pulled off the market and these are the top courses which are available right now but hurry.

You never know when one will no longer become available because these are from working professional copywriters who make far more money writing and consulting than they do from the courses. In fact, Scott’s Shortcut Copywriting Secrets™ course has been officially out-of-print to the general public for over three years now.

So, if you fancy one or another, jump on them right now.

In fact, we have tossed in some killer Gary Halbert bonuses for a couple of them and these super bonuses are only available until we run out.

All of the courses come with a 100% iron-clad money back guarantee so the only way you can lose is if your competition gets a hold of one of these first.



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