North of Jewfish Creek

Thursday, 3:42 p.m.


Dear Friend & Subscriber,

      This letter is following close on the heels of my last newsletter.

      That's because I want to write you while the concept of "Engineered Paradigm Changes" is fresh in your mind.

      Once again, a "paradigm change" is an entire shift in the way you think about something. A simple example would be you being irritated with someone because he is not paying attention to some important instructions you are giving him. He seems indifferent to what you are saying and, in fact, even though he is just a few feet from you, it's like he doesn't even hear you.

      So, you move closer to him, invade his space and start to give him hell. Then, about 30-seconds into your rant, you notice he's holding a cell phone in his hand and staring at it with eyes as empty as a vacant lot.

      "What's with you?" you ask loudly and belligerently.

      His eyes snap back into focus and he replies, "Oh boss, I'm sorry. I just got a call from my Dad and he told me my Mother was just killed in a car crash. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I guess I've been sort of out of it for the last few minutes."

      Your attitude immediately changes. Your anger instantly evaporates. Your "posture" is now replaced with tenderness. You express concern and compassion and ask if there's anything... anything whatsoever... you can do to help.

      What you just experienced is a "paradigm change". What the rest of this letter is about is "engineered" paradigm changes. "Engineered" paradigm changes which can add huge amounts of bottom-line profits to your marketing efforts.

      Let's start with something simple like the "Law of Reciprocity". The way it works is, if someone does something nice for you, you feel obligated to do something nice in return for them.

      I'm sure you've received numerous mailings from charity organizations which included, as a free gift for you, a packet of personalized address labels. Those little ones with your name and address already printed on them. You know, the return address labels you put on the upper left corner of an envelope when you are mailing a letter to someone.

      Those labels don't legally obligate you in any way whatsoever to make a donation to the charity that sent them to you. However, those little labels do emotionally obligate you. And, you know what? 

Including Those "Free" Labels

In Their Direct Mail Promotions

EXPONENTIALLY Increases Their Results!

      If the letter was written deftly, it produced a rather small (but profitable) "engineered" paradigm change in your feelings toward the charity that sent you those "free" labels.

     Now, let's move to a "killer" example of an "engineered" paradigm change.

      Let's say a guy has a business washing, waxing and detailing high-end automobiles and SUV's. You found him in the phone book and, since he wasn't too far away, you took your vehicle to his company to have it all spiffed up. The company does a good job, your vehicle looks great, you pay them, take your spiffed-up vehicle and, go off on your merry way.

      And, that's it.

      Except... it isn't.

      Because... a few days later, you get a letter from the guy with the car-spiffing business. He tells you that the other day, the day you brought your car in to be detailed, one of his workers found $2.89 when he was cleaning the inside of your car. And the letter goes on to say that worker turned the money over to him (the owner of the business). And, since the owner didn't get to see you before you left with your vehicle, he felt it necessary to return the money to you in with his letter. Also, he was sending you three $1 bills instead of the exact $2.89... because... he didn't want to send a bunch of coins in the mail. The owner closes his letter by thanking you for your business and says he hopes he has the chance to serve you again. 


      What a nice thing for him to do! What an honest man! I bet if you got another letter or a call from him about three weeks later suggesting it might be time to get your car detailed again... I bet if your car did need spiffing up again... you'd be inclined to take your car right back to that same place. I bet you'd feel... 

About Ten Times More

Inclined Than If You Had

NOT Received That Letter

Returning Your Money!

      Which, by the way, really was NOT your money. It was simply a small "investment" on the part of the owner of the car cleaning business.

      Remember when those pain-in-the-ass Hare Krishnas used to infest all the big airports in the U.S.? And how they would always hand you a flower as a "gift of peace" before hitting you up for a donation? Very likely, what you did was, you gave them a couple bucks and, then tossed the flower in the nearest trash receptacle.

      Periodically, the Hare Krishnas would go around to all the trash receptacles and retrieve the flowers everybody was throwing away. Why? So they could pass them out again to other people.

      Guess why they kept passing out those flowers? The answer is easy... 

It Increased Their Donations


      Let's explore something a little less unsavory. My website is one of the most popular on the Internet. It is also, I believe, one of the most profitable. It is, as a I reflect upon it, an example of a somewhat unconscious engineered paradigm change. Here is the honest-to-God real story of how my newsletters came to be posted on the Internet for everyone to read 100% free.

      As you may or may not know, I've been writing my newsletters since September of 1986. (Oh Lord, it just struck me! Do you realize I now have thousands of readers who weren't even BORN when I started writing it?) Damn, it sucks the way that makes me feel.

      To hell with it. Back to work: I was selling my newsletter for $195.00 per year... and... I charged almost $3,000 for a Lifetime subscription... and... more than half my subscribers were Lifetime subscribers. So, why would I give up all that subscriber income and make my letters available for free on the 'net?

      Well, I stopped counting more than ten years ago but, by that time, I had received more than 3,000 letters from people telling me how reading my newsletters had turned their lives around. Mostly, the turn around was financial. But, not all. A lot of those letters were about how I had helped someone on a personal level. About how reading one or more of my letters prevented a divorce, a suicide, a long-term depression, etc.

     Some of the letters were hard for me to read. Some of the phone calls I got made me feel uncomfortable and unreal. I'm going to tell you about just one of them and, I swear, it's uncomfortable for me to write. But, it will "set-you-up" perfectly for the point I want to make.

      I was talking with a guy on the phone one day and he tells me my monthly newsletter... is what he lives for! He said a year ago, he had a lot of money, good health, a great wife and, a great life. But, he said now he had lost it all. The wife and the money were gone... plus... for some reason (I don't remember why)... 

Both His Legs

Had Been Amputated!

      He said he thought often about suicide... but... it was my newsletter that kept him going.

      Please believe me, I am NOT saying this to brag. It embarrasses me. I guarantee you... if... you've put me up on a pedestal... I am NOT who you think I am!

      Thus, as it says on the opening page of my website: 

"Well, hell... if what I write helps people this much, it should be available to everyone... even if... they can't afford to subscribe to my newsletter. Therefore, I've put all my newsletters (with very sparse editing) right here on this website... for... everyone in the world... to read...


"Absolutely Free!"


     And so, I started putting my newsletters up, one right after the other. The website took off like wildfire. Remember how I wrote a page or two ago I had received (until I stopped counting) at least 3,0000 rave letters? Well, now that my newsletter is read in something like 90 countries, I receive so many of those type letters (usually via e-mail)... that... if I printed them all out, I could wallpaper the Empire State Building with them.

      But, I also get a lot of other letters. Skeptical letters. Why was I really giving away my newsletters for free? What was I really up to? Why was I really giving all this valuable info away?

      And then, I got other letters saying stuff like, "Don't you have anything to sell?" "Don't you have anything I can buy?" "Do you offer seminar tapes?" "What about tape transcripts? Services? Consulting? Anything?"

      I came to learn that nothing creates more skepticism than an honest man. This is so true that, sometimes during a business deal, I pretend to be working an angle when I'm really not. In other words, I actually lie about being honest and straightforward. It makes me more understandable to people. More believable when I say something like, "Listen, I don't want this to get out... but... I could get a cut on every ashtray that's sold!"

      Ah, now he understands!

      See, my website creates a paradigm change in people. They first read it with skepticism. Then, when they find out they really are getting great info 100% free, they start reading it with gratitude. Then, when I do offer something for sale like a seminar, or my "Motherload Collection", or "The Boron Letters", or what have you, my sales pitch is NOT met with resistance or skepticism.

      I didn't plan it this way. That's just how it evolved. But, here's the thing: 

If I Knew How It

Was Going To Play Out,

I Would Have Done It That Way...


      And therein lies a profit-making opportunity for many of you. Are you an expert at something? Do you have some special knowledge which would be of value to others?

      Why don't YOU publish a website? A FREE website? Why don't you give people a lot of free info and ask for nothing in return? Don't hold back either. Give them the real secrets. Then, after a rather long period, hold a seminar, sell a book, or offer consulting, etc. In other words... why don't you DELIBERATELY do what I sorta stumbled into doing mindlessly?

      One of the biggest (and most valuable) paradigm changes you can engineer is when you get a skeptical person (like a person who thinks you are a con man)... instead discovers... you are for real and honest. 

     This newsletter is making me look like too good of a guy. So, I've decided to end with something sleazy. Let's go full circle back to where I was writing about my psycho cat.

      Suppose you're dating a young lady and you desperately want to seduce her. She's a vegetarian, a "tree hugger" and an animal lover. Your relationship is going okay with her but, she hasn't exactly "melted" yet. (By the way, men stiffen, women melt.) So anyway, you've wisely never discussed your feelings about animals with her. But one day you find yourself driving with her to a movie or dinner or something. You take a short cut and you find yourself driving down a deserted street. You see a straggly-looking cat. In fact, you see five of them.

      You slow down the car to a stop and ask the woman to excuse you for a just a few quick minutes. You get out of the car, open the trunk and take out a half-empty (NEVER full) bag of cat food, a half-empty jug of water,  and some paper bowls you bought at WalMart for $1.97. You then walk around to the front of the car  where the cats are gathered. They back away from you. But, no matter. You fill some bowls with cat food and a few other bowls with water. You put the stuff back into the trunk and get back into the car. You ask your date if you can wait a minute or two before you leave.

     Naturally, she's going to ask why (she is a female, after all) you did what you just did.

      "Ah, I don't know," you reply. "I guess I've just got a soft spot for animals. Look how they're wolfing down that food. I bet those poor guys haven't eaten for days. I just like to help them whenever I can. The way I look at it, those are animals with souls the world has abandoned. Oh well, enough of that. We can go to the movies now."

      And you drive off... and... THIS IS IMPORTANT: You change the subject. You talk about the movie you're going to see or the restaurant where you are going to eat or something like that.

      But, she won't be listening to what you are saying. You know why? Because she will be sitting there melting... thinking what a great guy... what a WONDERFUL guy... you are. So kind to animals. So thoughtful (you even carry food for stray cats in your trunk.) She won't know it consciously... but... if she ever had even the remotest thought of ever sleeping with you...  

She Will Now Be 10 Or 20 Times

MORE Likely To Sleep With You!

      All because you spent a little chump change to buy a bag or two of cat food! Damn! That's such a deliciously sleazy trick you can use to get laid... 

It Makes My Heart Sing!

   Gary C. Halbert


P.S.#1        Remember how this newsletter is about "engineered" paradigm change? As you read the "poor-stray-cats" story, you got the point you "engineered" that setting, didn't you? You already knew those cats would be in that deserted street... because... you had previously scouted out that area. Get it in your heads, "Engineered" Paradigm Change! "Engineered" Paradigm Change! "Engineered" Paradigm Change! It's so easy to make happen.


P.S.#2        In keeping with the spirit of this letter, I've got something you need to buy. Don't worry. It doesn't cost much... and... after you read about it, you are definitely going to want it. Just click on the link below to read all about it...





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